Inchcock Today Saturday 1st October 2016: Shoppaholic Inchcock


Saturday 1st October 2016

0300hrs: Up for another WRWW and stayed up, the sleep was not good. For some reason, the brain was rambling and confused this morning. But I remembered to say the White Rabbits like.

Thinking back about the dreams I’d had, one involving some activity with Grizelda from 1960, and the knowledge dawned that these wonderful experiences will never take place again, didn’t do me a lot of good. Hehehe!

Went into the kitchen and turned on the light… Whoopsiedangleplop time again! – I’d left the tap running in the sink when I put the pots in the bowl to soak last night! No hot water again! Worra plonker with bar. Tsk!

Sorted the week’s medication pots out. Another WRWW.

Laptop on and checked the emails, Google Calendar (Nowt on for today) and o01finalised and posted the Friday Diary.

Took a photo from the kitchen window with the reflection from the doorway on it, so made this graphicalisation for a bit of fun.

I might try later on, to do a TFZer Caption Competition with it?

What do you think?

Carried out the daily ablutions and took the rubbish bags to the waste chute.

6sat03Wrapped up warm and set off down to the bus stop. Lots of tenants there waiting for buses, but none for the one I wanted. So no gossiping on the way to Arnold, today.

Got a decent ‘Moody Photograph’ at the bus stop, facing North behind the apartment blocks.

For some reason, it came out darker than it actually was? Perhaps cause the sun was shining through a gap in the clouds?

6sat04This young Mother had her daughter lose on the handlebars of her bike as cycled along on the pavement.

Dropped off at Sainsburys had a bit of luck there. I found the Surimi seafood I wanted and forgot where I got it from. Along with some Marmite cheese bites and a packet of cooked chestnut.

6sat05Sauntered gently and slowly along the road to the Arnold Market Place, only a few stalls, a terrible fruit and veg one, a bric-a-brac one, and one selling old DVDs.

I might nip back to have a decker there when I get my shopping done: if there is time before the bus arrives to get me back to the porcelain at the flat. Hehe!

Hobbled to Boyes Store in search of some foot and shoe spray they often have in stock at £1 a can. They had some, so I got one of each.

Limped to the Saver Shop next door and searched for the Neutradol Fabric Freshener Spray, in luck again, so I got a couple of them too. Along with a toilet block cleaner and some razors.

Then along to the Fulton Food Store and got just a Special Priced short-dated pack of Oxo Beef Onion & Rosemary gravy cubes. 67p marked down from £1-69 it said.

The bags were getting heavier now, I struggled over the road and into the Asda (Walmart) store to get some fresh stuff. Got some vine tomatoes, the last pack of four Cox’s apples, a bag of King Prawn imitation seafood things (Nice) and a pack of two lemon frizzles.

The bus was not due for a while yet, so I went to the photography printing machine and ordered some photographs that I took last Thursday of some tenants at the Social Hour. I ordered them to be ready in two days, so I must remember to collect them on Monday or Tuesday. Crossing my fingers on this one! Paid for them, very cheap when you order and give them time, only cost 25p a print this way.

6sat06Grappling with the now heavy bags I made my way to the bus stop. The bus, as they all seemed to be late arriving.

Caught the L9 bus, as we waited in the queue of traffic I noticed the Arnold Fish Bar.

This is the one that got such good reviews on the web.

A shame, it is so far from home, or I could try it out.

Then again, there are no shops or takeaways near the flats at all. The nearest being in Sherwood: and a sad selection to pick from too. So by the time I got to fetch any eat-out food, it would be well cold by the time I get it back to the a6sat07partment.

At the mini-Island near the Sainsbury store, we had a long wait in the traffic jam.

I did get some entertainment there, though. The right hearing aid picked up some static and the odd word from someone communicating with a control room? That’s the second time this has happened to me, despite the Audio Team telling me this cannot occur!

Back to the flats and hastily lugged the bags up and got a much needed WRWW, just in time too.

Made a cuppa and got the Triple-Fried oven chips cooking, and made up the plate for my home-made Fish Supper of sorts.

Laptop on to update this a bit.

5fri08Got the fodder served up, battered fish cake, Surimi, two false prawns, strong cheese cubes, tomatoes, beetroot, shrimps, mushrooms and the terrible tasting never to be tried triple fried chips again!

Apart from the chips, everything else went down well enough. The Surimi is especially tasty.

6sat05aCleaned the dishes and settled to watch the first of the Man from Uncle films from the DVD I’d purchased from the Arnold Market.

I’d forgotten how badly they were made and produced!

By gum, it took me back, though. Robert Vaughn as Napoleon Solo, David McCallum as Illya Kuryacin, and Leo G Caroll as Mr Waverley.

Despite the pathetic script they all played it dead seriously too.

Loved it. I even stayed awake all through it!

Took me back to the days when I had my own heart, hair, hope and I didn’t look like a hylaeosaurus. Hehe!

5fri09Put the TV on and soon started to nod off. Sprung awake, an hour or two later, desperate for a WRWW.

A thirst had developed, would that have been through eating the fish meal?

Took this close up from the window of some ‘Moody’ looking dwellings.

Dreamt of Sister Janet earlier, we were in Welbeck School Yard, and she chased off some lads having a go at me. Bless her!

TTFN all.

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