Inchcock Today Monday 3rd October 2016: Phrontifugic assistance needed

Monday 3rd October 2016

Montag 3 Oktober 2016

0400hrs: Up, out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair and off for a WRHD session. No bleeding from anywhere this morning, I’m glad to say.

Feeling a bit low still. Recognised I have the Sherringham surgery for the INR Warfarin Blood Test at 0900hrs and have to go collect the photographs from Asda in Arnold afterwards.

To the kitchen to take the medications and check if I’d left anything on, tap running, any leaks, I closed the fridge door, did I leave the window open, etc. (Sad, I know)

Kettle on, and took some pictures through the window. The first one below is a mystery to me. I’d got the selector button in the wrong position, and when I clicked the take button, a countdown from 15 sec to 0 came on the view screen, then it repeated itself in different fonts while it processed it? I wish I knew just what it was that I’d done!

1mon01I reset the selector to the iA position and took the second photographicalisation, which came out as expected?

Made a brew and to the laptop, booted it and waited while it started, then opened CorelDraw X8. Had to take another WRWW. When I got back, Coreldraw had still not fully loaded.

Finished off the Sunday post. Did some graphics for today’s, and started this one off.


1mon02No emails came in, so I started doing some Facebooking.

Lots of interesting stuff on the TFZ site.

Marie from Australia and me both like Vegemite and Marmite. As they say, you either like it or loathe it.

Got the ablutions done and got the things ready for the blood test and bus to Arnold afterwards to collect the photographs from the last Tenants Social Hour.

Checked, double checked and checked again to make sure no taps left on, lights on or I’d forgot to take owt with me.

Into the lift with my bags and medical thingamajigs. As I exited it, there was Olive, who’d just done her washing, she nipped off quickly into the lift and back up to her flat after I greeted her.

1mon03I ambled along Chestnut Walk and turned right down into Winchester Hill. It was a bit nippy this morning.

But luckily I anticipated this and had on my woolly hat, thicker socks, gloves and an extra zip up jumper. The cars parked were all covered in dew.

The cars parked were all covered in dew. As I plodded down to Mansfield Road, I noticed that seven of the vehicles parked had no tax discs showing? Thought that even the disabled drivers, and little-engined cars not needing to pay for one, still had to apply for a free one and display it in the window? If I remember, I’ll ask someone about this later.

1mon04Walked into Carrington at a nice steady pace as I had plenty of time. I was at one time making a better average speed than the traffic.


Got to the surgery and logged in with ten minutes to spare.

The nurse came and fetched me in. A pleasant and woman she is. Managed to find time for a little chinwag. Told me if I continue to have the bladder, I must get in touch with the doctor, bearing in mind the Bladder Cancer I had and got lasered some years ago. Blood all 1mon05done and I gave her the nurses nibbles and went to the bus stop to get a bus into Sherwood, to catch another one, into Arnold, the L9.

Saw that the bench at the Sherwood bus stop was suffering from the same vandalism like the one in Arnold near Asda.

Although when I arrived in Arnold, I 1mon06realised it was to a far less a degree!

Alighted the L9 bus, and was soon in Asda (Walmart) and went to the photographic counter… but it was not open yet?

I asked a lady what time they opened; she asked if I was just collecting photographs and answered in the affirmative. She went in and got them for me and returned to me with them. Gave her my receipt, thanked her and put them in my bag.

To the bus stop and waited for the L9 to arrive, the same one with the lady driver who took me there came in ten minutes or so.

The trip back had a hiatus for her; builders vans had parked on the road in the estate and we the bus could not get through them.


Onward we went and I was back at the flat in twenty minutes or so. Thanked the driver and gave her some chocolate coin nibbles.

In the foyer were three lady tenants, a quick chat and gave them some coins too. Up to number 72 and to the porcelain for a WRWW.

Cuppa and updated this post.

blingWent to visit Olive.

We had a nice chinwag about nothing and everything it seemed.

Olive started doing her baked potato and ham for her lunch.

A kiss and sad farewell, and I departed back to my own lonely flat.

Got the oven warming and the Quiche Lorraine and bacon ready for when the correct heat was reached in the oven.

1mon08Did some quick Facebook graphics.

Got the fodder served up.

BJ rang to say he’s collect me and take me to the launderette around 0800hrs in the morning.

Much appreciated.

Watched some DVD of Law & Order.

Soon nodded off.

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