Inchcock Today Sun 21 Feb 16: Lost BP Monitor Found! Health Alarm Activated! Exciting stuff eh?

If a lawyer and a politician were both drowning, and you could only save one of them:

Would you go to lunch, play Tetris or read the newspaper?


01W01aSunday 21st February 2016

Woke up at around 0200hrs, and savoured the wonderful memories of the dream I’d been having, of course, as usual, only bits of it remain now that I come to record them here.

One again I was in a bombed out building, top floor, troops fighting all around the area, mortar fire, artillery fire and snipers all having a pop at me, as I sat there on a typewriter? Despite the exploding shells and collapsing building around me, all I seemed worried about was how to spell a word. I was not hurt at all, although bleeding from the end of my left-hand thumb? Odd?

Fell back to sleep, must have needed it for me to do this?

I stirred again around 0400hrs, and as I moved, I was very pleased with the lack of objections from the flabby bodies joints, Anne Gyna and the right leg too. Considering all the cleaning yesterday, this encouraged me not to temerate over my decision to get the living room cleaned up today. The many and large windows may not get cleaned outside though this depends on the weather.

To the porcelain without any hiatus, I found this oddly disturbing?

I noticed the BP machine that I found yesterday, and did the tests:

DYS 154 – DIA 70 – Pulse 89 and Temp 32.4. I’ve lost the notes about what the readings should be, but I feel extraordinarily energetic this morning! Says him with fingers crossed, Hehe!

To the kitchen to make a cuppa and take the morning medications. The wall thermometer indicated it was 57°f, and the wind was coming in through every crevice and crack through the windows, vents and the cupboards and drawers. I’ll be glad when they get this fixed and sorted. I need some vadiation from the Nottingham City Homes that they will be sorting it out when the modernisation of the flats takes place. But when will that be?

I opened the laptop and finished Saturday’s diary. Then started this one.

Sneezing a lot this morning I am.


Wheeler Gate Comparison

Checked the emails, and then went on Facebook. I noticed some good stuff on the Nottingham Now and then site. So decided I’d go to Nottingham and take some photographs of Exchange Walk, from the same angle as a 1950 one I have, then doctor them next to each other, think of something funny to write about them, and eventually post them onto the site.

I had a wash and did my ablutions, and set off on the walk up and through Woodthorpe Park to the bus stop on Mansfield Road. (They’re no buses to the flat on a Sunday).

Got to the top of the steep footpath and noticed some kids getting themselves ready to start a football match – in the wind! Thought they were so brave I decided to take the photo of them… then decided to go back to the flat to pick up the camera I’d forgotten to take with me – Tsk!

P1050033So back and picked it up and returned to the pitch in the park.

The referee had got then walking along the opposition team shaking hands like the professional footballers do! I was impressed.

Stayed a few minutes to watch them, again I was impressed with how they didn’t even try to do any long passes in the horrible wind.

P1050039I moved to the bus stop and only had 15 minutes to wait for a bus. When it arrived it was so full, crammed passengers all over the place. I was surprised the driver let us all on.

Once in town, I went to check the number 40 bus times for me get back near the flats. I had 20 minutes to get to take the photographs, not far to go, though. Went and took them, and made my way back to the bus stop, calling in the book shop (Will I ever learn!) as I did. Purchased a book by Sepp Allerberger, Knights Cross, a sniper on theEastern Front. £9.99 down to £5.00.

P1050038Back to the bus stop, just in time too!

The rain joined the high winds in making life unpleasant.

But it was nothing compared to the winds back at the flats.

After risking life and limb crossing over the road on Winchester Street and walking down and turning towards the flats, my rate of knots was reduced by about 80% by the vicious winds.

When I got into the flat, I made for the bathroom and the porcelain first, and the howling winds coming through every gap in the windows, holes in the walls and through the cupboards and drawers in the kitchen, made their way to the bathroom, and the toilet paper was blowing in the wind! Cor blimey Governer!

I searched for the TV paper I’d bought yesterday, for a while without any success. Realised I must have thrown down the rubbish chute with the other stuff earlier today. Humph!

P1050040Got the beef chunks on the boil, then added some veg to it later. I reckon I cut the beef up into small chunks, perhaps smaller than I should have – as they seemed to have disappeared when I stirred in the mix? Added some gravy and baked beans to fill it out.

It didn’t look very attractive at all, but by gum it was nice tasting! Rated this an 8.9/10.

Went on the web to see what was on the TV, and found four films all one after the other, that I could watch! Astonished at this, I decided not to do any cleaning today, rather treat myself to a good sit-in and TV session! Guilt did reign a bit, but I managed to overcome it. Hehe!

Not that it panned out like that, I managed the first film, only nodding off a few times, then watched the second one. At the first commercial break, I drifted off into the dreaming land of nod.

Woke a few hours later, but kept tossing and turning for some reason and waking myself up again every few minutes it seemed like. .

DSCN0014Around  0300hrs a loud voice bellowed out from somewhere that at first I thought was in my dream, then I recognised that it was in the room, and I hearing it without my hearings aid in? As I focussed it became clear that this was the ‘Alarm Centre Auto message, telling me I had activated my Health Alarm wristlet. A bit of screeching from the line, red light flashing, and then a voice came over the box. 

A bit of screeching from the line, red light flashing, and then a voice came over the box. I couldn’t understand a word he or she was saying, nor recognise the accent. Luckily I have done this accidental activating of the alarm twice before, so I just said: “Sorry, caught it in error!” The operator spoke a two syllable word, whatever that was, and rang off.

Had to get up now, so much for my planned lay-in like? Hehe!

I wish I could remember the dream I was having, but cannot, just a feeling that I was enjoying it, lingered.

Ah well, I’ll make a cuppa then.

2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Sun 21 Feb 16: Lost BP Monitor Found! Health Alarm Activated! Exciting stuff eh?

  1. A friend who is 95 years old accidentally set off her alert and said she woke up to three firemen in her bedroom putting her on a stretcher. It took her some time to convince then she had accidentally set off the alert. When I wake up with no pain or normal issues, I have to wonder whether or not I’m still alive. It was 56ºF in our bedroom this morning when I got up, much warmer than normal for this time of year. I’d take a few photos of the two drowning and go get a cuppa coffee.

    • Poor old dear her.
      I’m with you on the feeling guilty, odd and confused when I wake up, like this morning, with so many usual maladies missing. It should have been great – but it also concerned me. No bleeding from the Little Inch or haemorrhoids, Anne Gyna, reflux valve and ulcer having a morning off, the torn muscle so much easier and Arthur Itis; Nowhere to be seen or felt! A feeling of, er, what’s the word… apprehension perhaps. Heheh!
      Same temperature in my kitchen this morning too,Tim.
      Had I been in the position with the drowning urchins, I think I might have had a cuppa too.
      Take care Sir.

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