Inchcock Today Tuesday 4th October 2016: Fodder and scales disaster – humph


Tuesday 4th October 2016

0310hrs: Rose out of the £300 second-hand recliner chair and off for a WRHD session. Not a bad one, microscopic bleeding from Haem Aroids and Little Inchy’s lesion was okay too.

No recollections of the dreams.

Made a brew, laptop on and finalised Monday’s post. Took the medications.

Did not want to get too involved with the laptop this morning, for fear of forgetting to get ready in time for BJ arriving.

Facebooked a bit. Did get carried away doing a bit more work on the new TFZer graphic, so had to rush about a bit to get the ablutions done in time – Humph! Took the mobile and camera in the shower with me… not under the water you understand. Now, why did I take the camera in with me I suspect you’ll want to know? So would I! Tsk!

All cleaned and carbolicalised, I added the towels to the laundry bags, two big sacks today.

Updated this while I waited for the call from BJ. No call yet: so I nipped in the wetroom and had me shower and shave – BJ rang me – out of the shower answered the phone, he’ll pick me up at 0815hrs at the end of the road. Back in the shower.

Got ready, three bags to carry down and limped down and to the end of Chestnut Walk. Or Chestnut Way whichever it is.

2tue02As I waited for BJ, I took this photo. I stuck the lens of the camera through the net wire fencing to take it.

Thought I might get some of the tenant’s allotments in it, but missed them.

Still, the dwelling below and the greenery looked beautiful, I thought.

BJ arrived at 0839hrs. His being late was no surprise or hiatus. If ever he does arrive on time, that will be the time to worry! Hehehe!

2tue04As we went down Winchester Hill into Sherwood, I saw the house that is currently for sale for only £185,00. A bargain BJ thought.

Then he told me it cost £9,500 when it was built.

Makes you think dunnit? Well not me, but anyone wiv a brain like Haha!

2tue03We were soon at the launderette.

Conveniently sited next to my Chemists. With the doctor’s surgery, grandly renamed The Sherringham Surgery only a few hundred yards away. They merged Sherwood and Carrington together to make the new name.

BJ explained to me that the opened half an hour later and the attending staff hour had been cut too. Still, I got two machines despite the rush of folks there this morning. Got the washing machines going, and I nipped off to the surgery.

One nurse gave me the flu jab, then another did the Enoxaparin injections. Soon all done, gave then the nibbles and returned to the launderette and BJ. An hour or so and we were on the way to Asda (Walmart) on Hyson Green. Where to my dismay, I found out that they did not have any of the Nordic Style Bacon in stock again! Humph!

I did use their WC and got some orange and lemon flavoured spring water, wash-up liquid, pretend king prawns, a lamb hotpot, a knife sharpener, and two ciabatta cobs.

BJ ran me back to the flats and dropped me right outside the foyer door, bless his cotton socks.

Called to see Olive on my way up, but as expected, she was not in, it must be her Scrabble Session day.

To the flat and another WRWW tended to.

Put the washing away and sorted the accoutrements out for the next laundry.

Tidied the kitchen up and onto the laptop to update this and have a while on Facebook.

Got the chips in the oven, the triple-fried ones, not nice I know, but I don’t want to waste them. Beetroot, chestnuts, cheese, tomatoes, an apple, a banana and BBQ chicken legs for fodder tonight.

Had another look around for the missing odd socks… well, you never know your luck?

3wed2Got the nosh served up. 

The Asda Walmart BBQ chicken legs were the most horrible, putrid, offensive, dreadful, rank, rancid, loathsome, nasty, foul and offensive, malodorous, noisome, undercooked, plastic tasting poultry that I have ever had the bad, nay, grossly unfortunate fortune to taste in my entire long, unhappy, bullied, pain ridden, tedious, Whoopsiedanglelop filled life!

Just thought I’d mention this.

Of course, the first bite into one of these life-threatening so-called edible chicken legs was enough for me to deposit them in bags and seal them to try and mask the smell, into the waste bin immediately.

Along with the tasteless chips, this proved to be one of my worst meals ever.

To make things worse, when I had a wash afterwards and popped onto the scales…

They indicated that I was at my heaviest weight ever! And, considering I had not eaten much of the fodder and had just had a WRHD session before weighing myself; Surely I should have lost weight, not gained 2lb?

Now depressed and weary, I settled to watch some TV. And found I was mentally repudiating hope.


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