Fri 19.06.15: Inchcock Today: Back to sorting and shredding!

Friday 19th June 2015


IMG_0175Woke around 0345hrs.

Coughing and a-wheezing – oh dear!

Put old laptop on and finished and posted yesterdays Diary.

The shoulder is easier than before I had the wound cleaned, so I can get on with some sorting out and shredding later.

There won’t be much recorded today as I’ll be rather busy don’t yer know?

Tesco order coming at noon, hope to bag-up most of the stuff up ready to take with me to the new flat.

Updated DrawPlusx6 and tried to make header in it – no chance!

Made a cuppa and took medications.

WC’d, ‘Little Inch’ bleeding again – and the haemmorhoids too! Huh!

Had a scratch at me dressing on me back – it’s already coming loose! Another Tsk!

IMG_0173Did some Facebooking as I waited for it to get light enough fer me get missen sorted (Damned candles! – only joking).

Got some lovely comments today on WordPress and Facebook.

Me first cuppa went cold so I made another then fed the pigeons at the front door.

IMG_0174Surprisingly only three came down this morning and they were the young ones.

Getting independant now.

Got fully carried away when I got involved in trying to work our serif draw and managed to do a graphic for TFZ’s Lynda Lore. Lsto many more hours trying to remember and work out how I did it in the first place and couldn’t do it again. Tsk!

Got a wash and brush up ready for the delivery and sorting to start – I may regret this?

Tesco delivery came.

Nosh of sausage and bacon sarnies.

So tired now.


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