Mon 22.6.2015: Inchcock Today: Feeling anxious for some reason?

Monday 22nd June 2015


DSCF0031Sprang awake at 0300hrs and lay there fretting and pondering on how I was going to get any sorting done today – GP INR Warfarin level tests at the GP surgery at noon today.

Gloomy this morning.

Got some sorting done and rubbish to the bin, and put me ironing board outside with someone elses give-aways near their garage.

DSCF0032Made a cuppa, then thought I’d photograph the give-away stuff with me ironing board amongst them a few minutes later – and me ironing board had gone already!

At this time in the morning (0414hrs).

Did the header for this diary and Facebooked a while – soon feeling guilty DSCF0018.JPGand started to do some much-needed shredding.

While sorting out in the kitchen I came across a net of Marmite cheese that had fallen behind some rubbish – I’d tell you the sell-by date but as Victor Mildrew nearly used to say in his ‘One Foot in the Grave’ shows: “You wouldn’t believe it!”

Mond02Pressed on with sorting and shredding again.

Had a wash shave and changed and set off for the GP surgery.

Had me blood test and chin-wag with the Obergruppenführer… I mean Surgery Nurse.

When I left the rain was a-falling.

I’d hoped to get a walk into town in, but caught the bus instead. Thank heavens for me free pensioners bus-pass!

Mond03When I arrived in town the Nottingham Citizenry were proving their ability to cross the lights against the red lighted pedestrian signal, yet again. This them it had been on red for a good while, and a bus came around the corner and tapped his horn and one of the illegal crosses of the road actually put his two fingers up to the bus driver!

Visit Nottingham, the Queen of the Midlands the advert says. Hehe!

I had a good long walk around Nottingham taking photographs of certain areas so I could make a post “Nottingham Then and Now” with photographs from the past and today of the same things later.

Good job I didn’t walk to town, because by the time I’d finished trekking all over the City me feet and knees were killing me.

I called in the Nottingham Transport shop to ask what number bus does the route between Nottingham and Woodthorpe Park where the new flat is situated, and where it goes from in town.

After the lady consulted a map and the other Maidenoberführerin… I mean assistants, she suggested I go to Broad Marsh (Which I trudged through earlier on me photo-hunt) and ask there.

Peeved a little, I called in the Nottingham information Centre under the Council House and asked them – within 5 minutes they had given me the location, the number and a map.

I staggered (Well the knees were really bad, I knew summat was in the wind weather-wise) up to the bus stop and caught the bus back to the hovel.

Mond04When I got off the bus the flipping wind was howling and folk were struggling to walk against it, and it went really dark as the rain started to trickle down a bit with it.

Called in the Co-op and got some of their bread-thins to have with me later re-planned nosh tonight.

I was going to have the last of me BBQ Chicken with some mashed spuds – but when I got back to the flea-pit, put the kettle on, got the chicken out of the fridge – it was passed it’s sell-by date – I know that feeling Haha!

IMG_0195So it’ll be Sliced potatoes in onion sauce and sausages from the freezer later – I added some black-bean cooking sauce?

Don’t know where the desserts came from…

I wasn’t up to doing any more sorting so updated this diary… and ate two mini-swiss rolls.

Ate me nosh then did some Facebooking.

Despite me feeling tires I had a heck of job getting to sleep – Tsk!

4 thoughts on “Mon 22.6.2015: Inchcock Today: Feeling anxious for some reason?

  1. Ah, Inchy, you are making me feel so lazy. I’ve been doing all of my sorting from a sitting position, and thankfully I don’t have to shred any of my old papers, because they are mostly recipes I was sure I would be making before the week I collected them was out. Now, some 10 years later, I know I’ll never try most of them, so they are going out. Unless the back of the paper is not used, in which case I’m stacking it neatly to be used again as printer paper for — more recipes? You are getting so much accomplished, and eating well at the same time. So impressed that you check the “use by” date. I use the “nose” test. If it doesn’t smell bad I eat it. (-:

    • Thank you Angel. I shredded some paperwork from 1984 yesterday. Found some bits I do want to keep – not sure why? Old MOTs, and the old insurance certificates, one for a motorbike I had – £4 a year – my last one for the car I had was for £240!
      You do not need to feel guilty pet, your doing well I reckon.
      TTFN X

      • I did get 2 boxes filled today Inchy, but they were small boxes. Put some heavy stuff in them though, so I wouldn’t want large boxes for that. I really should stack things neatly in my spare room, once called the bedroom, lol. Had to stop blogging for a little bit until I can get things squared away around here. If I had better balance, it would be easier.

      • With you on this gal. I hope to get me two appointments (GP and clinic) done quickly and be abe to join you in getting summat done, Hehhe! afterwards, if me energy don’t dip again. Tsk! Take care gal, yer inspiring me to get on wiv it! TTFN

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