Inchcock Today Sunday 2nd October 2016: Made many brews and stewed with the blues!


Sunday 2nd October 2016

I’d been dreaming of Sister Jane and my being chased by a gaggle of green coloured geese along a plush maroon carpeted corridors? Can’t recall anything else.

0300hrs: Woke in almost a panic, had to clamber out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair without waiting for it to operate as I had the most compelling and urgent need of a WRHD and WRWW session. Knocked over the stuff on the ottoman and hit me knee in the process of getting to the porcelain.

Talk about close shave – I almost, but somehow managed to avoid a rather messy Whoopsiedanagleplop with seconds to spare! Phoo, I mean Phew? Hehe!

When I got back to the chair, I found I’d tipped over the remainder of the fresh orange juice, the pen and pad, the mobile phone and the Twiglet box. oh dear! Cleaned up the mess, a stain on the carpet will need some attention later – Huh!

Picked up the bits then struggled to get back up from being on my knees and vacuumed with the little machine so as not to disturb my neighbours with the noise from using the big one. Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna showed their disapproval of me morning exercises. And the bending caused the Little Inchy lesion to start bleeding, badly this time. I suppose with this problem, I should be glad to have a miniature appendage, if I’d got a normal one, it would have got squashed and bled even more?.

Cleaned up the lesion, and applied the Hydrocortisone cream. Rubbed some 10% Phorpain Gel on the knees and elbows. Found that Haem Aroids were bleeding now too, Humph! Applied some of the Hemorrhoidal cream generously.


What a start to the day! I could get depressed you know… Hehe!

img_0020aI was aching all over, not like Johnny and the Pirates, Shaking all over. ♫ When you move in right up close to me – That’s when I get the shakes all over me – Quivers down my backbone – I’ve got the shakes down the kneebone
Yeah havin’ the tremors in the thighbone – Shakin’ all over ♫

Did the BP test while I was doing the medicationalisationing with an extra pain-killer. Then took the morning medications, and had another WRWW.

Made another strong brew, and got the laptop on and did the Inchcock Today thingies.


Did some CorelDraw 8 graphicalising.


Checked the emails and went on Facebook.

Got the cheesy potatoes prepared and into the oven.

Carried out the ablutions and went to see Olive. She was not in a good mood, and I felt I was intruding. Olive told me how to clean the windows using vinegar. Left after ten minutes chinwag and returned dispirited to flat 72.

Got in, WRWW and got on with cleaning the kitchen window. Managed to get it opened and turned 360° a little easier than usual. They came up a lot better than when I’d use the bottled window cleaner, with the benefit of with having the cheesy potatoes in the oven and smelling nice, the place felt like a fish and chip shop. Hehe!

Cleaned the window surrounds and ledge. Too painful to do the floor, as Anne Gyna was visiting me again.


Took the potatoes out and bashed them up with cheese, a knob of butter, oregano, vinegar, salt and cheese granules. Flesh back in the skins forked the top and back in the oven

Watched a bit of another Man from Uncle film from the DVD, kept nipping in to see if they had browned enough.


7sun02Potatoes ready, I served up my Sunday dinner.

Krakowska meat, roast onions, skinned apple, chestnuts, tomatoes, crispy, cheesy seaweed and beetroots.

Banana and lemon drizzle to follow.

This went down very well, the potatoes were gorgeous.


Must not forget the INR Warfarin blood test on Monday and laundry visit and flu jab at the surgery on Tuesday.

Took the evening medications.

Back to the DVD, feeling well tired, and soon drifted off.

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