Inchcock Today – Sunday 13th May 2018: A miserable, Whoopsiedangleplop Infested Day. Grumph!

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Sunday 13th May 2018

Finnish: Sunnuntaina 13. Toukokuuta 2018


0430hrs: I woke, (Late for me, but I did not get to sleep until around 0100hrs as I recall), believing I was still dreaming for a moment or two. Cause in the dream, I was in a sewer of some kind, being chased by ghosts, aliens, and robots, every time I found an escape hatch and climbed up it into the daylight. Then I saw myself laying in a hammock, bed, pile of leaves or whatever, where I woke up again. The location and form of bedding changed each time. This seemed to go on forever.

I extracted my full, podgy pilgarlic body out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off into the kitchen to make a cuppa and do the Health Checks.


7Sun03The Sys had shot up, and the pulse had detruded down to 79 from the 100 recorded on yesterday’s morning Health Checks?

Had the shakes for a short while, I was concerned at first, but they stopped within minutes this time.

The wind was blowing in through the cracks and gaps left in the new window frame.

7Sun02In fact, it was uncomfortably cold throughout the apartment this morning.

Had a long, drawn-out, slow painful sprinkling like wee-wee.

Fetched the dressing gown from the other room and got it on sharpishly.

Whoosie3W001a Then, I just had to absquatulate back to the wet room with some urgency, for another annoyingly, tingling wee-wee.

Once again the tea had gone cold, so I made another and returned to the main room to get the computer started.

7Sun01 Whoosie3W001a Class One-A+

The light was not any longer on in the room, I didn’t remember turning it off. I went to turn it on at the wall switch, to find it was already in the turned on position.

Whoosie3W001a Dangnations! The bulb had blown, yet another one bites the dust. This failure makes about five that have died on me in this location this year. And it was an expensive one too! I retrieved a sister bulb; I bought two of the same type last time. Fetched the step ladder and set about trying to change the bulbs.

Whoosie3W001a I struggled a bit balancing on the top ledge, but got it swapped over; then got myself down taking the fast route and bypassing the steps down from the platform on the ladder.

Gave my right shin a good bang on the edge of the steps too, as I ended up in a somewhat hideously deformed, mangled and ugly mishmash of limbs and flesh. Landing partly on the Ottoman, and rolling off of it onto the carpet, clouting my head against on the legs of the £300 second-hand recliner.

Getting back upright from this position, proved to be a comical, farcical and quisquose task.

If it had been during the week, when assistance would have been on site, I would have pressed the wrist Health Alarm, and asked for help. They could easily have summoned one of the Hauptscharführeress Wardens, to ask them to call and give me a hand up. But, this being the weeke7Sun05nd, with no none on site, I did not want to bother the Nottingham City Homes Control; because I felt they would have reasonably called for an ambulance to attend, and I thought this was not necessary.

Which, proved right as it happened. (Smug Mode Adopted – Hehe!)

Eventually, after grappling with the challenge of the ‘getting-back-up-again’ manipulations, I manoeuvered7Sun06c myself upright. But it took a lot of pain and effort. Hehe!

I got some cream on the head and shin.

Then had a look at the base of the expired light bulb.

It looked to me like there was some green and brown mould around the contact points?

Back to the wet room for a wee-wee.

Made another small mug of tea, I still hadn’t managed to drink one yet. Tsk!

It was 0740hrs by the time I got to updating yesterday’s post. Darnwangle! The WordPress was checking my spelling and grammar in American English again, of its own accord!

I did some WP reading and answered the comment.

Then made a start on this blog. Got up to here, then went on Facebooking, but it was slow so, I visited CorelDraw to do some TFZer graphics to use later.

1045hrs: Feeling a bit groggy, so I did the Health Checks and sat down in the chair for a while.

7Sun39Got the meal done early.

Bit of a headache coming on. Did the pots and had a wee-wee

Nowt to fret about and Herbert was giving it some clout. Sat down and nearly passed-out. Snuck some poetry in there. Haha!

Got the Health Checks done.

TV on, feeling drained for no apparent reason, just sort of just lay there absorbing none of the Tommy-Rot being aired on the television, with the odd mind-wanderings’ delving into so many subjects, thoughts and frustrating things in life… Still awake eight-hours later… Tsk!

2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Sunday 13th May 2018: A miserable, Whoopsiedangleplop Infested Day. Grumph!

  1. You need to get a bulb changing stick. That step ladder is way to dangerous. Nicely arrange meal.

  2. “Bulb changing stick”? A new one on me, Tim.
    I shall investigate at the hardware shop, and online when I get back from my trip to Melton Mowbray Market, today.
    Hope to get some decent photographicalisations, as long as Shaking Shaun does not visit me again. Hehe! I’ll try to take one of Jenny and Frank.
    Cheers, Tim.

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