Inchcock Today – Monday 30th April 2018

Monday 30th April 2018

 Punjabi:  ਸੋਮਵਾਰ 30 ਅਪ੍ਰੈਲ 2018

0215hrs: I decided to give up trying to get any sleep. Then nodded off!?!?

0415hrs: Woke with a start, bits of memories of a dream milling about in the grey-cells, made some notes of them.

Had to extract my old overweight body from the £300 second-hand recliner, and go for a wee-wee. Being up, I did the Health Checks first. Quite a change this time again, but in the right direction methinks. Made up last weeks record to take to the surgery on Wednesday.


7Sun34bMade a brew in the small mug. Took a picture of the sphygmomanometer with the results for this morning, showing. I used the old little Nokia camera, and it shows in the quality of the photograph. I wasn’t having any Shaking Shaun moments either, I just made a right blurry mess of it. Tsk!

1Mon05 I got the computer on and consulted the scribbled notes about the dream. Surprisingly, I could remember other bits of the morningmare while reading what I’d written on the notepad earlier: I was working on an old British Railways Central passenger train, kept losing passengers and throwing others out of the carriages. Annoyed by their unruly behaviour. Next second, I was in an open market buying a fruit and veg stall to find all the stock was mouldy and trying to sort out with suppliers to get replacements, but they would not sell to me? Then, back on the train; trouble with the gas lamps in the first-class? Searching for matches – then back to the market stall and found a train line ran through the middle of the stalls… all very confusing and a goulash of anger, frustration and passion came into it then. There, serving at another booth, was the most beautiful woman (I did know her in real life, many years ago) and I could not get to her. Every time I walked around the alleyways I ended up back on the train and could see her out of the window, but the train pulled away… arguments with travellers… I got back to the market hours later to search for her, every time I got near I needed a wee-wee and could not find a urinal for ages… and the whole rigmarole started over again! Hey-ho!

I made a start on updating the Sunday Inchcock Today when I got summoned to the Porcelain Throne. I couldn’t remember passing anything at all yesterday, so I prepared myself for a haemorrhoid tearing session. Needlessly, as it happened. The evacuation went surprisingly well.

Got the Sunday post finished and posted off. Then began writing this one.

1Mon05 I realised I’d made an error in one of the page headers, and set about getting it put right again in CorelDraw.

Off to perform the ablutions. Again, things were not as bad as they have been. Haemorrhoid Harold had only the tiniest amount of bleeding, and he was not too painful or stinging. Cleaning and medicating the lesion, once more, was far less bothersome pain-wise. It always worries me when things seem to be; not-as-bad or even improving for me: the EQ and history told me not to get too excited!

1Mon05 A good shower and shave, the shave revealing that the blotches had now returned to the face and chin this time. Humph! I wonder what’s causing it? Put some cream on and rubbed it in the skin.


1Mon030825hrs: A quick Hoover over the carpets. Herbert upstairs started clattering a bit at the same time. I hope he doesn’t think I was retaliating. Took the bags to the waste chute.

Then set off to the temporary Oberstrurmfurherssess HQ and Social cabin. The Willmott Dixon lads were out and about and busied this morning.

Got to the hut, and said my good mornings to the Wardens Julie and Deana. Received a reprimand for not doing my monthly wrist-alerts battery checks with Nottingham City Homes control. I begged forgiveness and promised to do it when I got back from shopping. Hehehe! We did larf!

Many tenants in the hut and few good gossiping sessions ensued. Some of the gals mentioned the blemishes that were lingering on my mush. Penny was as twinkling-eyed as ever. Roy did not look too good today. I hope he’ll be alright. Welsh Bill was in top form, shooting the quips and sarcasm’s out at will. Poor Will, Hehe! I am a fool!

The general consensus was that skin ailment is a new allergy of some sort. If the blemishes are still appearing on Wednesday, I’ll show (Not that I could hide them, Hehe!) to the nurse.

Out to the bus stop. Plenty of residents were waiting out there, and moaning about the cold weather. For it indeed was chilly this morning, with a biting wind to boot!

I caught the Bestwood bus to Arnold. By the time we got through Sherwood, I was the sole tenant on the bus.

I dropped off opposite the Wilko store. Crossed the road and went in, to get some more of the liquid soapflakes, while I was out, and save me having to go out get some more when they are needed. I ended up getting carried away with the shopping again, and filled the 1Mon04little carrier bag, with the flakes, Air Wick citrus fresh-air spray on off at £1.50. Yoghourt covered peanuts, a bag of walnuts and some jelly babies and nibbles for the social and raffle on Thursday.

I wondered up Worrall Avenue to Chambers the butcher to have a look to see if they had any of their home cooked belly pork slices on sale. They did, but they were really fatty, so I didn’t 1Mon05get any.

I weakened and visited the Boyes store.

I bought a bottle of the Zoflora Citrus disinfectant at £2.69, a fair price I thought. Some Magnesium tablets to fight the night cramps, a packet of six Milky Ways to use in the nibble box at the social hour.

I called in the Savers shop next door for a nosey around. Blow it! This shop had the Zoflora Citrus on show selling for less than Boyes, at £2.50 a bottle. Hey-ho!

1Mon06I walked on to Front Street and made my way to the Asda (Walmart) shop. And did get carried away again, and ended up with the big carrier full of some heavy gear that I purchased. Huh!

A bag of large potatoes. Two trays of sliced potatoes in seasoning,  brown onion and a bag of sliced red onions. A parsnip and turnip. A pack of sugar-snap peas, some English tomatoes. Three x six bags of the cheese snaps. And two tins of curried beans. Another £12.72 spent in total there. Asda was surprisingly busy for a Monday.

1Mon07As I was leaving the store, an alarm sounded somewhere, and a security guard appeared. No idea what it was about or had happened. But he nearly walked into me in his haste.

None of the pickpockets or shoplifters showed any signs of interest in the alarm.

I left and made my way up to Hight Street to catch the L9 bus home.

1Mon07aFor a couple of minutes, Reflux Roger had a go at me, I had to put the bags down until the hard to breathe attack finished. Which only lasted two minutes at most, and Roger Reflux didn’t bother me again?.

I’m having a right confusing and baffling day with the ailments, but not complaining.

When I arrived at the bus shelter, I had ten minutes to go before the L9 was due.

1Mon07bLuckily for me, I was concentrating reasonably well at this time. Else, I might have missed the bus. For it arrived at a high rate of knots, five minutes early!

We’ve not seen many of the regular drivers on the L9 route for a week now. This young chap, who sped along, kept having to stop three or four times on the way to try and keep to the timetable because he was driving so fast?

In Sherwood, five of the other tenants got on. Welsh William and Gladys amongst them.

1Mon07cWhen we arrived at Chestnut Walk at the apartments. Welsh Bill shot off into the cabin, I assumed he was in the same mode as I was; in desperate need of a wee-wee. Haha!

The construction lads were energetic and were getting on with the new Extra Care building in between the two old blocks. It looks like they are working on roof erections now.

Got in and had a marathon-length painfull wee-wee.

Then sorted the purchases and out away those not needed to today’s nosh.


1Mon07ePrepared the meat and vegetables.

Cut up the pork shoulders into small pieces and got the veg chopped and all into the crock-pot. Added the following seasonings: Balsamic vinegar, pork gravy in the water, oregano, onion-salt, a splash of Maggi flavouring and got the lot cooking on high for half an hour, then turned it down to the low setting.

1Mon08I got on with updating this diary.

It was so cold now, in the flat. These storage heaters do not hold enough heat if you want extra quickly.

I checked on the crock-pot, all looked to be coming along fine. Off for another wee-wee and washed me and returned to the kitchen to make a brew.

1Mon09I got the dressing gown on to counter the flipping cold.

The blotches were still there, but maybe a little less prominent now.

Back to the computer for three hours, with the odd wee-wee or two taken. Tsk!

I could smell the crock-pots, and it was an inviting one.

I went in to check on it and put the sliced potatoes in the oven.

1Mon05  then 1Mon05 again!

I’d overfilled the pot, and it had spilt out over the counter! Had to clean the mess up, and… 1Mon05 burnt the back of my hand while doing this!

1Mon05 Then, I realised I’d not turned the oven on! I may burst into ululating in a bit!

Worked on this diary until the oven heated enough.

Got the sliced spuds in and had a taste of the stew… 1Mon05 Red hot – too spicy for me. So I had to take more liquid out and replace it with boiling water.

I am feeling clapped-out, weary, frustrated, woebegone and a right schlemiel!

I’m now waiting for the final recumbentibus, its bound to come! And then I’ll start crying pathetically I think. Hehe!

1Mon10Got the meal prepared.

The pork and veg stew that I had all the hassle and Whoopsiedangleplops making, turned out to be a coincidental unplanned recherché surprise; a rare accidental mélange that I enjoyed very much indeed. I gave this one an enjoyment rating of 9.46/10!

As I was placing the fully cleared of food bowl and tray on the armchair, I thought I heard a knocking. So I dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner and had a look around.

1Mon11I found a Nottingham City Homes – Willmott Dixon leaflet had been put through the door, with the message:

Please will you let me know if you still require a visit from the joiner to:

1: Install base threshold to sliding doors

2: Install plastic strips to sliding doors

3: Require attention to skirting boards

And the scariest, most frightening bit: “Let me know if you still require the Plasterer to visit.” Hehehe! Obviously, I do need a visit, but the nightmare of the last work done has left me concerned and scared to death at the thought of another attack… I mean, visit.


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I can’t muster up the heart to do much cleaning nowadays, knowing there is so much more work to be done yet. I’m dreading the electricians coming to sort the new alarms, communication system and the dreaded sprinkler system.

When I had the bathroom converted to a wet room, the man who came to do it all on his own was here for about eight days in total. He did a magnificent job, and could not have made less mess, his efforts were much appreciated. A hero!

The electricians came to fit the power box, and the two of them were here for about half-an-hour and left more mess and damage than the fitter did in doing the wet room in eight days!

The very thought of them grafting away in the flat and doing all that working all over the place, pipes as well, etc. leaves me anxious and apprehensive already. Nervous too, after all the mayhem I’ve suffered at their hands!

I washed the pots and had a wee-wee and back down in the recliner. Dozed-off and woke withthe feeling that I might have left the hot tap running for a third night, and had to disentangle my limbs from the £300 second-hand recliner and to the kitchento check. Ah, got it right tonight, the tap was not running! Haha!

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