Inchcock Today – Friday 27th October 2017:

Friday 27th October 2017

Javanese: Ana 27 Oktober 2017

0205hrs: Woke and started to pandiculate in a slow, calm manner. But Anne Gyna started off despite the care I thought I’d taken. Only Hernia Harry joined her in giving me grief, though. So things were looking good enough for me. I actually felt quite salubrious, but this was before I tackled the evacuation of the £300 second-hand recliner chair. Somehow or other I managed to let my supporting limb slip off of the arm of the chair and onto the phone charger on the Ottoman, thus cutting my hand on the edge of the plug thingy, in the purlicue, Tsk! And I thought seconds earlier how good things were looking. It didn’t bleed much though. Into the kitchen and wiped it up.

Carried out the health checks, afraid the weight has gone up again.

Also, I felt a right Schmuck for ringing the NHS Helpline on Wednesday about the increased Sys and Dia readings, there are now back to normal. Just as well they did not ring me back anyway. Huh!

Makes me feel Floccinaucinihilipilification (Looked that one up, Hehe!) for myself. Considering my insecurity and diffidence more lately. The futility of my efforts to get some help or guidance lowers my esteem as well.

Still, along came a demand for the Porcelain Throne and I forgot all about it. Had an excellent session once again. So then I perked up a bit – mad innit?

Back to the kitchen and took this photograph out of the window. IT came out horrible, and I can’t understand why in the viewer it looked so much more clear and distinct.

Felt a bit down again then.

I thought I would pan and start prepping the meal for later. Cut up and seasoned the belly pork I got from Aldi yesterday, into the crock-pot. Used some Light Soy sauce in the water and added some onions to it. Put the baked beans in a saucepan and small potatoes in one too. A splash of balsamic vinegar in both pans. LAter I chopped up some tomatoes and added them to the beans.

The chap from above started his knocking about again.

I got on the computer and finished off yesterdays Inchcock Today. I had a lot of Emails, so I went through them.

Then onto WordPress Reading.

Out of time to do any Facebooking or graphics. Had to rush and get the ablutions done in time (I hope) to catch the bus.

All went well, and I was on my way to the bus stop in plenty of time.

As I poddled down Chestnut Walk, this lorry was backing out of the building compound. This was one of the smaller trucks and shows the difficulties they have in getting into and out of the delivery area. They have to drive to the far end, behind where I was, to get to the only space big enough to turn around in and back up the Way to escape the place. How those dirty-great Ready-Mix Cement lorries get in and out bellies believe.

Resident May, was at the stop when I got there. Gave her a nibble-bar and we were soon joined by a few more folks. A chinwag was interrupted when the bus arrived. I caught the L9 outbound along with eleven other tenants, all of the others dropped off in Sherwood, and I carried on to Daybrook to alight and go into the Sainsbury Store.

Where an embarrassing incident took place. I was trying to get done quickly and only needed Smoked Fish, Surimi, Dessert and potatoes. I thought I might catch the next bus back to the flats if I was quick enough.

Luckily the store was not very busy.

Straight to the fish counter and they only had two pieces of smoked Cod Loin, and I asked for the larger of the two. I distracted myself by asking the lady how long I should cook the slightly thick tasty looking lump of fish. Then to the prepared fish counter and got two packets of Royal Surimi, then the veg section and got some small potatoes, one of them being expensive only available at Sainsbury’s, Anya variety. On to the fridges and got some Lemon Meringue Mousse desserts. All done in no time it seemed and off to the checkout.

When the bloke asked me for £17.54, it shook me a bit, but I had not the time to investigate then, as I had to rush off to the bus stop.

Got the bus in time and settled to have a look at the receipt. That piece of fish had cost me £10.14! Tsk!

When the bus got into Sherwood, many other tenants got on, and we had a bit of a laugh going up the hill to the apartments. George, May and I started to walk to the block after a few words were exchanged with some tenants getting on the bus.

I lagged behind again, and they were off ahead. But waiting for the lift had delayed them, and I caught up as they both were getting into one.

Got in and put the food away. Did the Health Checks and took the medications, had a wee-wee and got the kettle on as I got the fodder cooking.

The belly pork looked right, well all of it did as I got it served up in the bowl. But it didn’t taste like I had hoped it would, although I#ve had many worse efforts. The pork was the worst tasting thing on the plate. Cooked soft as I had expected, but tasteless.

I got the pots washed up and settled into the £300 second-hand recliner with a ‘Rumpole of the Bailey’ DVD on to watch.

Around 2000hrs, I fell asleep and had a dream, a long time since I recall having a nightmare. I was back on the water, the steaming water in the fog, dirty water. Not a wooden one this time, but a coracle; that leaked continuously but did not sink. Mist all around. Faces, people would appear through the haze now and then, glide over to the boat and stick a hypodermic needle into it, no aggression was shown, they smiled as they stabbed… Oddly, I felt I knew each one of visiting spirits despite my not recognising the faces. I think I dived out of the boat for some logical-at-the-time reason? Despite my fear of deep water and inability to swim. Hey-ho!

I’m so glad I had scribbled the notes of the dream in much better than regular hand-writing because I can remember nothing of it now. Well, apart from the water and fog.

Woke 0000hrs and must have made the notes, because they are here on the pad?

Drifted off again without any hassle.

TTFN each.

6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Friday 27th October 2017:

  1. You are not as worthless as Floccinaucinihilipilification, but I think I know the feeling. The only value it can claim is being the world’s longest English word. Good to hear your blood pressure is down. Tasteless pork bellies are a real shame.

    • It’s horrible when I get in this state, but I bounce back eventually you know, a bit like the missus used to. Hehehe!
      I’m hoping to get the belly pork right today Sir. I’m cooking it in Wine Vinegar in the Crock-Pot. (Crossed fingers on that, Haha!)
      I hope things are going well for Laurie, the fluffies and yourself? TTFN thanks.

    • It was an odd one, my flower.
      I am amazed at how sometimes I make notes in the night, others not and at times I can remember a lot about them, mostly not though. Hope that makes sense?
      Can you recall your dreams? ♥

      • Oh yes, see what you mean gal. Nightmares do tend to stay with us more, I’m afraid. Tsk!
        I keep a notepad at the side on the Ottoman. Sometimes I write bits down in the night, can’t remember doing it, but there they are in the morning. Immposible sometime to decypher due to me bad handwritting, though. Hehe! TAk care. XXX

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