Inchcock Today – Saturday 12th May 2018

Saturday 12th May 2018

0340hrs: Stirred into life, and gently pandiculated while awaiting the brain to join in my hopes and dreams in acquiring the necessary awareness, to grasp the needs of the day and plan ahead.

Within seconds the newly procured ailment pains in the chest and around the left armpit were stabbing away at me as I took in involuntary breaths. (As the morning aged, these got far less frequent, I’m glad to report).

But, there was little acuity within the grey-cells. No signs of nocturnal nibbling or somnambulating having taken place.

As I got out of the £300 second-hand recliner, and stopped wobbling and gained some balance and confidence, no idea what I was about to go to do, though. Sad innit?, I felt the trickle of dampness down below in the PPs. Even sadder! Hehe!

WDPac The need for the Porcelain Throne arose at the same time. I fumbled a bit as I hastened to the wet room, Dizzy Dennis had not done with me yet. But, I did manage to avoid any toe stubbing en route. Evacuation and medicationalisationing and cleaning up all completed.

I was feeling a lot better now than when I first woke up.

The kettle switched on, and I went to get the slippers…

WDPac But where were they? After a few minutes probing and searching in the recliner room without any luck, I checked the wet room, not there either? And, I was sure I’d taken them off as usual when I settled in the recliner last night, and there were, as I said earlier, no signs of nocturnal nibbling or noctambulation having taken place? After what seemed like an hour of investigating and thinking I was going bonkers; I found them in the airing cupboard with the clothes… Why, when, how and what for? Got me beat this one!

WDPac An added puzzlement produced itself when I took the slippers out to put them on, the right one had a pen in it! Aliens? Ghosts? What a Meshugener!

Bemused, I went to do the Health Checks.


6Sat05The pulsation rate had gone over the top again, by a fair margin, it’s not reached 100 all week.

My not knowing what the new ailment is being caused by, I took an extra codeine 30g and Ramprilil, not understanding if I’d done right or wrong, really. Hey-ho!

I realised at this point that I’d not had any visits from Craig Cramps last night at all. It’s been months since this has happened. Is there a link twit this and the new pains?6Sat07

Heck of a thirst on me this morning, I made another mug of tea and got the computer on to update the diaries. I can inform any tea-drinkers out there, that the Extra-Strong English Breakfast tea bags, taste great, and they are delicious! They need a little longer to brew, but Mmm! Great! Oh, they are expensive to buy. Oh, I got a load of them from Morrisons when they first started to stock them, and they were on offer. Gone back up now, Tsk! But I’ve found some own label Breakfast tea bags in Marks and Sparks, which cost half as much, but are not so strong, but okay when I use my mini-mug. I’m waffling again, sorry.

Got the photographs from yesterday and those done already this morning into CorelDraw for formatting. Then began on catching up with the Friday post.

WDPac As soon as I started writing, the Grammarly add-on informed me I was spelling neighbour wrongly? As I wrote and it again stopped me when I wrote centre, I realised that somehow or other, Grammarly had changed my settings option to American English from UK English. But it took me ages to find out how to set this right. I just could not remember how or where it was in the programme. Klutz!

I ended up finding out I had gone to the right place first time but had not highlighted the American English to get into the options for other languages. Double Klutz!

6Sat08Went to make yet another small mug of tea. And took this photographicalisation of the early morning Tree Copse – Bootiful!

Pressed on with doing the diary work for Friday’s lamentations, ululations, moanings,  and grief-stricken Whoopsiedangleplops. Hehehe!

Hello, the new stabbing pains are right under the left arm now! They do get about a bit! Haha! Not complaining yet though, they are still far less often than yesterday’s attacks.

And, as well as and besides that; If Arthur Itis keeps giving me a break as he has been doing for last few days, I’ll feel obliged to write a threnody or even a soliloquy to him. A touch of silly imbecilicness there, sorry!

I got the two medication pots emptied, washed rinsed and left to dry on a kitchen towel on the window ledge, the one with the cuts chips and holes left in it, during the upgrading of our Concentration Camp, process.

Herbert above doing a bit of banging about up above. But it is the weekend, and he is always worse then noise-wise. It didn’t last long though. Still, as the Nottingham City Homes Management told me, he is doing nothing wrong, it’s his hobby. Oh, no, they also told me not to put anything said between NCH staff and me on my blog, I forgot that for a moment, I’ll cross it out. Sorry.

6Sat15Off for another wee-wee, not surprising with all the tea I have the craving of today. Wonder why?

It was a little windy, and I could feel it coming through where the walls were plastered last Thursday, both left and right side of the window.

More expense to put things right after the onslaught of the upgrading works. New carpets, curtains, holes to pay someone to fill in for me… No! Naughty Inchcock! Stop moaning!


The medicinal pots had dried nicely. So I set up next weeks doses while they were handily placed.

I got the nosh prepared for cooking, then into the crock-pot.


Chopped up the parsnips, tomatoes, red onions, gherkins, orange peppers and beef and mixed it with the tomato and mushroom pasta sauce. Seasoned with BBQ granules, balsamic vinegar, caramelised gravy granules, onion salt and a drop of lemon juice.

After I’d looked up the weather forecast for this week, I began to feel a little… erm, what’s the right wording? Sorry for myself and my astoundingly rotten, sick, dreadful, awful, terrible, frightful, atrocious, hopeless, inadequate, inferior, unsatisfactory, laughable and depressed making pathetic, lousy luck!


I had planned to get out again to the tropical house in Woodthorpe Grange Park. And on Wednesday I have at least an hours walk to the City hospital for the blood test. I have to go there this week because the doctor’s surgery people again forgot to give me an appointment. (Sherrington Park Medical Practise – I recommend you give them a miss if you are looking to sign on at any doctor’s unless you are a sadist of course). Of course, rain is only forecast for two days out of the seven, both the days I have to go out!

With this, the mess to sort out in the flat, the new ailment and Herbert again knocking and banging away above me, I find it hard not to get feeling down and pitiably sorry for myself at times. Humph!

I took a panoramic shot of this beautiful view out of the kitchen window.


Blow me, Herbert’s started clanging about again now! I wonder if I could take up playing the flugelhorn or euphonium in a brass band and practice my hobby every day?

Many hours later, I got caught up to here with this update.

Went to the WordPress Reader page. A comment perused and answered.

I put together 34 of the political page headers and posted it off to WordPress.

Then went on CorelDraw to create some more for later. Did this to the accompaniment of Herbert above.

WDPac Came to update this again, the WordPress options had gone back to U.S. English. Had to put it back again, third time today! Damn thing is still doing the spell-check for US English! I’m peed off!

The crock-pot mixture should be ready any time now I think, just tasted it, the vegetables still a little longer. It’s had about five and a bit hours, I’ll give it another hour more.

6Sat25The casserole whatever it is called was just fine. An enjoyment rating of 8.9/10 given.

Got the pots washed and settled in the £300 second-hand recliner in search of sleep.

I tried everything I could think of to nod-off.

Watched the TV, tried reading, then watching a DVD… but nothing would ease the mind from its fretting, worrying and analysing.

Last time I noticed, when I got up for a wee-wee, it was 0100hrs gone!

The best thing, was that the sharp chest/arm pains had not bothered me for hours. Yeehaa!

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Saturday 12th May 2018

  1. Isn’t it amazing how the rain knows your schedule? I like the preparation of food shot. Do you know the song “99 Luftballons” (99 Balloons) by Nena? It was released in the UK in 1984. Here’s a version of it I’m calling 99 Whoopsiedangleplops:

    99 Whoopsiedangleplops

    If you have the time to see
    the aliens have a song for thee
    about 99 whoopsiedangleplops
    always tripping Inchy up
    If perhaps you’re thinking about a mishap now
    the aliens have a song for thee
    about 99 whoopsiedangleplops
    and all the things that come from such a thing.

    99 whoopsiedangleplops
    on their way to torment Inchy
    you think they involve UFOs from space
    send Herbert’s steam machines after them
    Sound alarm poor Inchy’s down
    lights flashing too much to bear
    only 99 whoopsiedangleplops…

      • All your’s to use. I woke up to balloons passing over the house this morning, so all your whoopsies made me think of Nena’s song.

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