Inchcock Today – Monday 5th June 2017


Monday 5th June 2017

Indonesian: Senin 5 Juni 2017

Up at 0425hrs: Really annoyed that I could not remember the many dreams I’d been having, not the foggiest idea what they were about, but somehow I felt they were recordable, different and scary?

I felt uncomfortable down below, Little Inchy stinging and Haemorrhoid Harold had unquestionably been bleeding. To the Porcelain Throne to attempt a passing. Managed it, painfully, but no worse than Monday’s event. I felt glad I had got all the washing done yesterday now, as I put some of the night attire in a bucket to soak in disinfectant and the rest in the laundry bag. Cleaned me up, sprayed the room with Dettol disinfectant spray and wiped all the contact areas. The innards were feeling a bit tender and rumbling now, too.

2Tue02Into the kitchen and as soon as I looked out of the window and the red clouds, the old saying came to me: Red Sky in the morning, Shephard’s Warning.

Made a cuppa and did the Health Checks:

Sys 159, Dia 79, Pulse 89, Temp 34.9 and weight at 14.69. Couldn’t see any problems here.

Finished the weeks total sheet, to take with me tomorrow to the surgery. Again, apart from the weight, I could see nowt to worry about.


Took the medications then I got the computer on, looked up the weather forecast for the week and started to work on these diaries.


I was thinking of getting out today, but it is already starting to look like rain… if the forecast is right, I can get out and keep dry on Wednesday and Saturday? Hehe!


Checked the calendar: Tuesday; the INR Anticoagulation Blood Test at the surgery. Wednesday; Out for a meal with some other tenants in Arnold. Thursday; Out to vote in the elections then Anticoagulant-related nephropathy (A new one me, I must look that up in a bit) and Deep Vein Thrombosis tests at the QMC Hospital. So, a wet ‘Testing’ week for me? Hehehe!

Did some WordPress reading and commenting. Checked the Emails, then got on with the ablutionalisationing.

Got the ablutions done. Used new razors, lemon scented soap and had a good long session under the shower. Medicated the lesion and Haemorrhoid Harolds area then sprayed on the ‘Brute’ deodorant and got dressed.

The rain had started when I got out. Checking around to see what else apart from the fresh pod peas, I decided to get a large potato so I can bake it, empty it and mix dollops of the extra string cheese with the flesh, and put the mix back in the half-husks.

Took the bin bags to the chute and replaced the containers with new ones. Put some empty jars in the bag and set off down the lift.  Then back up to the apartment when I realised I had not got the hearing aids in. Huh!

Some tenants were waiting in the foyer for the bus. Chat a quick chinwag, then out to the recycling bin with the glass jars. To the bus stop, where, I was met with the others coming out. A quick verbal session where the gals put the world to rights.

1Mon02Caught the L9 bus into town. Had a go at the crossword book en route, did reasonably well too.

Dropped off and crossed over into the Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall), where for the first time

 I saw a toddler getting into one of the Intu trolleys that were made to look like a kiddies car. The light was not good in there, but I managed to get this poor effort for a photo of the overjoyed youngster selecting his chosen vehicle.

1Mon03Walk to the other end and into the Tesco Metro Store.

To the bread section and got a loaf of their own-label sliced Sourdough Bread 75p.

Then to the Chinese part of the place, and got a bottle of Hoisin Sauce £1. Then some caramelised gravy granules £2.

To the fresh produce section and got a packet of fresh pod peas 750g for £1.50, a small pack of button mushrooms 90p, and on large baking potatoe 57p. I used the self-serve counter without too much confusion. (Head swags with pride)


When I got outside it was even windier and rainier (Rainier, is that a word?)

1Mon06Walk along to my least favourite road, Clumber Street.

Took this photographicalisation in the drizzle, the rain had suddenly steadied a bit.

There seemed far less folks on it this morning… er… afternoon now.

Hobbled along Milton street and onto Upper 1Mon08Parliament Street.

Not many folk about here either.

The drizzle and high winds persisted.

I love the way the woman behind the bloke in this picture appears to be peeping in my direction over this shoulder? Hehe!


Turned left and down King Street. I think was the best of shots I took today.

Down here, passing three Christian singers beling out songs in the rain, and into the slab square. Pretty bleak in the rain and getting even hight winds.


Limped up Queen Street and to the bus-stop, where a lady and gent fellow tenants of the Woodthorpe Court were waiting for the bus that was due in eight minutes, at five minutes passed the hour. We had a decent chinwag. The bus had not arrived at fifteen minutes passed (Should that me past?) the hour.

By 23 minutes beyond the hour, still no bus. So all three of us went down the hill to catch 40 bus home. I sat with the gal pensioner and we had a natter with Bert who sat behind us en route.

All dropped off on winchester Street Hill, and hobbled back to the complex.

Soon as I got in. I put the bag down and got the potato heating in the oven. Set the timer for one hour. Put the other bits away and got the computer on to update this page.

When the alarm went off, I checked the potato and it  was not ready, so turned it over and returned to doing this diary update.

1Mon17Took the spuds out of the oven and scooped out the flesh into a mixing bowl and added much strong cheese, a knob of butter, vinegar and a tiny bit of salt. Thought I did not need much as there would be flavouring in the cheese that included salt? Got the spuds back in their husks and into theoven for half an hour to brown them off and crisp the tops.

Three mini-cheese and pickle pork pies and a very rich tasty Pork and Mushroom pate!

Got the meal prepared, served and eaten with much relish and joy!

The cheesy potatoes came out almost perfect. I dined like a King! – Although, I don’t expect a King would have to burn so many fingers cooking his own meal and sit in a £300 second-hand recliner passing wind as he ate his nosh and then have to do the washing up? Hehehe!

Did the pot washing, minor Accifauxpa when I cut my finger end on the knife tip… again, right on ine of the spots close to where I burnt it taking the potatoes out of their husks earlier. Ah, well.

Nipped into the wetroom in hopes of encouraging some movement on the Porcelain Throne. No luck, but got ‘things’ stuck half in / half out so’s to speak. Damned painful and 1Mon17atook ages to complete the task. Medicated and cleaned things up and back in the kitchen.

The winds howling, the rain a-belting down in a torrent and my poor Copse suffering the brunt of it.

Bet I’ll see some damaged trees in the morning when I go to the surgery.

Sat down to watch some TV, with a warm satified glow in the tummy from ingesting the crispy topped cheesy potatoes, and felt good. An Alan Davis introduce programme came on, ‘The Dog Rescuers’ I think. They saved a grossly underweight bitch that was heavily pregnant with an anticipated nine pups in her. It was heartbreaking when the vets had to do a C-Cut procedure to extract the pups. Four didn’t make it, the other five did and found ‘Ever-homes’ shortly after. The bitch was fed, neutered, nursed, fed and returned to her owner?

I found tears in my eyes. Silly old softy!

TTFN folks.

6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Monday 5th June 2017

  1. Saw some depressing stats about kids in Chicago being way below basic standards for reading. We say to our cats “Buy you books and buy you books, and all you do is barf on the carpet!” It looks like the rain in Nottingham falls mainly on the streets of Nottingham. Pretend the sound of raindrops is the sound of music. The hash brown taters look great. Is the pork and mushroom pate the pinkish square that looks kind of like a block of Spam?

  2. I read about the educators splitting the same amounts of students up into two groups, the first lot were allowed to keep their phones with them for the test. Pass Rate: 99.8% – The others had their phones removed, Pass Rate: 22.4%! Don’t know if this was true or not of course, but I made a graphic about it and put it on today’s dairy heading. Hehe!
    Raining again now (0630hrs) here, and I have to go out for the Warfarin INR test too. Humph!
    Yes, that’s the pate, Sir. The ingredients in the Pork & Mushroom Pate are: Pork Liver (38%) , Pork (19%) , Pork Fat (15%) , Milk , Wild Mushrooms (4.9%) , Mushrooms (4.8%) , Tapioca Starch , Onion , Iodized Salt [Salt, Potassium Iodate] , Green Peppercorns (0.8%) , Dextrose , Spices [Mustard Seeds, Pepper, Ginger, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Paprika, Mace, Chilli, Cinnamon, Onion Powder] , Stabilisers (Diphosphates, Triphosphates) , Antioxidants (Sodium Ascorbate, Ascorbic Acid, Citric Acid) , Mushroom Extract (0.1%) , Herbs [Rosemary, Marjoram, Coriander, Thyme, Basil, Sage] , Garlic , Salt , Yeast Extract , Sugar , Lemon Peel Powder , Preservative [Sodium Nitrite] , Vanilla Extract . Sounds a right mouthful of ingredients, but they tasted wonderfull!
    The cheesy potatoes came out perfect for once. Mmm!
    TTFN Sir.

    • Hahaha! Rainsquall came up on Google gal. I must try to get to use this on my blog?
      Ethylenediaminetetraacetates is another word I’d like to use – looked it up and I got:
      (Elements & Compounds) ethylenediaminetetra-acetic acid; a colourless crystalline slightly soluble Organic compound used in inorganic chemistry and biochemistry. It is a powerful chelating agent used to stabilise bleach in detergents. Formula: [(HOOCCH2)2NCH2]2.
      Being as I do not understand the explanation given, I might give it a miss? Hahaha!
      TTFN flower. XXX

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