Inchcock Today Sat 20 Feb 16: Incorporating Critical advice to Senior Citizens on how to tackle the flats Kitchen Window opening and cleaning! Oh, I am helpful! Hehe!

Saturday 20 February 2016

Bling01Sprung wide awake and full of vim, anticipation, hope and felt younger, more dynamic somehow! I shot up and danced around doing high kicks and singing Frankie Vaughan’s Tower of Strength…

Then as I woke up properly, sprawled distorted in the chair where I’d nodded off to sleep in, still in my day clothes and aching all over, I realised it was all a dream.

A fine one mind, even if it had only seemed to have lasted for a few seconds.

Reality returned as I struggled up to get to the WC. The right leg was much easier, the Angina was not, though. To the bathroom, the good news was no bleeding this morning.

I had planned to try and get the cleaning done again today, but I’m not sure now, the reflux valve had started giving me grief too.

DSCN0004I made a cuppa and had my breakfast.

Then got the laptop going and finished the diary for yesterday.

Then I set about doing a funny post for my mate Duncan Robertson.

He of ‘The Mad Hatter’s’ Blog site fame. He is due for retirement in two months now, and I know the man is desperately awaiting this event!


Dunc’s been a great help to me in my struggles. I hope it gives him a good laugh. Just a selection of photographs of things he likes and a reminder of his upcoming freedom from working!

Set about starting this diary off.

Then did some Facebooking.

Still pondering on whether to risk doing the cleaning, I took the momentous decision to get on and make a start on the kitchen. The windows are really in need of a good clean outside, so I cleared the stuff out of the way, put down a cover, to collect the dirt and rust for hen I eventually get the window to open and turn. Attempted to operate the silly can’t get at switch control to open the window and I stopped myself there!

I realised it was going to be damned cold when I opened the window. So I assembled all the cleaning materials needed to clean the glass and frame first, then tackled the impossibly awkward mechanism to get to open and turn the frame around.

I decided to dedicate the following record of my efforts today when I finally got them done, as advice for other Senior Citizens who struggle with their housework and cannot get any assistance, and might like me, be lucky enough to end up here at Woodthorpe Court, to tackle these windows!








My doing any more housework today, would not be a good idea. Anne Gina, Arthur Itis and the torn muscle all agree! Tomorrow, I’ll try to get the living room done.


I updated this diary, took the midday medications, took the rubbish to the chute, then got a wash and nipped slowly and limpingly out into the wind to walk into Sherwood to get a TV paper.

Back in a bit.

Of course, the rain came again as I departed the complex. The wind was a bit nasty too.

Still, that didn’t stop the dogs taking their owners to the park to play ball. Hehe!

Staggered through the park and up into Sherwood.

P1050027I turned back near the top of the path, to take a photographicalisation of the sky above the flats.

Such a change to the last few days. Ominous looking they were?

To Wilko to get some Lavender disinfectant, cheapo mouthwash and lemon floor cleaner. They had none of any in stock. Hey-ho!

Walked up to the Co-op and got a TV paper and mouthwash.

P1050028The day was looking a bit dark already as I walked back to and through Woodthorpe Grange Park.

There were so any dogs about I stopped as the rain fell, to watch them for a while.

Plodded back to the flat, attended the porcelain rather urgently. All okay.

Made a cuppa and got the laptop on to update this diary. Took a while.

Made another cuppa, the first I allowed to get cold, then checked the TV paper to see if owt worth watching was on the goggle-box.

Not much at all, I’ll take the chance to read my book or listen to the radio a bit later.

P1050029Feeling a bit drained now. Got the mushroom and green beans cooking, and put the lamb stew in the oven. Added a few little Anya potatoes.

Excellent nosh this was, I did have three small slices of brown bread thins with it to soak up the gravy, and a mini pot of cheesecake too.

Mmmm, 9.6/10 for this one.

No sooner finished and clear the things away and sat down, I drifted off into the land of nod.

Woke and took the medications, a bit late, mind. Made my way to the bathroom and enjoyed a jolly good scrub up and soak. Looking for a replacement towel, I came across the BP machine and thermometer I thought I’d lost. I’ll be able to please the nurse again now and give her the readings when I have my INR blood tests done. I’ll start doing them again in the morning.

Back to the welcoming 1959 built easy-chair, and got the headphones on to listen to BBC Radio Four Extra, there were a few hours of Kenneth Williams programmes on to celebrate his birth. Included in amongst them, Hancocks Half Hour – The Television Set episode. I managed to stay awake all the way through it, too!

As soon as the reflux valve eased off, I fell off again.

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