Inchcock Today – Friday 23rd September 2016: Whoopsiedangleplops continue – Humph!

5fri01Friday 23rd September 2016

Venerdì 23 Settembre 2016

Kept waking up throughout the night, I think I may have been having the same type of dream repeatedly? I kept trying to get up out of an old tin bath, and people would stop me. I’d found myself in a courtroom and I’d be charged with something (So annoying that I can’t remember what, though), and was fined astronomical amounts of cash, and be confined to the old bath and given an ASBO by a laughing judge with a beard every time?

0510hrs: I stirred and took the medications with an extra Senna, and tended to a WRHD session. NOT GOOD! Painful again, and Little Inchy’s lesion was bleeding once more after I’d gone weeks without this happening too! Damnations, I thought this had been sorted, Huh! Combined with my Memory Whoopsiedangleplops of recent, and depression set in.

5fri02For some reason, I found the view from the kitchen window this morning to be extra appealing?

Made a good strong brew and got the laptop on to update the diaries. Checked the emails. It seems I’m going to lose the frozen foods I’d got on order from Morrisons due to my own fault in going out and forgetting the delivery was due. Got to pay the delivery cost twice as well. As I say, no one but myself to blame!

Must remember the Morrisons delivery this time.

Did a bit of graphicationalisationing.

0800hrs: Ablutions tended to, dug out the Hydrocortisone cream and doctored Little Inchy and his lesion. Got the things for the bus trip to town, to put the tax man’s cheque in the bank and get another miniature Quiche Lorraine.

5fri03Back onto the laptop and CorelDraw graphicationalisationing, then the pleasant Morrison man arrived with the goods.

He put them in the kitchen for me.

I got them stored away.

Then got the jacket and bags and went to the bus stop with the jars for the bottle bank. Met Deana in the lift and she offered to take the jars for me as hse was passing. Nice!

5fri04I noticed a new instruction sign on the side of the L8 bus.

whoops Then, Whoopsiedangleplop number one of the day!: I got on the wrong bus and ended up going to Arnold by mistake! Regrettably, I started to do the crossword on the bus and didn’t notice this until I was half way to Arnold. Well, this is definitely further proof of my being a worthy again! 11b

So no going to the bank today, although things did work out well in other ways. I found a shop that sold and had in stock the DeoFab fabric freshener spray and at £1. So I bought four of them because I like the scent a lot and use it to spray my clothes, carpets and shoes.

Called into Asda to get a little Quiche Lorraine. They were five pence dearer than the Morrison ones. Got two custard doughnuts to drop off for Deana later when I call to get some recycling bags. Some other bits as well, nibbles for the nurses.

5fri05As I passed the Market Place it looked a bit busier today, but still sad.

It used to be so popular and busy a few years ago, now looking barren. But things change don’t they?

To the bus stop on High Street behind the Asda (Walmart)  store, half way up the hill at the side getting near the car park, I espied a youngish lady of 5fri06what I think might be incredibly fashionable sense conscious.

I took a photograph of her hair style and colouring as she demolished a large packet of crisps.

I plodded on up and beyond her and to the bus stop. The message board told me the L9 was due in 16 minutes, that would be 20 minutes past the hour. The timetable in my pocket said it was due at 11 minutes past the hour? Got a bit confused here. Anyway, the bus arrived at 25 minutes past the hour.

5fri07As we got to the Sainsbury Store island where a right turn in required – the traffic was gridlocked for a good while, possibly due to the end of the road being blocked off for the underground Gas Workings.

We moved at last after ten minutes or so and the driver did his best to catch up.

Back at the flats, I was in urgent need of the porcelain.

But, it as delayed due to there only one lift being available, and that was being occupied by workmen taking stuff up and down. Tsk! Eventually, I got up and into the flat, only just in time… it was a close call!

Sorted out the things and got the slippers on, and updated this tosh to here.

5fri08Got the custard doughnuts and went down to give them to Deana and collect some orange waste bags. This was not to be. It took ages to get down with the workmen still lugging material up and down, but I got to the Community Hut, and no one was in, all locked up.

Back to the foyer of the apartments and saw a tenant, Joy I think her name is, and as we both waited for the one lift to become free, I gave her the custard doughnuts. At least she smiled and thanked me, bless her.

Called on the off chance of seeing Olive, but she was out too.

Another WRWW and I updated this again and did some Facebooking for an hour or two, it seemed to run a bit better today.

6fri09Got the mini quiche lorraine with a slice of smoked cheese on top in the oven. BBQ Chicken legs, lettuce, onions, pickled egg, roast onions, yellow and red little cherry type tomatoes, Nordic style bacon, beetroot, sliced green and yellow peppers and sliced cox’s apple.

It was reet grand!

Watched a bit of TV in between nod-offs.

About 2300hrs I got up for a WRWW and stubbed my toe, first time I’ve done this for over a week now… just thought I’d mention it like.

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