Sun 21.06.15: Inchcock Today: Grafting away…

Sunday 21st June 2015


Woke at 0310hrs.

The shoulder wound was really stinging this morning. Might have overdone the sorting yesterday, took an extra painkiller with me morning cuppa and medications.

Couldn’t find the camera so I could finish yesterdays diary with the photo I took of me nosh.

Searched all over – fearing I’d somehow threw it out with the unwanted rubbish. Looked in the bins stretched to get down and started the cancer wound off stinging again (Tsk!), not there.

Looked in me black bags, not there.

An hour later I found it where I first looked for it! Fool! I’d put it back in its karki wallet and was looking for the black camera in me search!

Hey-ho. Got the diary finished and did some Facebooking.

Did some sorting – slowly, the shoulder still hurting badly for some reason since the nurse changed the dressing?

I went back on the laptop and searched City Homes eventually finding confirmation of my being accepted for the flat at Woodthorpe Court.


Feel a bit better now.

Still coughing and a-wheezing mind.

DSCF0030Had me nosh.

Patties curried beans, bacon and sausage. Rated it 7.9/10

Set to sorting, bit of shredding and then felt suddenly had a nasty dizzy-spell, felt drained beyond belief.

Just had to get me head down.

Poor old git!

TTFN folks.

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  1. congratulations about the flat !

    is there a warden at your new place, Inchy, to be on hand and respond quickly if you ever need any help?

    and is there a lounge area for residents to mingle so you can have company and make new friends?

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