Inchcock: Saturday 12th December 2020:

If it’s not enough, I can slip yer a few quid, Pattie! ♥

Saturday 12th December 2020

Hawaiian: Poaono 12th Kekemapa 2020

23:35hrs: Well, well, well, as I woke up, what a dream and-a-half I recalled having. The first time in months, I could remember bits, some lucidly. So, I got the notepad and started to scribble down the details.

Disappointingly, the recalled memories were disappearing fasting than I could write them down. Spurgledamnations!

I had a wee-wee, washed, and got the Health Checks seen to. Sphygmomanometer SYS reading had crept up 2-points, at 158. The Dia four points to 80 and the Pulse was up 10-points to 95. It was a right merry-go-round lately.

The Harpin Xian Di (well, it makes it sound posher, Haha!) Thermometer temperature was exactly the same as yesterday’s was at 36.8°c.

I’d finished the HC’s, and had just made a mug of tea, then the first summoning to the Porcelain Throne arrived. The crossword book came out, as it soon became evident that this session was going to have the wee hours DESC (Daily-Evacuation-Stakes-Challange) won by Constipation Konrad, Trotsky Terence never got a look in, a 5-0 victory!

It was more painful than it has been than for a few days, took longer as well. Taking so much stressful effort to get things started. The plop-plopping told me it was of the meatball variety. They were of the hard rock variety, today. A bit of blood, but that was from poor suffering Harold’s Haemorrhoids. Unexpectedly, the cistern needed two hand-refills and three flushes to rid the evacuated product from the bowl. This does not bode well! But still, with things changing each time, you never know.

Had a good clean up and some medicating of the rear end, a wash, and back to the front room to take some of the Docusate Sodium for the first time. I’d already taken one of the Dioctyl® capsules, but I thought I’d try this medicine to see if it works any better, cause they ain’t doing much at the moment, to ease anything.

There was no way I could safely try to use the plastic spoon as instructed, with so many ailments that might affect my control while using the right hand. (Nicodemus’s neurotransmitters failing, SSS Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley, Neuropathy Pete doing one of his uncontrollable right-leg dances, Colin Cramps or Shaking Shaun) So many that can and do attack without any notice. Are they bothered?

Took these morning shots of the view.

I threw the now cold mug of Glengettie tea away, and made a fresh one, taking it with me to the computer. I had the updating of the Friday blog done in a short time today. I needed four wee-wees in the process, though. Made another mug of Thompsons Punjana this time. Then I Pinterested some snaps, went on Facebooking, that took a good few hours to get updated. Sent the link off on email. Read and replied to the WordPress comments, and had to return to the Porcelain Throne.

Well, at least it was something different this time. Trotsky Terence was making more of a fight of it this time, but not much. I’d say Constipation Konrad had won 3-1. Just as painful while it lasted, but it was a quicker starting and shorter-lasting affair, Phew!

The leg-ankle looked to be settling down nicely.  Apart from I think, some new veins starting to burst through.

I was coming out of the wet room after cleaning up and walloped my right shoulder on the doorframe. Nicodemus neurotransmitters let me down with the distance awareness.

Of course, it didn’t bother a stalwart like me. There was no cringing with pain or frustrations, or silent-swearing about the accifauxpas whatever… no gritting of teeth, or sloshing on the Phorpain Gel. Oh, no, nothing like that! Spittalisations, it didn’t half-crunch! Took an extra Codeine and rubber in some Phorpain gel, well. Tsk!

The lovely brown hue was coming in the sky, so I took these shots.

Went on the WordPress reader section, some grand photographicalisations on there this morning. Then did a start on this blog. Things were taking a lot longer now, with typing, and error making and correcting – the shoulder-charge had set off SSS and Shaking Shaun! Even Dizzy Dennis visited me occasionally, on one of his calls, he nearly had me out of the swivel chair, it was close. Ah, well, yer can’t win em all!

We’ll take it that I continued to have wee-wees every half-hour, it’ll save me in typing-time. Grobblenangles! But I’ll no doubt still mention them.

07:55hrs: The template making needs to be done, this will be a long job. I made a start with the ‘Thought’ graphics.

10:20: Got the Thoughts finished, then went to make a brew of Glengettie tea, yet another wee-wee, Oh, my good night! Another visit, number-three, to the Porcelain Throne needed! Off to the wet room, still, I can take my pee at the same time.

What a change, not totally mind, it still took an aeon to start, the cunning devil quickly started to evacuate, and stuck where it was. Yet, on the bright side, I did very well with the crosswording, I got just wanting one answer to get. I gave it my shot, but it was lost. The clue was ‘Question’, only five letters, and I had three of them: _ R _ P _. Sadly, after weeks of trying to finish this one off, I had to cheat to get it. How I didn’t get it in the very first place, I don’t know – I felt such a fool! Gripe – Humph!

After all that time, things suddenly activated from the rear end, oddly some splurging and a lot of liquid flowed forth, again, painfully. But it soon out and clear, well, not clear, it was the opposite of the first visit, and messy, very messy affair. Utterly different colour (Karki) and texture, and funked something rotten!  The cleaning up and medicating took ages, and the cistern needed three flushes again. Oh, not bleeding whatsoever!

The innards were rumbling afterwards, not before? This liquid constipation medicine is not going to suit me at all. I wonder if the dispensing pharmacist has added something to it? Hahaha!

Got a good scrubbing up, cleaned the furniture, and off to the kitchen to make the mug of Glengettie.

10:55hrs: Back on the computer, to at long last, to make a start on producing the templates needed. And, by gum, it turned out to be the most extended ever session I’ve done on the computer at home, ever!

A few breaks though, many wee-wees and even more Porcelain Throne visits in between. The third one came as I settled to make a start on CorelDrawing to create the graphics. A fight-back from Trotsky Terence in the DESC (Daily-Evacuation-Stakes-Challange). A 2-1 victory.

A proper messy affair! Slow starting again, then a burst and all over. Literally, me the bowl… Hehehe! Once again a mammoth cleaning up job.

11:10hrs: Back to computing and graphicalisationing. Hard at it, now!

I plodded on, mistake-making, but not so many as usual. Ahem!

15:00hrs: Stopped to make a brew and take the medications. Back to the computer to allow the Glengettie to get cold. Humph!

16:00hrs: I made another mug of Glengettie. And the third, or was it fourth, Porcelain Throne visit was summoned. This time, a return of power in the DESC (Daily-Evacuation-Stakes-Challange), to Constipation Konrad. I lost a lot of time waiting for the activity to begin. Howled, Eurghrd and grimaced a lot when it did move, and the blood flowed, and the piles pained… Argh! More time cleaning up and medicating needed. This slowed the brain down, and the concentration required for the mammoth graphicalisationing session was hard to obtain, now. 

I made another mug of tea, Thompsons Punjana this time, to replace the gone-cold cup. The evening sky looked marvellous in the sunsetting sky. So I got my Nokia camera and took… No, my Nikon camera, and took this photo.

Another blast on CorelDraw then made up the templates, I was well-weary by then, and a few hours later, made a mug of Glengettie (yes, the last one went cold again, Tsk!)

I took these pictures in a close-up setting of the scene before me from the unwanted, unlike, impossible to get to for a 75-year old, old fart to get at to wash, most annoyingly light and view-blocking kitchen window.

At long last, after my being up and struggling for about 16-hours, I got the templates finished, Ahhh!

I was all-in now, feeling so drained after the session on WordPress and CorelDrawing. I gave serious consideration to stopping doing these Inchcock Todays. It is just too much for me nowadays. 

I’ll do them up until Christmas, and then try something different not so time-consuming. Perhaps daily photos alone. A made-up CorelDraw fun graphic? A poem or Ode, occasionally? I’ll try to think it through. However, I think I may be too addicted to stop? Hahaha!

The ailments can be such a bind sometimes. The Peripheral Neuropathy, Nicodemus’s dying neurotransmitters, SSS, Colin Cramps, Shaking Shaun, and the often causing falls and injury inclined Neuropathic Pete’s right-leg dances, etc. not helping. Worse with the lock-down of course, can’t get out to see and talk to anyone. Although I have no right to complain about the stroke, with so many poor folks far worse off than I am, after having theirs.

I’m waffling again, ain’t I? Sorry.

I made up a nosh, Irish potato farls, tomatoes, German ham, Marmite cheese, an apple and a pot of lemon mousse. It took me ages to prepare this simple meal, but I didn’t eat all of it. But what I did eat, I enjoyed, a flavour rating of 7/10 given.

I think with the innards and bowel being all topsy-turvy, it’s just put me off eating.

I got down in the recliner and put the TV on. After nodding-off and waking so many times, I turned off the telly.

The Thought-Storms were absent tonight, that was a refreshing change.

9 thoughts on “Inchcock: Saturday 12th December 2020:

  1. Your ankle ulcer is not looking much better. Really nice set of night shots, sunset and afterglow. That was a little bet different meal.

  2. I like the Eye Eye out there on the horizon. Oy oy!
    Gripe wouid have escaped my guessing powers as well. Questioning something is one of my principal hobbies, does that make me a griper? Well, griping is also a fine hobby o’ mine. Hmmmm? Now gripe is reminding me of die Grippe (my great aunt called it The Grip).
    Gesund bleiben!

    • Cheers, mate.

      Your being a Questionalist (no doubt of the highest order), is a good thing, methinks, Sir.

      As a nipper, I was always asking questions – but got precious few answers from Dad, as I recall. other than… Fill the boiler, Fetch some coal in, lay the fire… etc.

      Still, yer don’t like to complain, does yer?

      I’ll do my bestest, Billum. Another relative has been hospitalied now. Still they plan another anti-locke-down parade! What’s going on? The end of the world – I didn’t think I’d see that! Hahaha!

      • I am a mix of Questionalist and Iconoclast. Lisa had a wretched combination of abusive tyrants at home, but she was fortunate to find good teachers at the right time. Odd that it was the other way around for me, we didn’t know just how great our parents were.
        I just found out yesterday that my brother and his wife caught the seven-day case of Covid and have just recovered. It does rankle me that the very persons who foment anti-masking marching and assault-weapon carrying in-your-face crowds get Covid treatments that are not available to those with lesser Cause célèbre. The White House announced getting first dibs on the vaccine, think I’ll go eat some cake! 🙂

      • You little rebel! Hahaha!
        After reading that state-of-the-Billums, I’m not surprised you need a drink.
        I’ll get one myself, too…
        Keepeth save!

  3. Whatever direction you want to take Inchcock Today is certainly up to you. I shall continue to read whatever format seems best and whatever timeline works at 72 Woodthorpe. 🙂


    • Damned decent of you to say so, Billumski.
      Conrad Confusion reigns, Sir.

      Mayhaps a win on the lottery would help, but the likelyhood of that is remote as I don’t play it. Hahaha!

      I hope that you both keep safe, I fear that things are not going to improve yet virus-wise, but pray they do, Sir.

      Keith, in Lehi, Utah, is not doing very well in hospital, his Sister informed us on the TFZ site.


      • “Decency is the best policy”
        — Billumski

        Billumski offers advice to a lottery-ticket buyer: “Somebody has to lose, it might as well be you.”

        My son’s best friend just told him that both of his parents have just been diagnosed with Covid. I always assume that *everyone* out there is a carrier — better odds of that than of winning the lottery! 🙂

        But may Keith beat the odds.

      • Mother was a gambling addict, that got so bad, she ran away to avoid debts, hence its me and Dad I mention more. Not a really bad woman though, she’s give you her last 6d… but it would proably be someones else’s. Haha! I’ve never really gambled.
        The goons who are objecting, really get to me.
        I’ll have a lok at Keiths sister stie for an update on Keith.
        Arrevui… arevouir… Cheers!

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