Inchcock Today – Friday 7th September 2018: Marathonesque hobble today! Oh, my poor feet now!


Friday 7th September

Icelandic: Föstudagur 7 September

0125hrs: The instant I woke, I felt fit and active in brain and body? (Worrying innit?)

Needing a wee-wee (Too much fresh clementine juice last night?), I hastened to the wet room. No Accifauxpa or Whoopsiedangleplops on the way either. ( Haughty, pompous mode adopted!)

Whoopsies A somewhat strained, uncomfortable evacuation later, I went and got the Health Checks completed. What a change again! Every reading was up on yesterday!


Got the kettle on for a mug of tea, just got it poured out, and the Porcelain Throne summoned my attention. Back to the wet room. No time for reading the book today either, another wind-splurt and done routine. Had a wash and a search for any of the Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad biting beetles. Only one spotted?

Back to the kitchen. Again, only one weevil spotted in there too? This lack of Ironclads has left me a little ferdrayt.

Wax2I made a start on updating the Thursday Diary… and… Bet you guessed it?

The dang internet went down again! Argh!

I pottered about, sorting a cupboard out for a while.

When I returned to try again, the net was working, but oh, so slowly. Grumph!

Got the post finished at a struggle. Then went on TFZer Facebooking. But had to give up, when things started to stick and go funny on me.

Made another brew and made a start on this blog. Incidentally, I am now typing glob in error for a blog. Just thought I’d mention it, like.

Got up to here on it, and decided I’d get the teeth and shaving done, then back to the computer. And at 0800hrs, I could use the shower without disturbing the neighbours.

5Fri002Back in a bit, I hope.

Collated the rubbish bags and tied them up to take them to the chute on the way down to the foyer on my way out.

Whoopsies What was it was saying about the Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad biting beetles… Only one spotted? Tsk!

Showered and got all ready and done.

5Fri003Out into the street, and hobbled along Chestnut Way.

It looked at first like a bit of the kerfuffle at the end of the road. But it wasn’t, a lorry was being unloaded, or loaded up. I imagine they are doing it early in the day before it gets busy and the buses start running?

Whoopsies The plates-of-meat 5Fri014and Hippy Hilda were soon in a bad mood with me. Especially the poor feet and toes. Blimey, I’d only gone a few hundred yards.

Ah-well, a good walk is needed!

I ambled along, no need for any rushing about, nothing today is timed or pre-arranged, and it is early yet.

As I turned down Winchester Street, Caroline from the Care Home was coming up. We had a natter, and I gave her a choice of nibbles from the bag.

She is losing weight, and the Doctors need her to gain it – I am the opposite. We had a good laugh anyway, between us.

5Fri004The suddenly came out strongly as I plodded down the hill. I turned to take this photograph on the right. In hopes that it might turn out to be a moody picture.

Looking at now, I realise it didn’t come out as I had hoped it would. Another unsuccessful effort. I’m getting gooderer at doing these lately. Haha!

I found myself in pain with the plates, yet walking faster than I can usually hobble? And, there was no rush? It was inexplicable to me too.


Up the hill and down into Carrington.

As I had just took this picture of the traffic on Mansfield Road, and the white car ran into the back of the van.

Arrived at the Sherrington Park Medical Practice, and bravely approached the receptionist. Another new one!

I asked to confirm my appointment for the Warfarin blood test this week. She wrote it down for me; Tuesday 11th September at… 10.07hrs. A bit precise I thought?

Whoopsies I then told her of my trouble in getting the used Enoxaparin needles disposed of safely. I explained that I’d called Carrington Chemist and the lady told they do not accept them. So then called at Boots in Bulwell, and they said they don’t do this service, I was to try the branch in Sherwood. Which I did, and was told they don’t so this service either, I must take them to my Doctors surgery. I then called at Lloyds Chemist and was apprised that they don’t accept them either. I visited the other chemist in Sherwood and got a negative from them too, they also told me to return them to my Doctors. So, here I am… “Just a moment…” she consulted with the other receptionist a minute, returned to me and said, “No, we don’t take them!” Nonplussed again!

I unwillingly thanked them for their help and left to call into the Carrington Chemist, to once more to see if they would take my used Enoxaparin needles and dispose of them correctly and safely for me. This resulted in the staff and pharmacist having a heads-together powwow. I didn’t need my EQ to know that they were not keen on the idea. In the end, the girl returned and said… ‘Yes!” Bring them in when you collect your prescription!” Well, that was no bother! Hahaha!

5Fri07Outside and continued my marathonesque hobble towards town.

A Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist was not keen on my photographing him. Well, I was not to keen on being hit by a cyclist on the pedestrian footpath! Git! (At least he didn’t hit me with his bike or knuckles) Fair enough, the traffic was busy.

5Fri08But that does not warrant his belting by, close to people.

By Gawd, the plates-of-meat were getting bad now, and this slowed me down no end, not that going slow is any problem for me. Haha!

The sky suddenly went dark. I don’t know why cause it brightened up seconds later?

5Fri09As I approached the traffic island junction, near the college, the old brain started to reminisce about days long gone. I mused over the night lessons I went to at the college in the 1960’s, to take the Grocers Institute Exams for Elementary, Primary, then Advanced courses. We had to demonstrate we could, bone and slice bacon. Identify various cheesed without tasting them, even tell cooking fat from lard. Package teas, dried fruits, sugar, flour, biscuits etc. Cut tub butter and pack properly, know the origin of certain teas… all that sort of stuff, that is so useless to me now! Hehehe!

Got a bit of a shock when I got to the traffic island.


I saw a police car! Honestly! But, during the whole day out, I didn’t see any actual policemen at all in town or on the way there or back!

5Fri11I got up passed the Rock Cemetary, down the other side and veered off into Huntingdon Street and limped down, feet now in almost agony.

Then, the Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist in this photograph, came within inches of hitting me, coming from the back, he swerved in front of me as he avoided the chap in front, and was off in a flash.  But, of course, it didn’t bother me!

. And blow & bother they had some of the hoisin pork ribs on sale! Unfortunately, I had enough fodder in stock, so resisted getting any. I got some biscuits for the nibble box, a pint of milk, some small potatoes, to oven bake rolls and Frikadellens. I didn’t really need them either, I am a fool!

I paid the chap on the till and made my way across Huntingdon Street and through the Victoria Centre and around to the Regent Street (I think it was) Clinic.

There is not a lot I don’t mind telling about (Too much some people tell me), but I prefer not go into detail over what took place at the examination. Suffice to say I came out feeling relieved it was over, after the quisquose procedure, feeling a tad embarrassed. But, it had to be done. I should hear the results in about a week they said.

I had a wander around the streets of the City Centre, knowing I had plenty of time before the L9 bus was due.

5Fri016Whoopsies I’m afraid I spent too much time window-shopping and got to Queen Street too late for the L9 bus.

So, I got on the 40 route bus. Which was pretty brave of me, actually. Cause I know it is uncomfortable in the extreme, and always busy, packed with Nottinghamians. Haha!

It was too. Had to use a side-saddle seat. And 5Fri013the bloke in the disabled seating next to it trod on my right toes… Twice!

Eventually, I made it back to the flats in one piece.

Mayhem abounded with the traffic and the same lorry, I think it was as there this morning? No, I’m wrong again, this is another lorry. Sorry.

5Fri015Had a laugh with the lad in shorts as I passed him by, mounted the non-existent sidewalk, around the back of the lorry. I’ve nicknamed him ‘DelBoy’. Hahaha!

Got in and had a wee-wee.

Put the nibbles in the box ready, and purchases away.

Did the Health Checks and got on with updating this blog.

Three hours later, I got the meal sorted out, which took about 45 minutes overall.

5Fri35Got the meal served up at last.

A reet-feast of meat tonight. The pork ribs (Frozen ones I bought from Iceland) this time was tasty. I had to use the bacon up, cause it was a couple of days past its sell-by date. (Honestly!)

A 9.42/10 Flavour Rating for this one.

Then, did the Health Checks and into the £300 second-hand rickety noisy recliner. This time, although the TV was one, I drifted off within minutes. Ah, nice!

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Friday 7th September 2018: Marathonesque hobble today! Oh, my poor feet now!

  1. Hmm. Food containers scattered about upon wakening and no recollection of having a late snack before falling asleep. Serious “splotches” on the windows but no explanation or evidence of source. A manifestation of beetles from hell that barely is touched by beetle death traps. I’m beginning to fear your palace in the sky was built on top of an Indian burial ground, as improbable as that seems….

  2. Your route is another good lightning strike-like image. You create the lightning path in super slo-mo. That’s nice you encountered a pavement cyclist to satisfy the angst and emptiness of being out a few times without any close encounters of the PCT (pavement cyclist type). You get a real sense of Koyaanisqatsi when even the usual pesky things are missing. Nice documentationalizationing along your route. Great looking meal.

    • Haha! Thanks, Tim.
      I like the PCT.
      Out of balance, is just the right description for how things are here at the moment, mate. Hussle, mayhem, uncertainties and with an increasing anti-sociality, I sense growing.
      So glad you liked my efforts.

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