Intrusional Inchie, Monday 18th January 2021, diary

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Monday 18th January 2021

Croatian: Ponedjeljak, 18 Siječnja 2021

21:45hrs: I woke, wanting a wee-wee. But did not move. I lay there, my weazened brain immediately hyperactive, fighting with the thought-storm already in progress. Nonsensical, insignificant, it might have been, but topics serious and insignificant were fribbling away, to and fro, being ignored as the next one came forth.

Luckily for my sanity, the need for a wee-wee grew stronger, and the brain recaptured some control from the thought-storms and allowed me to tackle the task of tearing my Titanically sized stomached-body from the grasp of the c1968 recliner, and up onto my feet. Grabbed Metal Micky, and over to the NWWB (Nocturnal-Wee-Wee Bucket)

Where I was almost taken aback by the viciousness of the evacuation. It blasted out, but soon died a death and the PMAD (Post-Micturition-After Dribbling) was lengthy, the leaking continued for longer than ever before.

I got the kettle on, took the evening medications, made the tea, and got to the computer, started it going. Then, an internal explosion rumbled away, and before it had died down, I was making my way to the wet room!

A good job I did too! As I was seating my oversized body on the Porcelain Throne, the motion began, totally under the innards’ control. I did no urging or pushing. It wasn’t needed – until right at the end of the evacuation. The last dollop got stuck, talk about messy! I reckon I used about £2 worth of Andrex! Then the most valuable asset, time, was lost cleaning up again! Washed and sanitised things.

The Silver-Lining was that the cistern miraculously cleared the product in the bowl, with just one flush! Whoopee-Doo!

I got on the computer, and started WordPress, to get the updating of the Sunday diary updated. I was overjoyed to see that Grammarly was working again! I struggled with the concentration for some reason; however, the ailments were far less bother than usual, so typing was easier for me. A long job, but I eventually got it done and posted off to WordPress. Pinterested a photo or two, then emailed the link. Went on the WP reader, some great photography on there this morning.

As I was doing the Facebooking catch-up, I remembered that my favourite Vampire Nurse, Hristina, is coming this morning. To take the blood for the INA, DVT, Warfarin tests. That cheered me up a few degrees. I read and made the WP comments.

I got a bit of, well a fair bit of a shock when I took the Sphygmomanometer BP Health Checks! Not much!

The SYS had shot back up to 184 – DIA 76, and the alarming PULSE was down to 66! Blimus!

I took the rescued from the Pharmacists cock-up of not lids on the pill pots, and I had to guess which was which medications last night. Perhaps, guessing from these readings, I’d missed taking a beta-blocker, and took a Codeine or Furosemide, no that’s not right. I meant I may have taken two Beta-Blockers in mistake… Had I done this, then the Pulse would go down, wouldn’t it? I’m confused again!

At least the Chinese made Harpin Xian Di contactless thermometer came out alright, just a smidge lower than of late.

I had a look at the recorded results for the last week. The Sys is the highest it’s been for the week, and the Pulse is by far the lowest it has been? Then I sp[ottedthat yesterdays Pulse was a massive 91?

I’ll mention this to the nurse later, see what she thinks. Well, I am worried a bit now. Should I ring 111 and ask them what they think? Mmm?

Best if I get the ablutioning done early now, and at least if they do end me to hospital, I’ll be clean and dressed in readiness. ‘Good idea, Inchy’ – Huh, I’m talking to myself again! Hahaha!

I checked on Google, it said amongst many other confusing gumph; Generally, a resting heart rate of 60-80 beats per minute (BPM) is considered normal. Perhaps the 66 pulse is okay then? Don’t know what to do; still, I’ll get the ablutions done, I can try out the new razors, have a talk with myself, pass wind, and get all smelling nice! Even though it is too early to use the shower.

Put the Blue Made in Myanmar (Burmese), zip-up jacket soak in the bowl to soak while I was doing the ablutions. Off to the wet room, then.

Ablution Report: Again, no cuts shaving at all! The legs and knees looked good again, despite Cartilage Cathy playing up something rotten. You can see she’s not happy by the swelling patella.

A slight Whoopsie medicating the rear end dropped the tube cap and clouted my shoulder on the corner of the floor cabinet retrieving it. SSS is not happy with me.

Got the shirt rinsed and hung up to dry on a coat hanger above the sink.

SSS (Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley) shook a bit a few times. This made me spill a lot of water, and I had another lot of cleaning up to do. Luckily I had not dressed then, so avoided a bigger mess that needed sorting out.

Made up, and put some waste bags in the trolley carrier box, top, to take down later to the bins. I came across last nights dinner things on the tray, and I remembered falling asleep so easily last night, I took the things through to the kitchen and washed them.

It was heartwarming to see the cans of Chilli-Con-Carne and vegetables on the counter. A warm glow, knowing they should last me a while.

Then needed another visit to the Porcelain Throne. I hastened without delay, and once again, it was a good job I did! Once again, it was a super-messy evacuation, but I was not lucky with the cistern, that required a few jugs of water to refill the tank before things cleared. Tsk!

I took a photograph from the balcony, of the end car park on Chestnut Walk. I thought it looked eerie enough to be a worthwhile picture. Gawd, it was cold out there!

(Two photos today, for Ohio Billum, PPPFWP (Pulitzer Prize for Witty Poetry that Rhymes), and the RCMC (Red Car Monitoring Corporation) Head Honcho. Hehe!

I worked on this blog, and without much bother from Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters, either. Which was nice! Did a few hours work.

Made a cuppa, and ate some Pretzels. Returned to the computer, and another hour or so later, it was as if someone was putting lights on in the sky! The most amazing pinkish glow came over everywhere! I grabbed the camera and had a scoot between the two rooms nad windows to take these shots to capture it. It didn’t last for long, so I’m glad I caught it.

  I had a look at the Your-Area email magazine. They seem to be happy with the new Coronavirus figures? I can’t say I am.

08:00hrs: The Vampire Nurse shouldn’t be too long coming.

09:00hrs: The Vampire Nurse hasn’t come yet. I’ll try to do some graphics, then she’s bound to arrive.

Nurse Hristina arrived around 11:00hrs. She was all behind due to parking difficulties. She was kind enough to look at the Health Check record and said the low pulse was nothing to worry about. Unless it is lower next time I do it, then to call 111 for advice. That’s cleared the gloom, Bless Her! ♥  She took the blood and left on her rounds.

I gt back onto CorelDraw, but the weariness started already, my concentration was shot, and CCC began to give me regular shakes. Then Neuropathy Pete’s mini-leg dancing started. Shame, I really need to get some graphics done, too! I did try, but it was no good. I went into Sulk-Mode!

I got some stew in the pan, and a pastie in the fridge… no, I mean oven. I’ll get something to eat and see how I feel afterwards. (Which didn’t change, weary, tired and nervous of everything!)

Despite the nerves, all being on edge, and fighting the eyelids to keep them open, I made a decent job (tastewise), of the Chilli, even added a beef pastie to it, and all the dessert trimmings. A flavour-rating of 8/10, too!

I even got up and put the well-emptied bowl and things in the washing up bowl to soak with the saucepan.

I got down again in the £300, second-hand, c1968, cringingly-beige-coloured, not-working, rickety, incommodious, grotty recliner, but sleep was not an option. I’d expected it come swiftly tonight, feeling so drained.

The CGTSMP (Can’t-Get-To-Sleep-Master-Ploy), was adopted, and I turned on the TV, when I saw that Law & Order was on, I chose that channel. The usual happened, I stayed awake for the first section, and when the commercial break started, I joined the realms of Sweet Morpheus.

But I kept waking up in a widden-dream, taradiddle filled, not the usual Thought Storms, they were wild, nonsensical and mocking in nature. During one of these episodes, I realised I had not taken the evening medications, so I did.

12 thoughts on “Intrusional Inchie, Monday 18th January 2021, diary

  1. That’s good your vampire took a little time to look and your vitals and offer a bit of advice before she bled you. General you want your pulse is about zero, so you are doing quite well on that point. Great looking CCC.

    • I’m all confused about the vitals when they change dramatically, Sir. So, I’ll see what they are later on.
      Good of you to keep an eye on them for me.

      I went to do an Amazon order again for Morrisons, and was told they are limiting deliveries, but I can put one in next week. How do I get my chocolate Pretzels in, now? Hehehe!

      Keep safe, all, cheers.

  2. Everyone here at the RCMC was intrigued by the Chestnut Walk sightings. It would appear that only two bright-red vehicular representational data points were discernable through the early cloak of darkness. Discernability is, of course, difficult upon an absence of a bright source of illumination; however, the photograph taken with the benefit of solar rays brought an astonishing number of red cars into full view. The three (3) additional vehicles may appear when I direct the electron microscope at the top of the photographicalisation taken during the cloak.
    The pink glow permeated from the sky to the Earth, I’m glad you were able to fetch the camera before the magic dispelled. Grand photographs!

    • Thank you kindly, Billum.
      Well put, again, Sir.
      Funny how the brain works, well in muy case its a miracle it works at all. Hehehe! But the idea came to me, (they do that every decade or so), that the weird wonderful illuminationing, might be Coronavirus reserves coming down to support and assist the original attack force? Even I am amazed at the things that come from my mind. Why? How?
      But there is not time to ponder over this conundrum now,
      The Porcelain Throne call does meow,
      I must get there in time, somehow,
      If I’m late… Holy Cow!

      • You possess a fecund imagination and the gift of curiosity — a curiosity that wells up from a myriad of speculative sources, kind Sir! A facility for peering below the surface to discover the mysteries of the everyday exceptionalities: every day on Inchcock Today.

        …the weird wonderful illuminationing, might be Coronavirus reserves coming down to support and assist the original attack force?

        Most people would not even look to see a peculiar pink glow. But then, most people do not even participate in their own lives, do they?

      • I fink a lot? Hehe!
        Don’t not get nowt done wiv it, mind.
        With having the highest EQ in the UK (at the time of the test), and the lowest ever recorded IQ by UPS, I had to go homw and ask Mr G what EQ was. Says soemting that does, but I don’t know what. I’ll srttle gladly for your interpretation, good Billum!

        The folks who just carry on ausual, going out on the bus everyday, spreading the virus, are the guilty ones methinks.

      • I fink so. Actually, quite a bit. Fanks!
        Perhaps I should taken an EQ test, we could compare them mayhaps? You are by any measure the best editor that IT has ever had the good fortune to assign, but I would have to check what Mr G or Wikipedia finks. And glad that you value my interpretation, Sir!
        Every time I see a photo of a current gathering, I find my mind painting the surrounding atmosphere with Corona viruses shaped like Daleks, popping their toilet plungers onto the spreaders.

      • Interpretationally speaking, or even writing, one gets the impression, albeit only a shadow of my earlier voyages into exegeses, in a deeply concentrational frame-of mind and with Sherlock Holmesian intentions, that I am not inordinately sure what I’m talking about, Sir. But I thought I’d just mention it, like.
        Your descriptiveness of your mind tendencies, upon perusing your aforementioned photographicalisations of groups of (hopefully, mask-wearing) nitwits, is not unsimilar to those I have, Billum.
        You understand and comprehend the possible resulting problems, better than wot I do, but I doth agree… Mask-Up!
        I rather had a few smiles reading your commentations, and thank you, Sir.

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