Inchcock Today – Monday 14th August 2017

Monday 14th August 2017

Bengali: সোমবার 14 আগস্ট 2017

0245hrs: Woke mid dream unsure again if a noise had woken me or not. Started to try and remember some of the dreams, but priority had to be given to getting to the Porcelain Throne. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner, had a bit of a dizzy as I did so, and off to the wet room and nested on the Porcelain Throne. Hehe! All good, if a bit messy.

To the kitchen to do the medicationalisationing functions and noticed through the window, how brightly lit the houses seemed to be on Winchester Street Hill. So went out onto the balcony, it was mild, little wind and not raining. Poked the camera lens through the netting and took the top photograph.

Made a brew and got the computer going and resized the photograph at the top of this page. Then did last weeks Health Check Results.

Then to finish off yesterday’s post. Took me a while as Shaking Shaun visited the fingers and both hands. He usually attacks only one-hand at a time. Greedy Shaun! Haha!


On to WordPress reading. Then checked the Email. Now starting Facebooking.

Did some work on the TFZer series.


Got the ablutions tended to and set off of a hobble to Sherwood to put the cheque in the bank.

Walking down to Mansfield Road and I noticed this plant. (No idea what it is, maybe someone can help with this, please?).

Does the flower not look to you like a round white head with a floral hat on. And a purp;e and white nose? Distinctively, amusing I thought!

To the bank and joined the queue of sad, melancholy looking customers waiting in the long line waiting. I was in no rush, and think I upset a few of the now streaming back to the entrance door clients when I began to yodel quietly to myself. I stopped.

After half an hour or so, I got the cheque paid in and wandered up the hill to the bus stop. During my enforced wait, I’d decided to go to Mansfield on the bus and have a look around, see if they have any bargains on offer there for me to get as raffle prizes and nibbles.

As I got to the stop, the bus arrived. Perfect, if not planned, timing! Hehe!

When the bus drove through Ravenswood, the rain began to fall.

Further on at the Hospital College, a lady in a high electric wheelchair got on with her Carer. The poor girl got herself in a right pickle trying to manoeuvre into the disabled bay, and it was ten minutes or more before they managed to get her in safely. She had to take off the footrest. I was so pleased to see the girl in the chair giggling as she eventually got into position, and she was not worried or phased by it at all. Good for her! The driver was very patient as well. One or two of the lady passengers were ‘Tutting’, but you can’t please everybody all the time. Hehe!

I took this photo through the bus window as we arrived in Mansfield.

Typical of the area, old retail units with many not occupied, sad.

At the bus station, the handicapped lady got off of the bus alright with the drivers and my bit of help.

I walked down Muggers Tunnel (Brave, I know, even in the day time”).

The rain was not heavy, but it was that ‘Get you wet’ sort of heavy drizzle.

I went to the B&M store and had a good look around. Ended up getting some bargains to use as raffle prizes as well as nibbles.

Walked along to the Cost Cutter store and did another bargain hunt. Only found one, Tubes of Extra Strong Mints at 15p, so I got five of them to put in with the treats at the next Social Hour Meeting.

The rain had eased-off, almost to a stop when I came out.

The square in this photograph holds a lot of bad memories and news stories. So many closed down shops. Poor old Ali in the paper shop on the left, has been burgled many times, ram raided once, and he and his wife have been attacked a few times. How he keeps going amazes me. Not that I can help, but each time I go into Mansfield, I admire the man more and more.

Back to the bus station and yet again, as I arrived on the platform, a bus did.

I took this photograph of a house I worked at when I was on Static Guarding. The client used to work for a large aero company as a director of some sort. In the woods to the right was his old house where he was still living at the time while he had the new one built. The new building, with tennis courts and an indoor swimming pool, cost him £2.2m, and that was many years ago. At night when he always came around to check on whichever guard was on duty and the house, he would bring his large overweight dog with him, a Labrador – the thing used to eat any food left lying about by the Officer or anyone else, including me! The man had absolutely no control over it. I wondered how he managed with his workers?

Funny how these things suddenly come back to your attention. Well, my thoughts. Hehe!

I got off of the bus in Sherwood, thanked the driver, and checked the timetable for the next L9. Oh dear, the luck had to run out, 55 minutes to the next one. So, despite the pain from the feet and knees, I hobbled limpingly back through Woodthorpe Grange Park.

At the bench where the Pistachio nuts had been dropped with the cigarette nub-ends (They were still there), now an assortment of tiny and slim red peppers and some new nub ends had appeared.

This time under the bench? Very odd, I thought.

A hundred yards further up the footpath, I stopped to take this photo of empty Smirnoff drink cans.

Does with mean they sell tins of Vodka nowadays?


A bit of Whoopsidangleplop followed then… Oh dearie me again!

A git of a Nottingham Pavement (Footpath), Cyclist, nearly had me over, he was that close. I got out the camera I’d just put away, and he was going so fast, I had to zoom in to get his picture, and I slipped on some dog-poo! Hence, the blurred picture was of nowhere near where the naughty cyclist was at the time! Haha! Still, I might be able to use it in a funny ghost graphic later?

Cleaned the shoe.

As I passed the Tree Copse, this flower caught my eye. There were plenty of these about the park and woods, but this was the first one I’ve seen with the dark green spots on the petals.


Into the flat and on the Porcelain Throne. I checked afterwards that I had not traipsed in any poo on my shoe. All clear! Phew! Another bit of poetry for you!

Got the nibbles and prizes put away and got the nosh cooking. Going to have the potato cakes with cheese inside, garden peas, beetroot and a beef slice, methinks.

Got the computer on to update this diary to here. Checked the nosh, turned over the potatoes and added the beef slice to them in the oven.

Time for a go on the next TFZer graphic update for a few minutes before the nosh was ready to be served up.

Turned out a decent effort. 9.1/10 rating.

A wee-wee and HC’s and medications tended to, and the afternoon tiredness arrived.

I watched some episodes of ‘Boon’ on the DVD. It took a lot longer before the nodding-offs came, tonight.

Despite the noise from the flat above, I drifted off. The dreams were persistent every time I drifted off, but no memories of what remained.

Porcelain Throne duties went well.

Craig Cramps kept waking me up now and then.

Made a note to remind me of the INR blood test in the morning (0750hrs).

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    • Oh, dear, Corin.
      Whatever happened.
      I did take some photographs off of my Google Picture storage to free up some space, mind?
      I do look back sometimes when things trigger the memory box, gal. Especially when I’m a tad low.
      No time to get low today – Diarrhorea Dickie is making sure of that. Hehe! Still, it helps not being able to get out, helps the plates recover that is. Haha!
      TTFN XXX

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