Inchcock Today – Sunday 20th August 2017: Trotsky Terence Ruled Almost every thought, action and Whoopsiedangleplop. Tsk!

Also known as Trotsky Terence

Sunday 20th August 2017

د اګست 20 مه، 2017 Pashto

0310hrs: I blinked awake, not sure if I had actually been asleep. Immediately pains in the stomach from Diarrhorea Dickie, forced my cumbersome exit from the £300 second-hand recliner and to the Porcelain Throne, just in time. As luck would have it, after yesterdays visit from Diarrohorea Dickie, I’d donned a pair of the ignominious Protection Pants. I spent a minute evacuating and ten minutes cleaning up myself and the room.

0335hrs: Did the Health Checks and started to sort the new set of medication dosage pots. Sys 148 Dia 77 P 82 Temp 35.6…

Back to the Porcelain Throne, where it is all coming from I don’t know.

Washed-up and back to the kitchen. Weight checked to finish off the Checklist and amazingly the weight had gone down a tiny bit for the first time for ages. Thinking about afterwards, I’ve got rid of so much gunk from the stomach, perhaps that has helped with the weight, down to 14.84?

No further pains or evacuations needed for a while. Had things got better so soon?

Made a mug of tea and took this mornings medications, keeping some Diah-Limit capsules to hand, and got on the computer to do the diary work.

At this point, I was sure I heard a noise from the kitchen and poddled into it to investigate. I found nothing untoward? While in there, I got some potatoes into the crock-pot, with soy sauce added to the water. I planned on having them with the belly pork with herbs and garlic and some tomatoes, pickled beetroot, garden peas and mushrooms later. Then I pondered, is this wise, with Trotsky Terence being rampant? I thought it would be, but thought I’d give the beetroot in vinegar a miss and weaken the water in the potatoes of soy sauce. Of course none of these things were done, Humph!

Back to the wet room again. Even a bigger dollop of splattering wetness this time! Took ages to clean up without missing any bits, and getting back up from cleaning the be-splattered bowl, was not easy! Tsk!

I had an idea come to mind, for a funny Ode about the current situation with Diarrohorea Dickie. Got carried away creating it, but I did enjoy doing it, although another trip to the Porcelain interrupted me. Hehe!

Link: Diarrhorea Dickie Strikes Again!

Back to updating yesterdays diary.

Oh, dearie me, just had an involuntary escape of the wind from the rear end. Two things came to my mind at the same time, one was the stink, and two, have I had a Whoopsidangleplop? I had to go to the wet room to find out.

I found I had to make use of the Throne again, and a horrendous experience it was. Haemorrhoid Harold was now giving me pain like never before.


Plenty of medicationalisationing took place.

I’m so glad I had a good stock of the Pants and medications in stock.

Sorry to add, that Hilda Hips has started playing up now. I’m getting a bit frustrated with things. Cleaned up yet again afterwards and got the kettle on the boil.

While waiting for it, I tried to take another vista shot of the parked cars below the window. Utter failure, I just could not get the camera to allow me to. It kept telling me to move pan quicker, or I didn’t keep it level.  Took a long shot and cut it down in the end, not good. Humph!

Finally, after what seemed several days to me, I had got the dairy completed and posted it off.

Checked the Emails and did some WordPress reading.

Hello, back to the Porcelain Throne again… Not so bad this one. But the piles are now so tender. Tsk!

Made a fresh brew and went onto Facebooking. Hour-and-half later, I got onto CorelDraw and the TFZer series graphicationalisationing.

After four hours, I’d got them finished and posted to WordPress and Facebook.

Then off to the Porcelain Throne again. This time, things were a lot easier.

Checked the fodder, should be ready soon, although I don’t feel particularly hungry at this moment.

Computer off, and did a bit of titivating in the kitchen, but not much, I felt so drained, and it was well past my head-down time, now.

By the time it came to sorting the food, my hunger had returned.

Foolishly I made far too much, and although it seemed to taste alright, I had to leave much of it on the plate, but I did enjoy it… Roger Reflux and Duodenal Donald showed me their displeasure. Not complaining though, for two reasons. It was my own fault, and a sign that Trotsky Terence was easing was welcome, for no rushing to the Porcelain ensued afterwards?

Tired, weary, but a heck of a job dropping off. The mind started to race away about everything and nothing. Tsk!

Something of a surprise to find that emissions of the wind from the rear started, and grew in strength, persistence and aroma? Yet only one visit to the Porcelain was needed? Things might be looking up?

Or, not! Hahaha!

6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Sunday 20th August 2017: Trotsky Terence Ruled Almost every thought, action and Whoopsiedangleplop. Tsk!

  1. Mr Trotsky is getting you to do a little extra exercise. Looks like they definitely need more parking. That is quite a meal you had.

  2. Thank you, Corin. Things have calmed down wonderfully, and I am leaving off taking the tablets now – cross fingers! Hehe!
    I’ve taken to having vinaigrette or balsamic vinegar on my tomatoes. Had another bottle delivered today, but they substituted a ‘No sugar’ brand. Still, it looks and smells nice enough.
    Hope your plates are not as bad as mine are gal? Checked on the calendar, the foot lady is not due until Wednesday 13th Sept. Ah, well.

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