Inchcock Today – Wednesday 5th August 2020: A few suspirations expelled today!

TFZer Eve, at the Cool-It-Cabin ♥

Wednesday 5th August 2020

Welsh: Dydd Mercher 5 Awst 2020

23:15hrs: I stirred into imitation-life, still feeling a little giddy, and stiff in certain areas, and a headache from last night’s tumble in the kitchen. Then Colin Cramps kicked off in the left leg, oh, boy, was he in a bad mood! Eventually, he eased off, but it seemed like it took an hour, but was in reality about five-minutes I should think. Blanglebotherations!

The demand for the Porcelain Throne attendance came from the innards. So, I disentangled my overly-stomached body from the £300, second-hand, c1968, rickety recliner, caught my balance, got the stick, and off hobblingly to the wet room.

I soon forgot my aches from last night. As the evacuation started, then stopped part-way again, and I had to suffer the pain in waiting for the action to restart. It was even more painful than yesterday! Made worse, I think, by my forgetting to take a Macrogol, with the toppling-over Accifauxpa mayhem. 

I spent at least ten minutes trying to get solutions on the crossword book. Eventually, an agonising bit at a time, things were released, but it was so cringingly hurtful in doing so!

The carbuncle and furuncular affected rear-end parts were inflamed and tender. And Harold’s Haemorrhoids were stinging like never before! The medicationalisationing took ages to get done as well! Humph!

But, at least the evacuation itself wasn’t messy, bled a bit again, though. Cringleblastitt!

The arm I clouted last night, on my way down to becoming a crumpled heap on the kitchen floor. (Haha!) It is was worse this morning. In fact, the bruise is already clearing up.

To the kitchen, and I did the Health-Checks. The sphygmomanometer readings were about right, I thought. The temperature came out as ‘Low’. Then I sorted out the three look-alike little white tablets to identify the Furesomide so as not to take it.

Then a straightened things up of the mess I’d left from the Accifauxpa last night. Made a brew of Glengettie tea, then, I got on with updating the Tuesday post. Got it finished and sent to WordPress. Emailed the link, then added some bits to Pinterest. 

I attempted to get the kitchen in some sort of ersatz tidiness. But the right leg was playing up, Neuropathy Peter was tweaking and twitching.  I hope he’s not working up to launch another one of his involuntary, right-leg Neuropathic Schuhplattler dances!

So, I made a start on this post. I went to make a brew of Thompsons Punjana tea. I and noticed the moon still trying to get through the clouds, and displaying itself, it looked amazing. I went for the camera, but the planet had been cloud-covered by then.

It seems it’s going to be another loud ‘Hum’ day. It looks all over and coming from and going to all points of the compass. (I’ll word that again, it came out wrong methinks? Tsk!) The dreaded ‘Hum’, which is usually worse on one side of the building, was everywhere, and of a higher volume.

Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley started acting up, as I got ready to get the ablutions sorted, and I caught the thrice-bruised arm on the door frame as I entered the wet room, and had an involuntary careen to the right. I believe I might have muttered silently, something like ‘Oh, botherations’!

  • The teeth cleaning was done in a gentler fashion after I irritated Toothache Thomas straight away. Argh! comes to mind. (Two dropsies)
  • The shaving had too many dropsies to mention in detail. But, only one insignificant cut!
  • Moving the shower chair, I managed to clunk the toes on the metal leg.
  • The showerhead was dropped and retrieved, then I dropped it again!
  • I banged the multiple-bruised arm on the grab rail, Twice!
  • Dropped the shower gel bottle twice.
  • Getting out of the shower, I went to turn on the wall heater, and stubbed the same toes that hit the chair leg, on the raised seat metal support!
  • The towelling off, went well, with no knocking anything off of the cabinet this time.
  • The medicationalisationing process had several droppages, the Pile Cream, Germolene, Vasaline tin and Little Inches fungal lesion’s Ethamethasoneb cream tube.

I was vigilant and cautious when leaving the room, thus avoiding any more walking into or catching the door and frame! A Low-Degree-Smug-Mode-Engaged!

As I got out of the room, the damned ‘Hum’ was louder than earlier! Gragnackles! I made up three small waste and a recycling bag.

Got the empty glass jars rinsed out, and hobbled back to the wet room for a wee-wee, which turned out to be of the HPSUOC (High-Pressure-Sprinkly-Unexpectedly-Orange-Colour) style.

I set off out with the bags on the three-wheeled trolley, to the waste room. All the fire doors were wedged open again.

In the lift lobby, there were signs of the decorators getting ready to start work. I got to the room and put the small bags down the chute. Then waited patiently for the lift to arrive. A lady was in the cage and invited me to go with her, but what’s the point of rules? If it had been anyone from my floor, I have been tempted. Families can go together, and we on the 12th have nearly been cohabitating for years. Hahaha! I took about ten minutes before a free lift arrived, No rush, though. I got out and had a nosey at the notice boards, but couldn’t anything new or that appertains to me, on them.

Out into the fresh air, and had a stand, leaning on the trolley-walker guide, I just nosied up and down Chestnut Walk for a while.

Then I noticed across the road, an abandoned-looking three-seater sofa? I was curious, but not strong enough, twas but a velleity. I took a zoomed-in shot, for no particular reason.

As I turned to set off to the left, along Chestnut Walk, I got the third toe-stubbing on of the day. I got my foot entangled in the rear wheel of the trolley. Ooh, it didn’t half sting and made me jump! Humph!

I indicated a thumbs-up and asked the two highlighted- jacketed chaps, in a cheery, happy-go-lucky fashion, if they were alright. No answer or acknowledgement came in return. Maybe they didn’t hear me, it was a bit windy.

I wobbled along Chestnut Walk, surprised that there were so few tenants about, with the bus being due. No chance of me getting a chinwag in, then! Shame!

I picked up some bits of black painted metal on the edge of the grass as I went along, I’ll pop it in the bin on the way back. I’m sorry I did that, the bending set Back-Pain-Brenda off. Hey-ho! My spirits were waning now.

I got as far as the entrance to Winwood Court and saw the 40 bus at the stop. I decided there was no point in my going any further, so turned around and made my way to Woodthorpe Court. As I went to put the metal bits in the bin, I saw these two easy chairs, and realised they made up a three-piece sweet with the abandoned sofa! I’m quick, sometimes. Hahaha! Presumably, some yobs or travellers had been intending to nick the furniture and had been either spotted by someone or they found it too heavy to take any further? See that? I went straight into Sherlock Holmes mode then. Hehehe!

I put the bits I’d picked up in the bin, and got indoors and waited for the elevator. Malcolm, my bydweller arrived. We got a lift quicker this time. Of course, had I been on my own again, this would never have happened, it needed someone with a bit of luck and good fortune, that in this case was Malcolm.

I got in, and the kettle turned on. Although it was a natterless short little trip, being ignored, and pulling my back, litter-picking, I was in a bit of a chirpier mood now. I even began singing to myself, and I was ignoring the tap-tap, crunches, thuds and bangs coming from Herbert in the flat above. I wonder what model he’s working on making?

I got on with updating this blog for a couple of hours, then had to return to the Porcelain Throne. A certain amount of trepidation accompanied me to the wet room. The thought of the agony I might have to go through again, of dearie me. I hoped that the Macrogol and Senna tablet I took after the last Throne nightmare, would work.

The evacuation turned out to be far less painful, it just hurt this time. Haha!

Back to the computing, and ten minutes later the landline rang! It was the Anticoagulation and Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) service at the QMC (Queens Medical Centre) The nurse did a question and answer session with me. I was straight to the point when she asked how I was coping. There was a little intrusion from Stuttering Stephanie, but she was patient with me, bless her.

I was open, about the problems I’ve been having with the Warfarin taking, and mentioned how I suddenly become confused over things and so forgetful. I explained the problems with Nicodemus’s neurotransmitters, the tablet pods not having the medications, that look alike pills not being separated, my bad mobility, and the peripheral neuropathy being made worse by the stroke. I’ve no idea if she fell asleep or put me on hold, but she didn’t interrupt while I was in full flow, so’s to speak. Hehehe! For the first, she said she is going to speak with my Doctor about things. Not sure if that is good or not, but it can’t be any worse than the lack of communication I have now. Getting to the surgery is a physical nightmare.

Apparently, the target for getting patients Warfarin correct has been changed. (Hence this call?) She told me my record of in-line results, was 13.8%, the new target is 35%. Mmm! I do hope something can be done. By that, I mean I can get some actual help or assistance of some sort. I forgot to mention the sock-glide, Duodenal Donald, Diabetes Derek, and Anne Gyna! Tsk!

I’m not going to get excited or too hopeful, mind you. I thanked the lady muchly.

Now I’m not so perky. I pressed on with the blogging, and the front door chimes rang out Dusty Springfields ♫I only want to be with you♫ tune, and off to the see who it was. Unfortunately, I banged my right arm against the rooms door frame en route. I almost let out a Calliopean whine, but just managed to contain myself.

It was the postman, bringing forth a parcel and letter. I thanked him and got to the front room to investigate the letter. Getting mail, email or messages, always make me nervous until I find out what they are about, the nI can decide whether to panic or calm down!

The message was from the Doctors Surgery. I must telephone them, after 11:00hrs, to make an appointment for a flu vaccination. Pointing out the necessity and urgency, with the Covid-19 rise in contractees in the Nottingham area, and my being a high-risk classed patient. The appointment is to be made for either Saturday 3rd October or Saturday 17th October 2020. It added a change in procedure due to Covid-19: (Italics = my penn’orth added)

  • DO NOT come early to your appointment; You will not be allowed in the building until your appointment time. Only you as a patient will be allowed in unless you need a carer to attend with you. (Carer? Wots one of them?)
  • Due to the large number of patients attending, there will be no on-site parking (except for blue badges).
  • DO NOT ATTEND if you have or anyone in your household has a fever, a new cough, or loss of smell or taste on the day. Mmm!
  • Face Mask/Covering MUST BE WORN when attending.
  • Please be aware that our facilities, such as toilet and water fountain, are not available to use. Which will be interesting, considering it will take me an hour and a bit to walk there? Better take an empty bottle with me?
  • Please wear clothing which gives easy access to the upper arm. Will a tea shirt do? Hope it doesn’t rain!

This session is for flu vaccinations ONLY, therefore the Doctor/Nurse will be UNABLE to deal with any other treatment at the time of your appointment. Hopefully, nobody will faint or have a heart attack, then!

I’m feeling weary and fatigued suddenly. I’ll get some nosh made up, and see how I am then.

I enjoyed this Surami delight meal. 8/10.

I was doing the pots when the dizzies and confusion started. All a sort of vagueness until I was waking up in the morning.

5 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Wednesday 5th August 2020: A few suspirations expelled today!

  1. “Don’t. Don’t. Don’t. Pee your pants if you have you go Weeee. No tight, sexy clothing.” You might as well stay home. You have a ferrel couch in the parking lot? Don’t feed it! And a pair of chairs mating by the door? It looks like they are trying to do the reverse cowgirl position. The reverse cowgirl position has been determined to be an acceptable socially distant position for sex workers to use. And now furniture, also. What’s going on with your building? Is it turning in to a furniture brothel? I’ll send you some pterodactyl photos later. Great looking meal.

    • Dang diabetes inspired PMPD & PMAD dribbling problems, require cunning to avoid. Hahaha!

      Wonderful observationalistical, observationing there, Sir! Described perfectly, too! Made me larf! For the first time in a while. I thank you! The reverse cowgirl position, could or should get into the Covid-19 guidelines book!

      Furniture brothel? Hehe! You never know how much these comments cheered me up, mate!

      The phots arrived, Timothy, thanks again.

  2. Velleity (the lowest degree of volition, a slight wish or tendency) is another great word that I hadn’t known until reading it here — been doing it all my life but did not know that 8 letters identified it. 🙂
    Thanks much, kind Sir! (TMKS).

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