Inchcock Today – Monday 21st August 2017: Bit of Nottingham History thrown in today, folks.

Monday 21st August 2017

German: Montag 21. August 2017

Woke around 0300hrs, the mind once again, seemed hyperactive, disorganised and out of control, all over the place and no chance of getting back to sleep.The wind escaping just has not stopped

The wind escaping just has not stopped, but this is good I think. It might indicate that Trotsky Terence is on the wain, and each blast, for ‘blast’ is the only word to describe the way they escaped, came without a need for the Porcelain Throne (For a while at least). No control over them at all.

I felt that some self-comminatory thoughts about me and my actions were deserved, and felt guilty and ready to accept the coming storm or punishment in a gobemouche state.

0420hrs: Struggled out of the £300 second-hand recliner and to the Porcelain Throne. With the wind, gurgling and rumbling from the innards, I anticipated the worst, but things were not so bad at all compared to yesterdays sessions. Phew! Haemorrhoid Harold was still very tender and sore, though.

Made a mug of tea and took the morning medications. Health Checks carried out: Sys159-Dia71-Pulse89-Temp35.4 and the weight, I have to report – was the highest it has been ever! 14.91. Depression dawned!

Presumably, this was due to my not getting in a hobble yesterday? Must get a little one in today.

Made the weeks Health Checklist to take with me when I have my INR blood test done, hopefully by Nurse Nichole tomorrow.

Got Sunday’s diary finished off and posted.

Checked the Emails, WordPress readings, then started this journal off.  Did the top graphic, then went on Facebook to catch-up.

Ablutions enjoyed, no Porcelain Throne demands, and the wind decreased. There was no bleeding from the teggies or shaving. Haemorrhoid Harold bled a tiny bit. Looking good.

Readied things and out to the bus stop. A big right crowd there when I arrived. Bill from the 14th floor had a chinwag with me. His big operation is due on September 4th, at last. He’ll be on his crutches for a while afterwards. I offered him any help I could with shopping or whatever. I’ll remind him again next time I see him and give him my Email and telephone number.

We got on the bus, and Bill dropped off on Mapperley top,  to do his rounds of the charity shops for any Owl figurines he could find.

I alighted the bus on Lower Parliament Street and hobbled through to Goose Gate to visit the Chinese Shop to get some more chestnuts.

En route I came across this bit of Nottingham Street art. I think it was commissioned by some company before they went bankrupt?

But the Chinese place was not open yet, for over another hour. Humph! So, I wended my way up and took the scenic walk up to St Mary’s Church. Built in 1377 and right over the road from the Nottingham Goal, where they did the hanging and deportationing of the poor. Always the impecunious masses never hung a Lord, Earl or a Sir!

I hobbled down High Pavement (The top photograph above), and there was smoke coming from the roof of the Contemporary Art Gallery.

The pretend Police Officer and all other locals in the area were ignoring this, to me, a bit of a dangerous scenario.  No one was interested in the white smoke. So I assumed it was nothing out of the ordinary and hobbled by and turned right at the end, where the trams were operational.

No wonder they had a diversion sign near the church.

I saw the sign that one of the five traffic lanes had been closed. This, was due to the closure of Broad Marsh Bus Station and Car Park, losing Nottingham Shoplifters, sorry, shoppers 200 Car Parking Spaces bring closed, and the buses have had to be allotted new stopping places all over the City Centre. Thus the other buses can’t get through now.

Cars were left dangling out of the side of a multi-storey car park in Nottingham after one of the exterior walls collapsed. The collapse happened overnight when part of a wall came away from the building at the NCP Nottingham City car park in Cumberland Place, losing 400 plus spaces to add to the 1,150 lost at Broad Marsh – Boy I almost feel glad they took away my licence!

I limped along towards the City Centre, took this Nottingham Street Art photograph and noticed how I had got twinkles on it? Later, I found them on several other of this morning’s efforts?

Can anyone out there figure out what I got wrong, please?

I took this photograph further up on Wheeler Gate.

A narrow one-way street that has been used for donkey’s years as a two-way through route for traffic. These pictures were taken in 1920, & 1969 photographed from the other end.

Walked up into the Slab Square to take a picture of the Nottingham Beach, and caught these trams in the City Centre Station together.

The weather kept changing and threatening rain, but none yet.

This should please the few who have visited the Beach today. Not many of them, mind. Can’t blame them really, the costs are high for the rides. Not that this dampened the spirits of the little Nottinghamians in the slightest.


Noticed a lot of Nottingham Pavement Cyclists around today, but did not managed to get any to put in the Nottingham Pavement Cyclist Album… until now that is.

Took this of a right unthinking animal of an ignorant young git, as he weaved around and between the pedestrians, without any thought to their safety! With any luck he’ll get knocked off of it by someone one day, I’d love to be there when it happens. A trained First aider or not, if anyone else were injured they would get my first attention! The poor lady with the bag wobbled as he shot by so close to her.

But back to the compound and was the last one to the flats again. Poor old thing!

Had a chinwag with a lady from the 14th floor, got in and almost automatically went into the throne room, when I didn’t need to. Mind you, the wind from the rear was less often now.

Took the med’s and did the Health Checks. Wrote a note to remind me about the INR appointment in the morning.

Got some fish and tattie scones with cheese in the oven cooking.

Updated this diary.

Got the meal, soy sauce potatoes, tomatoes, cheese & onion scones, battered haddock fillet and a fish cake. Followed by the Lemon Mousse.

Didn’t affect the Trotskies as I thought it might, and went down very well. 8/10.

Got the Boon DVD on, and watched two whole episodes before the nodding-off started.

Had to get up for a wee-wee, and that seemed the end of sleeping for me. Tsk!

I don’t think I managed any period of over five minutes asleep without jumping awake and not having the slightest reason why?


4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Monday 21st August 2017: Bit of Nottingham History thrown in today, folks.

  1. That rat cat image would be good for a caption contest. Love the then and now photos. It’s interesting when things don’t change as much as when they do. We had a ditch bank cyclist about run over me the other night and then he almost ran over Laurie on his way back. He made Laurie scream. He never said a word. There were three other ditch bank cyclists that night, and those three warned us as they were coming up like they are suppose to. When I rode, I hated riding on the bike trails because there were always pedestrians and runners plugged in and tuned out on the bike trails, so even though I had a bell on a $6000 racing bike, they couldn’t hear it or me yelling at them “On your Left!” or “On your right!” I much preferred to ride in traffic because drivers are more predictable even when they are trying to run you down. Your beach is still going? Public schools started last week and the University started today so most of our entertainment parks have reduced hours since all the kiddies are off the streets again. What’s the deal with walls in parking garages collapsing? A little shoddy workmanship or some geologic feature ignored by the engineers or both perhaps? Great set of photos today. Meal looks reasonable.

  2. Cheers. I’ll put the rat cat image on the TFZ site as a caption contest.
    Glad you liked the then and now photos, Tim.
    The ditch bank cyclist never said a word. Huh! Ignorant sods! I had a bell horn on my bikes, I found the elderly could hear it much easier, but it did make the young ones jump a bit. I agree about using the roads.
    The beach is here for a while Sir. 9th September it finishes.
    The car park incident on the press: “In a statement, it said: “NCP (National Car Parks) said how it happened was yet to be established and it was undertaking a thorough internal investigation, They have informed the landlord, and will co-operate with any investigation conducted by the regulatory authorities.”
    A chap on the radio said the concrete was built in 1964. So, geologic or age?
    The nosh did not look anything, but the flavour was great!
    Cheers, thanks.

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