Inchcockski – The The fatigued faineant! Tuesday 8th December 2020

A TFZeress, at her garden shed ♥


Tuesday 8th December 2020

Italiano: Martedì 8 Dicembre 2020

01:35hrs: I stirred into life after a rather unsatisfactory two-and-a-half hours sleep. And the first thing I became aware of was that the worldwide ‘Hum’ was a little quieter this morning.

 The next thing gleaned was the need for a wee-wee. So the morning performance of getting my obesely, stupendously wobbly stomach burdened body, out of the £300, second-hand, c1968, cringingly-beige-coloured, not-working, rickety, incommodious, grotty recliner, which went fair enough. Catching my balance was a piece of cake, too. Grabbing metal-mickey and over to the OEGPB (Overnight, emergency, grey, plastic, bucket), another task that went well!

However, wee-weeing was a difficult task. After a long, long while, the flow started with the odd weakly-sprayed trickle and stayed that way until the bladder had had enough. Unbelievably, the Post Micturition Dribbling, carried on almost as long as the wee-weeing had? Ah, well, a change is as good as a rest! Well, maybe not in this case.

I now became aware of a new to me, noise! A droning hum, but not like the external one. I seemed to be coming from inside the building, close by, but above me. You can’t win here! Well, I can’t!

I went to get the medications taken. Not touching those in the not-sealed pots that I had gathered from the spraying all over the room when I opened then, as Matrom Jackie had told me not to do when she phoned me last night. I opened a pod-pack that had got the seals in place (Two trays had them, the other two had none). Bless Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, next to the pub, launderette, near the Lidl store.

When I did the sphygmomanometerisationing, I was certain that I’d got the wayward medications wrong! The Sys was the highest it’s ever been! A staggering 182! So, this is not good, but it’s a good job that the caring Matron Julie is coming to see me today, I’ll see what she says.

I tried to get my head around which of the medications I’d gotten wrong, easy-enough with the three same shaped and coloured one’s I take in the mornings. It’s not surprising that errors have been made, just look at the three aforementioned tablets! Plus there are still some missing from the spillage and scattering of the medications. I am not wee-weeing much today, and it’s reluctant, this indicates that maybe the Furesomide has been missed? The high blood pressure shows I may have missed a Beta blocker, (Bisoprolol)? Nope, I had to give up, it just got Conrad Confusion in a bigger mess than he was to start with!

I got the Harpin Xian Di Thermometer used. At least the temperature, was okey-dokey. The need of the Porcelain Throne arose, so off I trotted to the wet room.

Well, goods news from this session! Less painful, with minimal bleeding, and all over quickly! Not messy either! The cistern cleared everything in one flush, which considering the size of the torpedo, also amazed me! The first Smug-Mode of the day adopted!

I then took three photographs of the same area, the first one was in Auto Mode on the Nikon Coolpix B700 Bridge Camera. (A bit of bragging there, sorry, but it does sound as if I know what I’m doing. Hehehehe!

The second one down of the three was taken in the Aperture Priority setting.

The last one, I chose Night Landscape. The nearest of them to what the viewer showed, was the Auto Mode one.

No, hang on, I got that wrong, sorry, the middle one was in Night landscape mode… Oh, dear, my battle of resisting Conrad Confusion is being lost!

I got on with updating the Monday blog. With the unreadable scrawl on the notepad, through the late additions after I’d got my head-down, the photos and the attention pf Conrad Confusion, it took me far too long, but I managed to get it done without too many mistakes being made. Ahem!

I got the email link sent. Went on Facebooking catch-up. Visited the WordPress link, some great photos on there today.

Closed the computer to let it cool-off, and got the Ablutions tended to. I had to get the nearly, in case Matron Julie came early. (But she didn’t, she came very late! No point in moaning, she probably had to fit me in with the regular people she has to visit). Not that this will help in Sweet Morpheus seeking.

The stand-up ablutions went fairly well. About 15 dropsies in total. Only two shaving nicks.

A couple of knocking things of knocking-things over.

So not so bad really. The pins and plates didn’t look too bad at all. The ulcer was getting less flared, too.

Only Cartilage Cathy’s patellas looked, well, felt, worse than usual.

All done, medicated and deodorised my magnificent, manly, taut, desirable to women,  masculine, body. (Alright, alright, we can all get carried away at times, yer know! Hahaha!)

I did the handwashing in the bowl. Got it done, wrung and hung, to dry, above the kitchen sink.

Carried on with updating this blog, and the time flew by, without any signs of Matron Julie arriving. MY EQ tells she is going to come late after my head-down time. I just seem to be incapable of having any luck lately. I half expect her not to come today, Oh, dear, never mind. 

I got the dinner prepping done, to the accompaniment of Herberts, clunking and tap-tapping.

I put the left-over peas from yesterday, and cane of Chilli-Con-Carne in the larges saucepan. And made some gravy to go in the mix, too. Stirred it and tried a spoonful. After which, I bravely added some Chilli powder and Squid vinegar to it. Gave it another good stirring, tried a spoon of some more, it tasted okay to me.

But the gamble was in my having BBQ rice with it. I should wait until I get the Chilli mix boiling and add the rice to it then – but of course, I did all this without thinking about the nurse coming. So, I had to turn the heat off, or it will be ruined if Jackie comes too late in the day or even night. Now I was getting depressed, and I already getting tired through sleep deprivation and getting annoyed with myself. Pissed-off a bit, as well!

I had a look at the email Nottingham YourArea magazine. Amidst the knifings, burglaries, unlicensed and uninsured drivers, I found the latest Coronavirus figures chart.

On my usual, well, it used to be normal head-down time, the door chimes sounded, and Matron Julie entered the flat. A lovely feeling came over me!

She wanted to get the tablet cock-up details first, and I showed her the pill-pots and photographs I’d taken. She asked some questions, and I answered them all, in her usual professional manner. And she got on the phone to talk to the Carrington Pharmacy, 343-345 Mansfield Rd, Carrington, Nottingham NG5 2DA, next to the pub, launderette, near the Lidl store. She moved away to talk to whoever answered the phone in private, not that I could hear her anyway.

She told me to put all the tablets retrieved from the sprinkling, on the floor in a bag, and hand them back to the chemist, who she’s asked to replace the two unsealed trays for me ♥ Kind of her.

She asked some general and ailments health questions. When she asked what my BP was and I told her that this morning it was 182/81-P76, her eyes (I couldn’t see her face due to the black mask, Hehehe!) looked at me dubiously, telling that is way too high! I showed her the photo. I retook the reading as told to, and it had gone down to 159/86-P79. Julie seemed okay with this reading. 

We spoke about the problems, (I was getting a bit weary, and not everything of this chinwag sank in), and Julie departed, with my thanks.

I got the nosh rewarming, and served up. It looked good to me in the dish, and I settled to eat the meal while watching the TV. Oh, dearie me! It was horrible!

A Flavour Rating of 2/10, no, 1½/10! Eurgh! I’m never having rice with my chilli again! Spit!

A few spoonfuls after starting, I was getting up to throw away the meal. I packed it the disposal bags, but them in a carrier bag, and those into a black rubbish bag and sealed them up. So they would not cause a pong in the flats Or worse, they might have split open, effect and infect residents, and started a new Pandemic, the Woodthorpe-Court-Virus! Hehehe!

I had a bag of Frazzles (well three actually), and nibbled some nuts, turned the TV off, and lay there, waiting to be enfolded in the grasp of sweet Morpheus! Who, soon took over, drifting off into a deep but dream-filled slumber was attained! (vague memories of falling down holes in the ground?), but it was not to last for long, I sprang awake three hours later, the expergefactor, unknown! Blurblecrups!

14 thoughts on “Inchcockski – The The fatigued faineant! Tuesday 8th December 2020

  1. Julie’s eyes were right. You SYS was way high. Your lights in the night shots are wonderful. Too bad about your dinner fail.

    • The lack of fog and mist helped me I think, Tim, cheers.
      A big dissapointment that meal, Sir, one of worst ever – rice again… never! Hehe!

      TTFNski, all the best to (all the tellurians) everyone.

  2. Rice and chilli — 1.5 of 10. The lowest rating I’ve ever noted on IT, I must remember never to combine such unfortunate ingredients. PAAH!!
    I quite like the airplane on the third floor, a mash-up of no mean visual value — or the demonstration of extraordinary landing skills by a keen-eyed pilot.
    That BP 182 reading demonstrates your Sherlockian deductioneering in the identification of the missing medication. The Case of the Carrington Topless Case, by Erle Stanley: the Gardener.

    • The memory of that nosh still get to me, Tim, Erugh!

      That house with the plane, is in Texas. I got it form Google. Thought it was funny enough to use, glad you liked it Sir.

      I also like te Sherlock name, ‘ The Case of the Carrington Topless Case’, by Erle Stanley: the Gardener. Hahaha!

  3. Don’t these pills have makings? Here, they each will have impressed numbers and letters or both that are unique. The pharmacy labels the pill container with that information, too, as well as other information like color of pill and shape. In some cases, a different manufacturer’s product is significantly different in size, shape or color, and that can cause some concern and a call to the pharmacy, but they usually note the new prescription what the medication is “same as” on the container. On the other hand, better safe than sorry. Glad you had an option to sorting by yourself. It’s a pain when one has to do it!

    • These three mentioned, Doug, are all the same colour and tiny, so much, I can’t tell between them. Also, the chemist must shop around for cheaper suppliers, and they have slightly different shapes.

      Because of my shakes and neurotransmitters dying, they have been pill-podding for me, so I don’t drop so many. It’s a work of art, and comedy-film-making-worthy; watching me take the medications. I’m amazed I haven’t had any accifauxpas using the Enoxaparin hypo. Hehe!

      With my bad hearing, calling anyone is risky, I’ve made mistakes from hearing wrong so often, mate. So I email them – but never get an answer back.

      But it’s not working out well. I’m thinking of asking them to go back to the boxes. But then I think off all the time I had to spend making up my own pill-packs… confused and frustrated, I am!

      Hey-ho, a scritch or two from me for Andy.

      • It sounds grim. I prefer to email since I have hearing issues, too, but here there are privacy requirements that take emails off the table. So, they can call me all they want, but, as I’ve warned them, I probably will not hear the ringer or I will have my nap since my daytime and theirs is off by as much as from here to your country – a good seven, eight hours! It comes about because of my dialysis and my natural nocturnal habits.

      • I feel we have more in common than ever now, Doug. Hehe!
        THe lady who delivered there placement prescription medications last night, had a mask on, and I got in a pickle hearing what she was saying (sensibly had a mask on), asking for my her body language. Warden Deana has just rang them for me to clarify what’s what. I’b lost without her and Jenny.
        ♫Thank Heven, Dana & Jean, without them what would Gerry do…?♫ Cheers, Doug. Taketh care.

      • Yeah, I have a rheumatologist who is quite good but he speaks softly with a Chinese accent, which, strained through a proper mask sounds like “Mush-mush-blah-blah-mush.”

  4. Yes, my late mother had a saying, “I have to laugh about it or I’d have to cry.” The vicissitudes of age do have their humorous aspects. I think it’s the full indignity of things like the good doctor mumbling important things through his mask and me mumbling back something that he hears as acceptance of his orders that I won’t know about till he asks me the next time how things went when I followed those orders.

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