Inchcock Today – Tuesday 5th April 2016: Early Whoopsiedangleplop as I woke up falling out of me chair! Hehe!

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Tuesday 5th April 2016

Now, here is an opening to a diary that I hope I never have to repeat:

Around 0140hrs: I ‘bumped’ myself awake as I fell (Slipped out actually, but fell sounds so more dramatic dunnit? Hehe) out of the 1959 broken imitation leather arm chair and banged my ribs on the corner of the ottoman. This caused me to set off the wrist alarm.

On my mind at that time, was a dream I thought, at first, I was still dreaming. As my addled brain took in that the pain was real, and I wasn’t really in a four poster bed with a delectable selection chunky ladies! Humph!

The alarm response box burst into life with the lady asking if everything was alright. I mumbled my apologies, just saying I’d caught the button in error, to which she replied “No problem Gerry, she then tutted ferociously and rang off.

So, the Confused Nottingham Pensioner struggled up off the floor as I needed the bathroom porcelain urgently, as I staggered through the door, yet again I stubbed my toe on the door stop wood strip. I hoped the neighbouring tenant did not hear the language that spewed forth from my lips. Shame on me!

No bleeding from Little Inchy or Hem Aroid, though, so that was good!

P1060014I returned to the messy living room, a part drank bottle of orange flavoured spring water, the TV remote control, the TV paper, a tissue (Well, bit of kitchen towel, but tissue sounds posher), the mobile phone, the walking stick, the picker-upper grabber and the headphones littered the floor near the 1959 broken imitation leather arm chair. I reckon I must have fallen on me picker-upper cause it was a bit bent. The best one too, Huh! I checked the ottoman out, I’d cracked the lid on it.

I got the kettle on for a cup of tea, then pondered on what had taken place for a while. Then cleared up the mess.

The dream left an impression on me, the collision with me ribs and the ottoman did too! Good job I’m going to see the nurse at the surgery later today.

I’d considered the 1959 broken imitation leather arm chair previously, as ‘Unfalloutofable,’ that is one of the reasons I bought it in the first place (Mind you, I didn’t know it was broken at the time).

I thought I’d try to get me head down again around 0300hrs, and that later on my way to the surgery for the INR blood test, I could take the long walk route through the park, call at the charity shop to see if they had any more of the Ottomans for sale, drop off the bits for the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop, then drop off BJ’s photographs t his house as I pass by his street. (See that? I was making plans! Scary that… Hehe)

I couldn’t get back to sleep, though, so I got the laptop on and started this diary off, in between visits to the WC, cups of tea and trying to recollect some more memories of the dream.

Took the medications. Did some Facebooking too.

Got a soak in the bath and medicated the parts needed medicating.

Assembled everything required in the bag, and set off on my walk into P1060015Sherwood, via the Woodthorpe Park.

This pair of ‘#>&s Nottingham Footpath Cyclists managed to avoid my wrath, as I was in a good mood as I hobbled along. 

Out of the park and into Sherwood, called at the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop and gave them their carrier-bag of bits. 

P1060016As I was passing the co-op store, a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist overtook me on my left, very close to hitting me, then did the same on the right to the lady in this photo, forcing her to stop wondering hat was happening. Over the road and to the Sue Ryder shop to see if they had any medium ottomans in stock so I could replace the one I had broken when I fell on it. They didn’t.

I spoke with the lady, to see if she was alright. She was angry at how close he came to hitting her and made her jump! I was so glad that I wasn’t carrying a firearm with me. Thee anger-making pillocks who are too scared to drive on the road and have no consideration for pedestrians, do no have a horn or honker or light or anyone with common sense nor empathy in the saddle would have found one less!

Over the road and to the Sue Ryder shop to see if they had any medium ottomans in stock so I could replace the one I had broken when I fell on it. They didn’t.

01 meandGrizBWFurther down the road and called at BJ’s house. He wasn’t in, and I posted his photographs through his letter box for him. 

He’s off to the Dentist tomorrow, hope it all goes well for him. 

I continued along Mansfield Road up the hill and down to Carrington and the doctors surgery.

The nurse (The nice one) soon had blood tubes filled and I gave her an Easter egg for herself and some nibbles for the others.

Wandered over to the Lidl store and got some Frikadellens and bits.

Caught the bus back into Sherwood. As I was crossing the road at the pelican lights, there must have been five or even six Nottingham Pavement Cyclists on the other side of the road. I’d have loved to have got a photpgraph of these nasty unthinking morons as they belted by folk making the older ones jump, but couldn’t get the camera out while using the crossing.

I caught the L8 circular bus up the hill back to the flats.

P1060017When I got in, used the porcelain and had a dizzy while doing so – then fatigue overcame me again (Tsk!) Got the fodder going, not what I had planned because I wanted only to get my head down.

To save time and mess, I had two Frikadellen cobs and a tin of tomatoes.

Surprisingly was enjoying this, when another call to the porcelain arrived.

The rest of the day was spent trying to get some sleep, but something stopped me nodding off for hours and hours. I recall giving up and putting the TV on and seeing it was gone midnight.

Hey-ho, Plenty of folks worse off.

Woke with a start around 0300hrs, and drifted off again?

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