Inchcock Today – Tuesday 1st May 2018: Incorporating photos of Inchcock’s Hobble around town


Tuesday 1st May 2018

Haitian Creole: Madi 1ye me 2018

0315hrs: Upon my experrection, and it was the complete opposite of yesterday, I knew I’d been dreaming but could not remember any facts about them. Just a sense that they were of a disturbing nature.

The ailments were in a good mood with me. I disentangled my misshaped rotund flobby body from the £300 second-hand recliner and limped into the kitchen to attend to the Health Checks.



Made a brew and laid out the medications ready to take.

The readings looked more in line with what they should be again.

Off to the wet room for a wee-wee, short and sharp this time. No long marathon, but it was a little uncomfortable and tingly; if that is the right word?


Back to the kitchen and took the medications.

The blotches on the head and face seemed to be easing off a bit too, although still there, they are not as vivid as on Monday morning. I seem to have acquired a yellow tinge?

I made another mug of tea to replace the one that had gone cold, taking the first sip of it, and butter my butt and call me a biscuit; I had to go to the Porcelain Throne!

A long, drawn-out session, very messy. Much cleansing to be done afterwards. I a[[lied the much needed Germoloid cream. Wiped the surfaces and contact points with the Dettol antiseptic, and back to the kitchen.

2Tue03Where I made the third small mug of tea this morning, both the first two went cold! Tsk!

I stood drinking, looking out through the bottom pane of the kitchen window. Seeing the Copse out there, I decided, as it seemed to look dry now, too have a wander through and up the beaten path within later, to satiate my nemophilist tendencies.

2Tue02fI heard one heck of a noise, that seemed to have come from the hallway area. It sounded like an elongated crunching noise, similar to stones being crushed?

I took a good look around but could find nothing that I thought may have been the cause of the sound.

Too early for the workmen chaps to be doing anything yet at 0700hrs?


A few curses, bangs of the head on the wall, turning on and off, and it returned. Humph!

I had a go on the WordPress Reader. Then commenting. Then went to get the ablutions tended to.

2Tue04Sorted the three bags of recyclables and waste rubbish bags and took them to the waste chute.

Set out to call at the Wardens Hut to see Cathy.

The morning looked and felt nice and warm, with little wind about.

The tree copse still looked a little thin on the ground. I hope it will blossom out and thicken later. Got in the cabin, and no one else was in. At first, I thought I might have got the timing wrong. It has been known, Hehe!

Obergefrieteress Warden Julie was in the office, and I asked her about the leaflet about what still needs doing in the flats. She rang Cath, but she is not in today. I’ll call in tomorrow on the way to the blood test methinks. Providing I remember of course.

2Tue05The place filled up with residents after a few minutes. Much laughter and gossiping ensued between them all.

As I left to join the others who had all abandoned me Haha!, out at the bus stop, I took this photographicalisation of the Winchester Court block of flats. They are really getting on with this upgrading, now.

2Tue06I caught the bus into the City Centre.

On Hockley, they are and have been for many months now, getting the old Woolworth site prepared to start building something or other in its place.

A Sold sign is now up on the site boarding, whatever it is.

2Tue07I got this picture while the bus shot passed the Victoria Centre.

I think the sunshine might have cheered up the unemployed, street performing, shoplifting, Nottinghamians this morning.

For the usual scowls and depressed stares, were mostly absent as I looked around.

2Tue08I got off the bus on Queen Street and walked down and through the Slab Square.

There were plenty of Nottingham Pavement Cyclists buzzing about.

This one had just cycled down Friar Lane and onto South Parade the wrong way and then cut onto the slab square over the tramlines. I decided not to photograph any more of them, for there were too many of them, 2Tue09and I was getting dirty looks from some as I took this picture.

I crossed over South Parade at the tram stops and made my way to the Poundland store to see if they had any of the Pork Farms pies on sale.

I had a hobble around the place. And ended up, purchasing too much stuff.

A pack of three small tins of baked beans, three multi-packs for the nibble box, tins cooked beef in gravy, and some Stilton and Leicester cheese flavoured min-cheddars.

2Tue10Paid-up on the self-serve tills.

Left and walked down to St Peter’s church and pictured the bell tower and clocks.

WDP03a As I did so, a bloke on his mobile walked into the back of me! He apologised and helped y pick up the bag he’s knocked over and put the items back into the carrier with me.

2Tue11I made my way up the Flying Horse Walk shopping alleyway.

There is an art gallery on there, and I had a perusal of some of the stuff on sale.

This painting, about 15″ x 15″ in size was, to my mind, a little childishly done. But, the shop was asking £249 for it. Blimey!

WDP03a 2Tue19A little further along, I called in ‘The Cheese Shop’, because I espied some appetising looking Melton Pork Pies inside.

See what cost me? Fiddlesticks, begorra, goodness gracious me, stone the crows, chuffing heck and Well, fancy that! £4.25!

Humph, what a gullible boy I am! I just hope it’s worth it when I taste it later!

2Tue21I walked up South Parade and got to the end of Clumber Street. I stood under a tree and prevaricated deeply!

I was shilly-shallying now; should I visit the Jessop camera shop and purchase myself a new Lumix camera or not? I pondered on the fact that I didn’t really need one – I could manage with the Nikons I already have, the old tiny one for using when out and about and the new powerful one to use when at home and there is less chance of anyone stealing it? I began to think favourably about this option.

Then, I thought of the Lumix that has died a death on me, and all the beautiful shots I’ve taken with it and how it is easy to carry around in my pocket. I swayed and pontificated about the fantastic view-finder built in and how much easier it is to see things with it… Yea or nay? After a little more traducing with myself, I decided to buy the camera after all.

I went into the shop, and a young lady approached me to see what I wanted. (Although after I managed to escape her clutches, I put her actions down to being more of the nature of ‘How much can I get the old git to spend!’)

Did I want the extended three-year-warranty? Me: No thank you!

I can do you a deal on a five-year warranty if you like, for only… Me: No thank you!

Do you need an SD card for the… Me: No thank you!

A case for it? Me: No thank you!

A tripod, we have some… Me: No thank you!

A spare battery, always a good idea to… Me: No thank you!

A strap? Me: No thank you!

It can accommodate an External Flash, for only… Me: No thank you!

We have camera bags on offer at… Me: No thank you!

At this stage, the girl was beginning to look nonplussed, and slowly she accepted that her efforts were futile. I think she actually thought my determinate was worthy of some 2Tue12amerit, and took my money and wished me a good day.

She looked drained after her best efforts had failed to get me to spend more dosh, the poor gal did.

I think the growling I thought I heard as I walked out of the door, was in my imagination. Hehe!

I was unsure if I’d done right or wrong in spending over £200 in one go, but walked down onto Long Row and took this semi-moody 2Tue14effort.

I started to hobble up Queen Street on my way to the bus stop to catch the L9 bus home.

The eateries did not exactly have a roaring trade. However, the coffee addicts shops were doing alright.

2Tue15Halfway up the street, I took this effort of the Council House dome and Little John’s clock. Not too bad, considering I used the tiny Nikon camera I suppose.

The lone Christian singer was giving it some vocals at the speaker’s corner slab. He’d got some Far Eastern fans taking his photo and recording him on video today.

2Tue16I had some to wait for the bus to arrive.

So I walked up to Upper Parliament Street, turned left and went to the top of Norfolk Place and took a photo down the hill.

The building on the corner down the hill on the right, are University student one bedroom flats. They are £162pppw, (Plus £12 electricity) inclusive of electricity, water, rates and contents insurance. I don’t know what the ‘pppw’ stands for, though? Can anyone help, please?


I watched the traffic and let my mind wander a little about nothing until the bus was due. Caught it to go home. The neighbour chap from two flats away got on with me, and we had a chat en route. I discovered he also worked at Pork Farms and he told me many incidents he saw, good and bad. It was enjoyable listening to him.

I got in the flat and went for a wee-wee. A painful one, Tsk!

2Tue20Putting the purchases and the chaps putting on the insulation to the outside wall kept appearing and disappearing.

They responded to me thumbs-up anyway.

I got on to updating this load of rubbish. Took me ages to get done with all the pictures I’d taken on my trip to town. Had a few wee-wees as well.


When I went to do the Health Checks, the sky looked so amazing, I took three photos of it. Using the new Lumix, with the battery from the old model. Then I got the new battery into the camera and got it on charging.


Got the sliced potatoes and added a few bits of grated cheddar cheese to some of them.

Off for another wee-wee.

Meal prepared.

Not a bad one either, apart from the £4.26 Prok Pie. It’s only redeeming feature is that it had a decent amount of jelly in it.

Overall an Enjoyment-rating of 9.1 was awarded.

I got the TV on, in the hopes of falling asleep.

WDP03a Suddenly out of nowhere, Craig Cramps attacked the left hand and wrist with some venom.

I got the medications taken, with an extra painkiller and a good rubbing in of the Phorpain gel, and then did the Health Checks done.

WDP03a Then the brain went off on one of its getting more and more frequent rambling dereistic thinking patterns. Keeping up with sorting reality from dreams, hopes and fears from each other was impossible. How long this went on for I don’t know, the next thing I recall is waking up at 0315hrs in the morning.

At least I got some rest in of sorts. Humph!

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    • I thank you, Sir.
      I suppose I should have worked that out myself really.
      I claim my lack of education is to blame. Hehehe!

  1. Urg! Hand cramps are the worst…except for leg cramps.

    One fun thing about your blog posts is seeing the legendary Nottingham as it looks now. Of course, Robin Hood still exists in our time, though the flow of loot goes up to the rich instead.

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