Inchcock Today – Weekend Sat 12th-Sun 13th August 2017

Saturday 12th August 2017

Samoan: Aso Toona’i 12 Aokuso 2017

0400hrs: Stirred into life in need of a wee-wee. Out of the nibble-residue covered £300 second-hand recliner and to the wet room. All right again, no bleeding nor soreness. Very good!

Titivated the nibble debris around the chair, but how it got there, I was unaware. Oh, poetry, especially the empty Salt and Vinegar Pringle tube? Hehe!

Health Checks Sys 142, Dia 77, Pulse 98, Temp 35.1 and weight 14.87. The pulse was a bit high, but all the others apart from the weight looked okay. Am I turning into an old Leviathan?

To the Porcelain Throne for a heavy duty session, no blood escaping again.

The computer on and started to finish off yesterday’s diary. Took my hours as Shaking Shaun joined me in the typing. Tut!

Took a break to make a mug of tea and took this photograph from the kitchen window. The wind was low and no signs of any rain, things were looking good enough for me to consider taking a walk into Sherwood later to investigate the options at the fresh cream cake shop?  But the weight came into mind, so maybe not? Ahem!

Back to the computer and struggled on with Shaking Shaun intervening with the typing. An hour or so later, I gleaned that Shaun had departed? Well, thanks for that!

Another break, wee-wee and cup of tea.

I decided to get the vegetables prepped and into the crock-pot for accompaniment for the minced lamb.

Spent a long time doing this, determined to get it right this time and not to have any accifauxpas with the knives. The carrots had unfortunately gone off. But I did the parsnips, garden peas, red onions, leeks and yellow peppers, potatoes and tomatoes. Got them in the pot with a seasoning of lamb gravy, Polish herbs and balsamic vinegar. Fingers crossed that it comes out alright.

Back to the computerisationing and finished the Friday post off, at last. It took a long time, but I do not pudify myself for this, I blame Shaking Shaun and Dizzy Dennis.

Had a walk around the minuscule flat to keep off Arthur Itis. I can sense the feeling of when he is about to attack sometimes, like on this occasion. So I gave the knees a mini of exercise.

Took this scenic shot of the now bright horizon. Caught a bird in this one, can you spot the wood pigeon? (I think it is anyway) Didn’t notice it when I was taking the shot. Shaun forced me to have to take the photo five times before the camera accepted my efforts. Tsk!

Again, back to the computer and started off this post to here.

Checked the Emails and responded to and read some WordPress stuff.

Then onto Facebooking.

Restarted the next creation for the TFZer site.

A funny spell came on out of the blue. Nothing much I could do.

Did finish making the meal, though.

Can’t say if I enjoyed it, but I must have done. For I found some scribbled notes in the morning and a 9/10 rating.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Kept nodding off and waking up again, I think.

Porcelain Throne visits were not productive. I fear that Constipation Konrad is returning.

Not feeling so good.

 Sunday 13th August 2017

Italian: Domenica 13 Agosto 2017

After hours of little sleep, much waking up, and failed attempts at evacuationalisationing on the Porcelain Throne, I gave up trying to sleep at 0230hrs and tried once more for relief on the Throne. I failed again. With an expectancy that my innards would vesuviate any time now, I decided to get the washing done. Collected the bag and accoutrements and poddled down to the laundry room.

Got the washing in the machine and on the way back up the lift, (it again stopped and a floor (1) for no reason?) it dawned on me, not only was I quietly yodelling to myself, but the ailments were being so kind to me. Only the swelling stomach was any bother. Dizzy Dennis, Shaking Shaun, Arthur Itis, Duodenal Donald, Hernia Harry, Hippy Hilda, Craig Cramps, and Reflux Roger were giving me a wonderful break. And, I had cheered up in response.

12th floor and got the Health Checks and medication taking done.

Even the readings were better this morning.

No accifauxpas or whoopsiedangleplops yet either?

After the bad day yesterday afternoon and evening, I could hardly believe my luck.

An unsuccessful visit to the Throne. Tsk!

Sign on the wall said free lessons to learn cardboard face-making?

Down to move the things into the dryer. Spotted some books apparently on display on the book case in the hallway. I thought of the TFZer gals and took a photo to put on the site, see if they fancied any of them, for a bit of fun.

Back up again and to the Porcelain Throne to try again – failed.

Got the computer going and started to update this post. I thought it best not to bother doing a Saturday one on its own, as the day sort of died when the wobbles came over me, and the memory blanks were leaving it a bit short of material.

Finished off a TFZ graphic for the ‘Parachute Series’ I’m working on. A long way to go, but I enjoy doing them and trying to get a laugh and comment or two.

Down to collect the laundry.

Folded the clothing and towels and filled the bag.

Back up to the apartment. The lift stopped at the 4th floor en route this time?

Emptied the bag, some in the airing cupboards, towels on the clothe airer and had a job getting the trousers onto the hanger though. For some reason, they would not let me get the creases in line as I tried to?

Into the kitchen and took the photograph of outside at the top of this Sunday post, then added the wording with CorelDraw and made a cup of tea.

0520hrs: Into the wet room; And success on the Porcelain Throne! Hurrah! At last.

Had a look outside and spotted this car parked over the Keep Clear lettering on the road.

I suppose it is alright and does not matter with the workmen not on site on the weekends, though.

I was still feeling good, and the ailments no bother at all. Weird this! Decided to try and get out for a walk this morning. It has to be early morning, because of me losing all energy in the afternoons. Might have a hobble down into Sherwood and back. Get some paper towels, and take some photographs, maybe.

Checked the emails and WordPress.

Facebooking next, during which I came across this.

Well, I never! Hehe!

I wonder if Duncan Robertson, The Whitechapel Whelk or Mike Steeden know about these?

Did a bit of work on the TFZer series graphics, then had to get the ablutions done so I can get out for a hobble before the tiredness and weariness overcome me.

I set out on the hobble into Sherwood, down Winchester Street Hill. The sky was beautiful, little wind, no rain and the sun shone occasionally.

Called into the Co-op store and got a large baking potato to make a cheesy one for the meal later.

This chap on the right here was eating some, what looked like a curry and sat silently dining, with coins on his blanket as what few people there were about, passed him by. He had a well-trimmed beard, clean clothes and had manicured looking finger nails. I was not sure enough that he was a genuine in-need case, so I didn’t donate any money, and felt guilty afterwards.

Did a bit of window shopping.

As I walked up and over the hill into Woodthorpe Grange Park on the way home, I came across some Nottingham Street art. Black bags of rubbish neatly placed symmetrically, here?

Into the park and at the second seating bench saw dozens of Pistachio nut shells and eight cigarette nub ends lay scattered around. Tsk!

I considered picking them up, but decided against this, as the chances are I’d not be able to get back up again if I did try.

I suppose this sort of naughtiness has been going on for ever. Somehow it seems worse after the Nottingham City Council had not long replaced the bench with a new one?

When I got home later, I looked up which countries produce the most of these nuts.

I wonder how many actual nuts are in a metric tonne? Hehe!

Watched some of the dogs walking their owners. Then to the top and right down through the Tree Copse.

Took this panoramic photo from inside the Copse.

Spotted these fungi on a chopped down tree stump. Wondered if it was edible?

As I exited out at the bottom, into the field, I had a Whoopsiedangleplop and tripped over a branch on the floor.

A dead handy place to fall-over, in this Copse, plenty of trees to use to help yourself get back up again. Hehehe!

Walking along the edge of the trees, I noticed a butterfly or moth on some wild yellow flowers. Beautiful!

Got in the flat and set about starting the meal. Got the giant potato in the oven.

Then the big basin with tons of extra-strong shredded cheddar cheese and balsamic vinegar ready to mash the potato flesh into later.

Did the Health Checks, took the medications and had a wee-wee.

Sat down to look at the TV paper and the weariness, fragility and dissipation of all energy, will-power and strength overtook me again. In a few moments, I was a different person again. This has been happening over the last few days. But at least I am not alone. Frank and Roy, tell me they have the same thing happen to them nowadays.

Fell asleep and dreamt of my meeting this lovely long brown-haired, pear-shaped lady in a car park somewhere, and we got into the Austin Maxi (The same one I had in the 1970’s). We were both about 40ish in the dream. She smiled at me and laid her hand on my arm.. and disappeared! Humph!

Woke up and went to check the potato and it was ready.

Cut it in half and scooped out the hot flesh and got it into the mixing bowl. Spent a good while bashing it up with the cheese and balsamic vinegar. Ran a fork over the top so it can crisp up in the oven and got the mix back into the potato husks and in the oven on a high temperature, to brown off the top of the spuds.

I got some nibbles and crisps in a tub for later. Washed up the helluva mess I’d made and the bowl.

Got the tomatoes, yellow peppers, beetroot and apple sliced and on the plate ready.

Picked out some stuff to watch on the gogglebox.

Had a wee-wee.

Got the cheesy potatoes out of the oven and onto the plate and settled to devour it!

Best meal for ages. Rated this one at 9.22/10. Fell asleep.

Stirred and took the things still laying on the tray and got them washed. I could hardly believe how much of a state the kitchen was in. And all I’d cooked and made was one giant cheesy potato?

Staying awake was no longer an option. I cannot recall falling asleep so often before, but only for a few minutes, varying from five to 45, at a time. What was on the TV I have no idea.


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  1. I recently found California pistachios being sold in a shelled form, and thought to myself what a nice improvement over the ones in the shell. Unfortunately, they are much easier to eat in excess, so the California pistachio nut growers win big time and I get fatter.

    • Hehe, I understand, indeed.
      The struggle in opening these nuts is not worth the pain for me, Sir.
      I hope I don’t find any like these, for I sure as heck would not be able to resist them either.

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