Inchcock Today – Monday 16th October 2017

Monday 16th October 2017

Macedonian: Недела 15 октомври 2017 година

Woke with a start at 0210hrs. Some mild pandiculation and the brain eventually engaged with the body. The innards were beginning to bubble and brew, signs of later happenings in the wet-room indicated.

As I dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner the reminder note on the mini-pad, I’d written last night, fell to the floor.

I’m glad it did, else I may well have forgotten about the Audio Clinic Appointment at 1130hrs this morning.

I opened the curtains and waved at myself in the reflection. This too was good – now I know I am alive. Hehehe! Wandered into the kitchen and did the Health Checks, made a mug of tea and took the medications. Then, a rarity for me, I felt a little hungry. Had a Pot-Noodle.

Opened the window and had a look down at the residents parking spaces. I hope the red car on the left doesn’t need to get out first today?

The wind had died down, and it didn’t appear too cold.  I noticed later on the web that rain and showers were expected for Nottingham.

Bet I get a soaking when I get out and about in a while. Huh!

Got yesterdays diary done, then got another two graphicalisations done for the TFZer site, on CorelDraw.

The top one is for Mary, and the lower one is for Joyce.

I slipped myself into the Mary one, and Meritt, Thomas and me in the other one for Joyce.

Then the call to the Porcelain Throne arrived a little urgently as I was making another brew of tea.

I read a few pages of the Lenigrad book as I painfully waited for the evacuation to begin. The blood flowed freely from Harold’s internal Haemorrhoids. This got me thinking about the dentist. On Tuesday I have to go for the INR Warfarin Blood Test, wait for the results and if they are in range, then go to the dentist and beg for another appointment to get the teeth sorted out. The problems with this are: 1) If the field is too low or high I’ll have to start the whole procedure over again, if in range. 2) Will the Dentist be able to fit me in? Because they will not do any work on me later than 48 hours after the last Deep Vein Thrombosis test! 3) I’m fed-up and depressed. Six weeks now I’ve been trying to get the teeth done. They are getting more and more painful the longer it goes on. No wonder I get confused so easily is it? Poor old thing. Hehe!

Looked at the Chronological needs for the morning, as on the note I wrote. Ablutions 0920hrs, catch bus 1030hrs to town, the appointment at clinic 1130hrs.

So, I did the weeks total for the Health Checks.

Then started on some more work on the next TFZer graphic.

A different one this time. It was for TFZ’s beloved Head-Honcho Sandie, with Clint Eastwood joining her for a picnic with an old American Car advert and plenty of nibbles added for them to have too. Oh, and me sweeping up the Autumn leaves Hehe!

No rain as I had expected, just mist and the winds getting ever, so l sightly up a bit.

Carried out the ablutions and made sure the paperwork, record book etc. for the Audio Centre were all in the bag.

Set off to the bus stop. Plenty of folks to talk to there, but only one interested. The lady from the High-Care Home at the end of the road. She was worried about her weight going down, and she may lose her free holiday to Greece and Africa if she has no gained sufficient to please her medical assessors. Did my best to listen and respond in a fashion to try and give her encouragement, bless her. The others seemed a little reluctant to get into any a laughs or chinwags this morning. They each have their own worries, it is essential for me to remember this, and keep on doing my bit of cheering them up.

I got on the bus and got the crossword book out. When we got onto Carlton Road en route to town, it dawned on me that the seat next to me was free, unoccupied, and yet people were still standing? Did my confidence no favours, you know. I wondered if the Citrus Body Spray I use, wasn’t making it? Hehe!

Arrived in town. The sunshine that had come up was not fooling the Nottinghamian Shoplifters… sorry! Citizens, at all. Most had their winter woollies and coats on. Good idea, sage move too!

I legged it down into the City Centre Slab Square.

Where a multitude of Nottingham Pavement Cyclists was belting about between the pedestrians, but on this occasion, they did not threaten me and kept their distances from yours-truly. Thankfully.

I took the shortest route with the least steep hills to walk up to the Audio Centre. Hippy Hilda, Anne Gyna (Bad now) and twinging stabbing Arthur Itis, ensured that the trip was a painful one.

I hobbled slowly so as not to get Anne Gyna upset any more than she was.

Arriving near the Centre at the top of the steepest bit of hill, I had to stop and put the bag down for a few moments to regain my composure before going into the grand old building. My hands and fingers were well blotched-up?

As I entered and took my place in the queue at the receptions desk, I spotted the time on the wall clock. I had arrived in good time and had about 25 minutes to spare. The very kind lady at the desk patiently took my details and asked, yes asked me to take a seat. Got the crossword book out and was shortly summoned by a luscious plump young lady audiologist, and led through a maze of corridors to her treatment room. Her thick-thighs in her short tight dress deflected my attention from her words for a while, as she sat there next to me, explaining the procedure and asking questions.

If I had been younger by 50 years or so, things would undoubtedly have throbbed. Gorgeous Audiologist!

She took me through the set-up on the machine in front of me. She nipped out during the testing and setting up to get something, and I sneaked out the camera to take this shot of the whatever it is a machine I had to sit in front of and not move.

Her IT system stopped her doing some part of the test, and she said I’d have to make an appointment for another visit so this part of the test could be completed later. The cards on the back wall in the photo gave prices for the replacement of anything lost or damaged. I’m afraid I didn’t pick-up on everything explained to me because she kept moving her luscious thighs in her tight skirt and pulling it down. Ahem!

She was very patient with me, though. She set-up the pieces so they could both have volume control, which would work by on both ears from using either control-button. Then she set-up the Loop system.

She got me to sign a form Accepting that the hearing aids are the property of Nottingham University Hospital NHS Trust, and I accept that in the event of my damaging or losing the same, I’d pay £2000 for each replacement needed.

I explained about my memory and losing things problems and asked if I could hang onto the old hearing aids, just in case I misplaced the new ones. Initially a blank “No, that can’t be done!” answer was received. After a little more begging, creeping and pestering, the gal conceded and said: “Oh, I shouldn’t, but, alright then!” This cheered me up more than she could have known. Bless and thank her.

She even came with me back to the reception area and asked the lady to set up an appointment for the amendments needed. Monday 20th November 2017 @ 1130hrs.

Off out of the building, still no rain arrived and the promised high winds again absent. (I’m not complaining, though).

I hobbled down the hill, Anne Gyna now calmed again, although Hippy Hilda was not in a good mood.

I took this photographicalisation of the top of Angel Row.

It amazes me how these posh restaurants make it pay. Every time I pass by, the Al-Fresco seats are empty of customers, whatever the weather is like at the time.

Along Upper Parliament Street, more closed-down businesses to be seen.

So sad, and even worrying somewhat, for the future of Nottingham City Centre.

I was fortunate in the timing when I arrived at the bus stop on Queen Street. Ten minutes before the bus was due. It came twenty minutes later.

On the route back, in Mapperley Tops area, I took this effort from the inside the bus. Not a good picture at all, I know. But it looked a little different, so I put it in the diary.

By the short time, it took to get to the flats and off of the bus, it had gone ominously dark.

Entering the apartment, it looked a little eerie in the hallway. Well, I call it a hall, as you can see, it is somewhat higgledy-piggledy and small, but it’s home. Hehe!

Into the kitchen, put the kettle on.

Did the Health Checks, took the medications and made a mug of Thompson’s tasty tea.

Took it into the main room.

The darkness so early in the day, convinced me that rain must have been on the way.

But, none arrived?

Puzzled by this I was. Then again, a lot of things baffle me. Haha!

I sat down and got the paperwork looked at that I’d  brought home with me.

I placed them near the computer to be sorted and added to the Google Diary and written one in the morning.then

I felt complete and utterly drained and weary now.

I looked out of the window and noticed how fast the clouds were going across the horizon and took a photo. Minutes later, I made another one. In those few minutes, the smaller clouds had gone altogether, and the hew had changed entirely.

I opened the window to take another picture down below, and boy did the wind shoot in! My Patti Beckert paintings blew off of the fridge, kitchen towels flew across the room, the foil trays scattered around… I hastily shut the window. Boy, was it blowing! And yet all the time I was out and about the winds were light today?

I retrieved Patti’s paintings first. They were the most valuable of all the things blown over to me. Luckily, they were unharmed.

Got the meal cooking, not that it needed much in the way of preparation today.

Because I’d had the Pot-Noodle of brekkies, I consciously made less to eat tonight.

Very tasty all the same. That tiny bit of smoked haddock was nibbled in small pieces to make it last longer and seem more substantial. Haha!

Scrawled a sign to remind me of the INR Warfarin Blood Test in the morning and put it on the computer screen, then I got the TV turned on.

The noise from the winds was getting more and more persistent and louder all the night.

I have to admit to getting a little concerned about it.

Looked out of the window and the old trees were swaying about something awful.

Watching the TV became impossible again, as usual, cause the nodding-offs and waking sequence started again.

The winds stopped me getting to sleep at all, so loud they are!

I gave up trying at 0105hrs and got up.

6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Monday 16th October 2017

  1. I find it soothing that my reflection is friendly enough to always wave back, even when I’m being a jerk and it should give me the middle finger in return. Sweet taking the cute audiologist are you? You are simply irresistible. Really great set of graphics. The picnic with the old finned hearse is super. I like the NHS plan for “hammocking” — very “with it” of them. Well arranged meal.

    • So, you find it soothing that your reflection is friendly enough to always wave back, even when you’re being a jerk and it should give you the middle finger in return? So do I! Haha!
      Now I seem to be prevented from seeing Nurse Nichole so regularly (Something going on there I think, Grumph!), The young Audiologist with the meaty thighs and kind nature appeals to me. If only I was five inches taller, not so fat, was ailments free, 60 years younger, had sufficient artillery and was a lot richer, I’d have made a move for her, for certain!
      Glad you liked my efforts with the graphics, Sir, cheers.
      That tiny bit of smoked haddock cost me £2.98, huh! I had the Morrison food delivery about an hour ago, and this time it is 80g less and cost £2.94! Still, it look s nice. I’ve got the smoked basi fish to have today (Much cheaper but not as tasty as the haddock is). I going to use the fish sauce for the first time today. Anchovy the main ingredient, see how it goes. Does Laurie use it please? I’m intereted on what it is usually used on?
      Loved your balloon photographicalisations.
      Cheers Sir.

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