Inchcock – Tue 7 July 2020: INR results, Enoxaparin injections needed again. Ah, well!

TFZers Marie and Inchcock

Tuesday 7th July 2020

Japanese: 2020年7月7日火曜日

02:45hrs: Woke, worked my abdominous, pot-bellied torso, and dangly thin limbs, free of the wabbly recliner, wobbled over to the bucket for a wee-wee.

A bit of a marathon job this one was. But it had a new cloudy-bluish/grey hue to it, which was a first for me. Hum? I wonder if the seedless red grapes I had last night might be to blame? The loud annoying ‘Hum’ accompanied me, as I whistled and counted the cracks in the ceiling while I waited patiently for the LDSSM (Long-Dribbling-Spraying-Splashing-Marathon) style wee-wee to end. Then a little longer. For the diabetes-inspired, insipidus Post Micturition after-dribble, to be over with. Try saying that when you’ve had a few bevvies! Haha! At least it was painless!

I passed a blast of involuntary wind and the resulting pain from the rear end, felt like the new furunculosis, are getting a little bigger now. Not that I can do anything about it. I’ve got a queue of medical things that need doing, and am waiting for the various departments to get permission to open again.

  • The Dentist for Toothache Thomas, two fillings and an extraction needed, at least, I reckon.
  • The Podiatrist to bleed the ankle impostume, and get the toenails cut.
  • The Audio centre to open so I can get some batteries for the hearing aids.
  • Diabetes ‘training to cope’ lessons to start.
  • The year overdue Cardiac Check-up on Metal-Micky ticker to be done.
  • The optician to open again, and get some new reading glasses, and ask if he can do anything, lens-prescription-wise to counter the effects of Saccades-Sandra.

As I carried the GPEB (Grey-Plastic-Emergency-Bucket) to the wet room, then to the kitchenette to be emptied, washed and disinfected, I all but dropped the flipping thing.

The right-hand little finger knuckle is so painful at times, others no bother at all? There is no swelling or bruising, but the bone seems to be getting a tad more extensive, and firmer, well, it feels brittler. And the digit is moving away from its brothers for some reason?

Ah, maybe it knows about Social Distancing? Hahaha!

Got the kettle on, and took a snap of the morning view from the deadly, near-lethal ungettable at to clean new window.

I made a brew of Thompson Punjana tea and left it to cool down ao as not to bother Toothache Thomas too much.

Got the health checks started with the sphygmomanometerisationing. The results look good again.
Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters played up as I was taking the thermometer out of the earhole, I kept pressing it several times without realising it. The stick gave a proper reading this time, in Centigrade, I think. 32.7°c. I reckon this is a good result too. I think that’s about 90°f. Fair enough?

Took the morning medications, and off to the wet room for another wee-wee. A marathon leak again. The legs looked thinner than ever, yet somehow misshaped? The knees were fatter.

Spotted some welts on the tummy. No idea what caused them. Got a wash and wiped the contact surfaces. Then collected the tea, and back to the front dump, er… room, to get Computer Cameron going, and make a start on updating the Monday diary.

I got the four-pronged walking stick at my side on the right, with the long picker-upperer hung on the top of the stick. The waste bin to my left, and started of by doing a graphic on CorelDraw. Then two thoughts to use later on.

It wasn’t long before I was back in the wet room, having a wee-wee again.

At least it didn’t last so long this time, and it had turned to an orangish shade.

Ah, I seem to be working my way through the rainbow lately. Haha! Well, a bit of fun does no harm. Does it?

I started the new potatoes in the crock-pot. Added a little soy sauce and fish vinegar to flavour them a tad.

Got the updating finished. Sent the link off, then went on the WordPress Reader.

Then the danged Liberty-Global Virgin Media internet went very slowly suddenly. I expected the worst, and another failure again, but, a few minutes later, it returned without any actions on my behalf. Phew!

I set off to get the ablutioning done.

The feet and toes were giving me plenty of discomforting aggravations today, and I’d hardly hobbled anywhere yet, apart from to and from the front room to the wet room and kitchenette a few times! Granglespithowlations!

But on the plus side, Thomas Toothache was not as bad as last night. (I anticipate regretting saying this later, now!) I regret, the ablution session was back to normal again!

Ablutionalisationing Report: Painful but different!

  • By the time I’d finished and got dressed, I’d bent down and used the picker-upper so often, Back-Pain-Brenda had kicked off!
  • The teeth-cleaning, although far less painful than yesterday, involved dropsies with the toothbrush (3), Toothpaste (2) and the mouthwash bottle (2). That went down both times with the lid off. So, now I need some more.
  • The shaving was a tad farcical, too! Razors (4), foam can, after-shave (To stop the bleeding). Cuts (3).
  • Stubbed the toes moving the shower chair!
  • The shower-head went down first use of it!
  • On the bright side, it missed my feet and toes, and Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters came back to life after this incident! Yee-Haa!
  • I did get a little visit from Dizzy Dennis, though. Enough to ensure my having just one,  half-decent clout on the elbow from the grab bar, Tsk!
  • Getting dried off went well, no clearing of the floor cabinets things, dizzies, knocking against anything,  or loss of balance! Smileworthiness!
  • The medicationalisationing; Between Harolds Haemorrhoids, and the Fulton’s Furunculosis creaming, a fair amount of Arghing and Cringing was carried out.
  • Dressing: Ah, the one that caught me out unawares! I was getting a little over-confident, I think. As I was getting the PPs on, I pulled a tad too firmly, and torn them, falling backwards, and had a clash with the door frame. I lost! I can still feel the connecting moment, and there may well be a decent bruise to photo later.

I staggered out of the wet room, in agony! Hahaha! Went to make a brew of Glengettie and take another painkiller. Made up two more black bags, and took them to the waste chute.

Returned and got the mug of tea made. Took this photo of the rather foreboding morning skies, arrived on the computer to visit the Facebooking sights. Or, Facebooking sites!

 Getting on with this blog, and the intercom rang out. Aha!, it was Nurse Hristina arriving, so late I’d forgotten about her attending. So, I had an uplift in spirits at seeing her again!

She thought I looked a little bashed about (her words). I didn’t see the blood coming from the back of my head, not worth worrying about, only a tiny bit of it from the fall backwards on the door edge, I imagine. She was in a rush again, but I still enjoyed listening to her as she worked and chatted to me. Bless her!

Always sad when she has to go.

I got the oven on, warming ready for the fish in batter. To have (I decided), with the new spuds, can of garden peas, and fresh tomatoes. That’s the plan anyway. Did some more updating on this post, and got the fish in the kiln.

Prepped the nosh, as the rain poured down relentlessly. Oh, and the balcony door that locked on its own accord last month now does not shut-to at all. Another of the mysterious wonders of Woodthorpe Court: The Ghosts, Hobgoblins, Boll-Weevils, Aliens, Gremlins, Karakia-cursing entities, and hallucinations. Materialisations, poltergeist, lemures, wairuas, kehuas, manifestations that permeate, pass through the pores and interstices of space, through the time-continuum. Usually, without rupture or displacement within the building. To cause havoc, fear and frustration, as they dislodge time itself, in their aspirations and skulduggery, to complete their given them by Mephistopheles, instructions; ‘Let’s make life unbearable for Inchcock’ mission?

The nosh was a little bit different today. The tomatoes were edible for once, nice! The fillets were fine and crispy coated! The new potatoes had no bad, festering or marrots in them. (You can’t win em all, Morrisons’) The smart way that Iceland had created the hardest ever, teeth-damaging, cement-like cooked beetroot, was first-class! Suffice to set Toothache Thomas off again!

Overall, a 6/10 flavour rating. Which was just about passable!

Washed the pots, took the evening medications and was soon nodding off, sat in the £300, second-hand, c1968 recliner.

The Thought Storming began, so I put on a Boon DVD, and this seemed to dissipate the Thought-blasting. The first time this has happened. After a few nod-offs, waking again, rewinding the DVD, I drifted off into a blissful state of Sweet Morpheous!

The landline flashed and rang. Tsk! I somehow got out of the recliner and to the phone in time before it stopped ringing. It was the Anticoagulant (DVT) Deep Vein Thrombosis Clinic, with some not so good news for me about the Warfarin INR blood test results.

The level was the lowest its been in a long time, at just 1.3! I was back on Red-Alert! I must carry the Anticoagulation Card with me at all times.

The kind lady went through what Enoxaparin I had in hand and was careful to get me to read the details from the box, to avoid any errors in working out the dosages I’d have to prod myself with. She went through the dosage and asked questions about my health (that took some time to deal with, Hahaha!)

She was most understanding when Stuttering Stephany, annoyingly kept breaking up my answers. A kind and patient lady. Thank you, warmly M’am! This cheered me up and made the process so much easier to cope with.

The new immediate doses (I was writing them down as she told me), were; Tonight; One Enoxaparin Injection, and FIVE Warfarin tablets! Wednesday AM: One Enoxaparin Injections. And she is trying to arrange another blood test for me on Wednesday, so just the Enoxaparin Injection for now. Then the lady will contact me with the results and new dosages etc. for me.

I thanked her muchly and hoped that I could read my scribbled notes to get them recorded later.

I got the injection in the stomach done, then took the extra Warfarin.

Within minutes of taking the Enoxaparin sodium anticoagulant, the ticker began to race, which is usual and no worry. Other than it prevented me from getting to sleep. I was all mentally full of beans. If you know what I mean?


13 thoughts on “Inchcock – Tue 7 July 2020: INR results, Enoxaparin injections needed again. Ah, well!

  1. Whew! Such a day! Could the beet roots be anything but stone on such a day? I think not! You’d expect the tomatoes to be tasteless as well, though the grocer must have accidentally sent you some from their secret stash of edible, yummy tomatoes reserved for store management. Heads will roll!

  2. What a cast of characters today, accompanied by a panoply of pestilent pain-providers:

    Ghosts, Hobgoblins, Boll-Weevils, Aliens, Gremlins, Karakia-cursing entities, and hallucinations. Materialisations, poltergeist, lemures, wairuas, kehuas, manifestations that permeate, pass through the pores and interstices of space, through the time-continuum

    Those pores and interstices allow each botheration-bringing beastie to descend onto Woodthorpe Court, including those wairuas from New Zealand on ‘tother side o’ the globe. 🙂

  3. Billum, methinks, (although not often enough), time and distance are no bar to the baffling fermenting frolicking beings or entities that have targetted me from afar.
    I should have known earlier in life and been warned, you know.
    It’s a fact. When I came into this then not so bad world, and the midwife handed be in a pillowcase to dear Mother, saying “Here he is!”, who replied: “I don’t want it, (flicking cigarette ash on me) throw it in the Trent (local river). Validated a few years later by the aforementioned nurse.
    But did I learn anything by it? No!
    Since which, the trail of unfortunisms has continually flowed in my direction, huh, still they come!

    Still, can’t be helped!

    • You describe a sinister crime scene, one that cuts to the marrow, Sir. A deliberate delivery. I shudder on your behalf and curse that moment, understanding full well that this cannot exorcise the event but hoping that it communicates some solidarity among those of us still breathing in this strange world we inhabit in still witness.

      • Ah, a smidge of perspicacious profoundidityness you presented there, Billum.
        I understand that much of you imsiration comes from your education and abnegation of the degradation of mankinds humanity.

        I shallum now stab myself with the morning’s Enoxaparin, have a wee-wee, and get on with updating the diary.

        Perhaps a movement we can form… oh, shouldn’t have mentioned that word, got to rush off to the Porcelain Throne now.

        Worra life, innit?

        I insist on you taking care out there, please. I’ve got an old keyboard the furry-one can have to play with, and Custard Creams to celebrate with Lisa…

        Oh, must go… TTFNski

      • Thank you for the kind remarks, Inch. Quite right about the benefits and responsibility that critical thinking brings. Most genuine education requires one to unlearn all the blatant propaganda, you have to dump the trash and replace it with dour facts and unpleasant truths. Degradation and its partnering vice decadence must, as you note, be abnegated so that a focus on being humane is even possible.
        My family genes include a proclivity toward blood clotting (about 1.0 thicker than more normal people) and the arrival of Crohn’s at some point. My grandson was recently diagnosed with Crohn’s.
        Movement in the intestines happens — a possible bumper sticker there. 🙂 But that other kind of movement has been a part of my philosophy since the 1960s. The whole dark business of empires casting themselves as friendly folk is one such irritant.
        Lisa fancied a doughnut the other day and I suggested Custard Creams. Yes, the very thing you guys have in common — including the menu items you feature on this fine blog!
        Last November, we voted a State (Kentucky) governor (a friend of Donald the Mad) out of office. The present governor takes taking care seriously. Take good care of *yourself* and we wish you good governance. 🙂

      • Merci, Mon Ami.
        I like your style.
        Feeliong a tad poorly at this moment. But can’t be helped. In response to so much enoxaparin, in such a short time, I think.
        Taketh care you pair,
        Wish I could be there,
        But do not despair,
        Even with no head hair,
        My bestest wishes, I share!
        So, there!


  4. Inchcock, thank you for sharing your experiences and your humor. Other people, especially younger people, cannot know what life can be like unless someone tells them. Knowledge brings understanding. I admire your spirit, and I wish you to enjoy all the little moments of joy life can offer you.

    Thank you for reading my blog.


    • Merci, Mon Ami, Cheryl.
      Cheered me up reading this.
      Been a bad day today,
      But also I must pray,
      And without delay,
      That good fortune comes you way,
      Each and every day,
      Be lucky and happy, I say! ♥

      Thanks again petal.

  5. Thank you, Inchcock for writing the beautiful poem and good wishes. I am glad you liked the Hanging Out With Wild Animals books. Though they are written for young readers, I always thought adults might like them too. There are quite a few excerpts on the website and the blog. Take care. Cheryl

    • I thought the exerpts, no, excerpts (Tsk!), were worthy of old foggies like wot I am. But my reading days are over now.

      You wouldn’t believe how long it takes me to get a post done nowadays (Ailments interference) Hehe!

      But, I love doing them. And if anyone gets a smile out them, I’m tickled pink!

      TTFNski, taketh care. ♥

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