Inchcock Today Thursday 22nd September 2016: Whoopsiedangleplop!


Hectic life, innit?

Thursday 22nd September 2016

Donnerstag 22. September 2016

0445hrs: After waking and sitting in the £300 second-hand recliner trying to recall the dreams for a while, without any luck, I had to attend to a WRHD session. Not an easy one again, a bit like dropping a lb Grand Slam bomb into a canal, talk about relief and pain a the same time! At least there were only a few smudges of blood.

Took the morning medications, along with a Senna tablet. Might it be an idea for me to take these at night in the future?

Laptop on to work on the diaries and clear off some graphics to make more room on the hard drive.

Posted the diary and tried Facebooking to see if it would play me up again.

Ablutions carried out, readied the things for the Tenants Social Hour, then nipped to see if Olive was in on the way out. She was, and she phoned to cancel the Feet First chiropodist appointments for me. We had a good chinwag, and I took some jars from her to go with mine to go to the bottle bank. Kiss and a Cuddle, and bad news, she will be busy Friday, off I poddled to the Tenants Social hour dropping our clear glass jars in the bank on the way.

A few more folks there this morning. I put the raffle prizes on the trolley and got settled next to Eddy. BJ and grumpy Bill arrived shortly. Nice to see BJ, he’s had a great holiday break. Took the nibble box around, getting a gossip with so many as I did so. Pleasant Bill arrived, and we were all concerned that Toni was not here, someone said she was at a hospital appointment. 

4thu001Taking BJ’s photo and chinwagging to him, I was telling him about me having my first ever quiche, and it dawned on me then… I’d forgotten all about the Morrisons delivery that must have arrived while I was talking with Olive.

Hobbled back up to the flat to see if they had left any note through the door. Nothing there, so I wrote the details of the order and nipped back to the Community Hut to beg BJ to call them for me.

4thu01Which he did when the noise died down, and the other tenants had left, bless him.

This photographicalisation is the only one I managed to take this week.

They told him they could deliver it twixt 1800 > 2100 hrs tonight, and would confirm with me later, possibly in ten minutes or so.

Thus, I had to get back to the flat sharpishly so as not to miss the call. I thanked BJ and made my way to the apartment.

4thu02The Morrison man called as soon as I got in. They could not deliver again today after all. Made arrangements to have it tomorrow at the same time as I should have been here to receive it today, twixt 0900 > 1000 hrs. The man apologised for not being able to sort it sooner. I told him it was my fault anyway and thanked him.

Made a big note and put it on the DVD shelf, hoping I’d see it in the morning when I wake up? Oh dear! 11b Me!

4thu03Feeling depressed and was well and truly pissed off with me now.

Made a brew and noticed the sky was beautiful again today.

The airliner plane concerned me when I saw it. We have airports to the left and right of this view, this one was coming toward the hill we live on? Moments later it veered to the right, though. Phew!

bilyzzi biparkrofMade a large mug of tea and got on with updating this tosh. Then did some graphicalisationing for at least five hours.

p1110890Took the medications and got the fodder ready.

Cheese cubes, BBQ chicken legs, oven chips, beetroot, gherkins, roast onions, crispy, smoked streaky bacon and the last of the Anya potatoes.

Followed by an apple and a naughty lemon cheesecake.

I should have enjoyed it greatly, but the shame of forgetting the Morrison delivery and feeling a right clot remained, and took precedence in my thoughts.

I can’t get any help from the Doctor over these many memory lapses that are becoming more frequent, and I’m genuinely worried about them.

Must call Brother-in-law Pete tomorrow, to arrange to get down to see him and Jane.


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