Inchcock Today – Tuesday 17th October 2017: Warfarin INR test – Warden Deana Help and Visit, Oddlymost dream

Tuesday 17th October 2017

Slovak: Utorok 17. Októbra 2017

0105hrs: Gave up trying to get to sleep. The high winds in the flats were just too noisy. A bit nerve-racking too. With the windows rattling, gales blowing in through every crevis and what the poor tree copse will look like when I get out, I don’t know.

The electric-like pains in the right wrist have now been joined with by the same in the left wrist. Tsk!

I did the Health Checks and medications taken. Made a mug of tea.

Before I could drink the tea, I needed to attend the Porcelain Throne. A decent evacuation session this one, little bleeding from Harold’s Haemorrhoids, and no struggling to evacuate, not compared to the last two days anyway. Haha!

The winds were still powerful as I took this photo from the kitchen window. But they did calm down hours later.

0115hrs: I made a start on the computer and eventually got yesterdays chronicle of woe finished and sent off.

0400hrs: Made a start on this one. As I did so, I realised I could not hear the winds howling? I returned to open the window and have a look down outside.

It looked like the residents had parked up all nice and neatly, no blocked in vehicles either!

The winds seemed to be abating, although they did blow over the kitchen towels when I opened the window frame, so still strongish.

I’d forgotten this needed doing, so I checked the paperwork from the Audio Clinic.

Added appointment dates to both diaries.

Had a look at the instruction leaflet given to me by the attractive, cuddly, desirable and highly appealing young twinkling-eyed, thick thighed, loin-girding Lady Audiologist yesterday. Where’re my tablets?

It seems there are a few options that are not available. But I could have applied for them to be added and paid for them.

I did some WordPress Reading next.

Checked the Email, then I went on Facebook to get things sorted, so I am not late in getting ready for the blood test.

We can’t say we haven’t been warned about the wind, can we?

The ablutions done, gathered the nibbles for the nurses and set off.

Got as far as in the lift, and realised I had not got the hearing aids on. Back to collect them. This time out, it was painful to hear the noise of the wind blasting through the lift shafts, the cladding, vents and every possible opening or cracks within the structure of the building!

In the lift, the Alien Blob had transformed itself; I thought I could see something moving in the gel as it spread out?

Perhaps not.

Got out of the elevator and round through the doorway into the lobby.

It was clear that the wind overnight had been blowing in the Autumnal leaves at a fair rate. More hassle for the caretaker to sort out.

Plodded onto the end of Chestnut Walk and right down Winchester Street.

Once I got down the hill a bit on the walk to the surgery, the wind was far less bothersome.

The wind seemed to be getting less severe as I hobbled along. Although, signs of tree damage and other sorts of wind caused mayhem was noticed en route to the Sherringham Park Surgery in Carrington.

Some poor devil had thrown away his or her ‘turned inside-out’ umbrella, or it had blown away from them and landed on this lamp post in the picture.

Poor devil.

Up to the top of the hill, and a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist came by me a little close for my liking.

Over the crest and down into Carrington.

Where the traffic had built up, and the faces of the drivers indicated there frustrations and annoyance.

Down into the surgery.

Logged me in with the Obergefrieteress receptionist and got the crossword book out and had a go at it.

Oberfurheress Nurse Anne came out and ordered me to the treatment room. So I went into the treatment room. So sad that I didn’t get to talk to Nurse Nichole.

Blood was taken, I gave her the nibbles and departed. Hoping that they would let me have the IRN level reading result and an appointment for when needed by the DVT clinic. I should have reminded them, but my spirits were low.

I walked down into Carrington and called into the newspaper shop and got a TV magazine. Heaven knows why, because I never fail to fall asleep when I put the  TV on anyway. Tsk!

I went into the Aldi no, Lidl Store. Came out with a packet of soft biscuits, a tin of garden peas, Battered Haddock, milk and some Cherry Vine tomatoes.

Caught the bus to Sherwood and went into the Wilko store. I inquired of the lady on the checkout whether they will ever stock the Dettol Lavender Antiseptic Disinfectant again. “No” was the reply.  I got some first-aid bits in to replace the ones I cannot find in the flat. (I expect I will see them now!) Lint, plasters, Magnesium, Bandage and crepe bandages and wash-proof tape. Oh, and some Citrus air-spray.

Then up to the bus stop. Welsh Bill was there waiting. His operation is on the 23rd October, and the lad is longing for it to get done, and he can get off of the Morphine, bless him.

When I got in the apartment, the feet were aching, Anne Gyna was playing up, an I’d had a Nottingham City Homes two-sided letter delivered.

As I was cleaning the kitchen carpet thanks to my having dropped a bottle of Wine Vinegar on it (I know, what a clot!), Obergruppenhureress Warden Deana rang the bell. I welcomed her in, and she told me she had arranged for someone from Nottingham City Homes (Ryan) to call and see me on the afternoon of Tuesday 24th October about my needing a strobe alarm linked to the fire alarm. That was kind of her.  Shows her benevolent approachable nature at its loveable best.

I got the computer back on to update this rubbish.

Got the oven warming to cook the fish later. The potatoes in the crock pot were ready to be mixed with some cheese, so I did so prepared to go in with the fish then. I tried one of the tomatoes I’d bought from Lidl. Foul, and bitter it was. So, I cut some up and marinated them with dark Soy sauce. Added some fish sauce to the garden peas. The potatoes had already been cooked in Wine Vinegar. I hope all this comes out right, Hehe!

The horrid tomatoes. I’d soaked them in balsamic vinegar for hours, and this made them just about bearable to eat.

Why I didn’t hcook and eat the smoked Basi fish fillets is a bit of a mystery to me, I know I meant to have them, cause they have only two days sell-by-date left on them?

It was getting late now and as usual my strength and concentration had weakened and complete enervation had taken a hold over me.

Washed the pots, managed to stay awake long enough to get the medications taken, Health Checks done and wash the pots up.

I turned on the TV and settled down to try and watch something or othere, drifted off almost immediately into a dream filled sleep.

I was back in the underground tunnels again. Even in the nightmare, I thought how lucky I was to recall a dream after such a long time? And, what an odd dream it was, even for me.

Ghostly looking women ketp appearing before me and beckoned me unto them, as I willingly approached each one in turn, they would dissapear and reappear further in the distance down the tunnel?

I had the sense that my eyes were a camera, and occasionally saw my own feet come into view as I made my way along the shaft in pursuit of the ladies, feeling a need to talk to them, but failed to get near enough?

Around 0100hrs I woke with a start, scribbled notes to use here later and drew a rough sketch of the tunnel in the nightmare.

0120hrs: I decided to get up and update this diary straight away while it was fresh in my muddled brain. A need for the porcelain Throne diverted me to the wet room.


6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Tuesday 17th October 2017: Warfarin INR test – Warden Deana Help and Visit, Oddlymost dream

  1. Great photos of the results of the wind. I especially like the umbrella or what’s left of it. Sad that nurse Nichole didn’t fetch you today. It looks like Watchy Dos might be on the move. Have they gone to stealing your blocks? Good idea to protect them. No festive decorations in the hallway? Do festive decorations attract block thieves? Unattended candles? Are there Witch-like Watchileno rituals in the block? Otherwise, why would anyone be using candles to leave unattended? Who in the right mind would leave a fifth of vodka, bottle of whisky, flask of the seventh demon or other flammable spirits in the communal cupboards for the ritual candles to ignite? Seems like the Obergruppenhureress’ are straining their overly cranky minds to come up with behaviors that they deem unsafe or attract block thieves. Dinner looked to be interesting.

    • The winds are a lot less severe this morning, Tim. Pity about the brolly, it looked like an expensive one to me.
      Not seeing Nurse Nichole niggled me. Tsk!
      Watchileno Two might have been trying to get to Watchileno One to rescue her? Hehe!
      No festive decorations in the hallway, they may apparently block you exit in the event of a fire evacuation? Not that we’d know whether to evacuate or not, cause I can’t hear the alarm. And if the fire is not on your flat, you’re supposed to stay in the apartment. But no one ever tells you if it is a false alarm, safe, or not afterwards? But a Nottingham City Homes man is coming to see me about buying a Fire Strobe Alarm next Tuesday.
      As for unattended candles, who in their right mind would leave them anyway?
      Who in the right mind would leave a fifth of vodka, a bottle of whisky, a flask of the seventh demon or other flammable spirits in the communal cupboards for the ritual candles to ignite? Good question, mate.
      The dinner was a bit of a mystery to me, Sir. I put the grated cheese on top of the boiled spuds and put them in the oven to crisp up, on high. Over 45 minutes later they had still not browned? I gave up and ate them anyway, but they were very tasteless and bland. Not buying cheese from Lidl’s again. Humph! TTFN.

      • My feet have actually been doing quite well lately, so naturally I’m having back pain flare ups & my shoulders don’t like me anymore either (but that’s nothing compared to tooth pain, ugh)

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