Inchcock Today: Sunday 10th June 2018


Sunday 10th June 2018

Sudanese: Minggu 10 Juni 2018

0340hrs: My expergefaction, suffered from confusion between the somniativeness and actuality. Causing me some confused reality, for a short while, a state of paramnesia I think it is called.

A welter of vague yet complex memories of the dreams I’d been having mingled about in my brain. Yet I could recall no details of any of the many thoughts I think I’d had overnight? Just emotions, mainly frustrations, jealousies, and fears. I reckon that possibly Noisy Herbert from the flat above might have crept into one of the nightmares. Because I was positively thinking of him, well, the noise he makes in my muddled-mind-melee of machinations.

It took a while for things to become real, the vagueness to leave me.

WDP02C It helped me to regain reality when I trapped my burnt finger-end from the Whoopsiedangleplop last night, in the £300 second-hand recliner as I attempted to escape the seat’s oh so comfortable clutches. In fact, it was only the hassle from burnt fingers, and Reflux Roger (Although Anne Gyna joined in, later on), that was giving me any bother this morning.

The Health Checks were completed.



The reading were all similar to the last few days.

Although they have been a little up and down in comparison to the day before’s readings in the Sys, Dia, and pulse.

A much better session, I think that Trotsky Terence is easing off now and giving me a break. Which I found most welcome and appreciated.

7Sun02The view outside caught my eye, and I went to get the camera and took this shot through the window, facing North.

I had to pop to the Porcelain Throne in between doing the sphygmomanometer tests. I had clean up after the evacuation, and am pleased to report that the fungal lesion was bleeding for less than at the same time yesterday. Good!

7Sun06c I returned to the kitchen and got the next week’s medication pots made up.

Only dropping one tablet and one capsule as I did so. Smug Mode Adopted. Haha!

WDP02C Then, I did a bit of a silly, daft Whoopsiedangleplop!

I did the hemadynamometer Health Checks again. Why you ask? So do I! What a nitwit I am, unquestionably!

Got the kettle on to make a tasty brew of English Breakfast tea.

7Sun01The temperature on the thermostat on the kitchen window ledge showed 71°f, and the widow had been ajar overnight, too.

WDP02C. I dropped the small mug as I was taking it towards the kettle. I couldn’t believe it, but it did not break when it bounced off the kitchen floor – and I caught it on its first rebound back up! Yet another Smug Mode adopted!

Started to update the Noise from above ridden, Saturday diary. This took some time, but eventually, I got it completed and sent off to WordPress.

7Sun07WDP02C Then, I decided to get the vegetables prepared and into the Crock-Pot. Chopped up some turnip and mushrooms. Ahem! The blood was nowhere as bad as it looks in this photo, I squashed the finger to make it look worse in my quest for sympathy. Only joking, Hehehe!

Then I podded some fresh garden peas. I say fresh, many of them had gone mouldy, so they had to be sorted carefully. Huh!

Got them in the pot with some brown sugar, vinegar and onion salt.

Began updating this diary next, got as far as here, and went to the WordPress Reader section.

0940hrs, now. No noise from Herbert yet. He may have gone out shopping?

I went on to Facebook, hoping it will not mess me about this time. I was alright, now it is sticking again. Grrr!, no, I’m not to a Grrr, maybe a flipping heck? Haha!

1125hrs: Herberts back at it, crunch, bang.

Moved on to creating some Blog Page Header graphics.

1445hrs: Got a few made-up.

Sat down cause I wasn’t feeling too bright.

Tried reading, but concentration was a struggle with the tap-tap-grinding noises from above.

7Sun38Got the meal sorted and served-up.

Ate the nosh to the odd accompaniment of a bang, tap-tap or whining noise from the flat above.

I ate it all up, not a crumb left on the empty plate.

Took the medications.

Tired as I felt, sleep resisted me.

I got the TV on and managed the odd nodding-off for a few minutes. Being woken by the tap, crunch grinding noises. Even with the headphones on I could hear them.

7Sun39Got up to get a drink of orange juice.

And realised I had forgotten to use the slow-cooker contents, the mushroom and peas in the meal. At least I had turned-off the crock-pot.

Horrible time with no getting off to sleep and the odd clang, bang or scuffling coming from somewhere.

I lay there in the semi-darkness, feeling temperamental and uneasy for ages before getting off into the land of nod?


2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Sunday 10th June 2018

  1. At least you got ate all your meal through the bumps and grinds above, and despite the various whoopsie of the day.

    • That’s true Sir.
      Not so good at the moment, not ill, just under the weather.
      Poor old sausage! Hehe!
      Hope things alright your end. Bit of rainless weather coming here… they say.

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