Infamous Inchie, Sunday 17th January 2021

♥ TFZer, Janet, Henry in the sink, me cleaning the windows, Haha! ♥


Sunday 17th January 2021

Hawaiian: Lāpule 17 Lanuali 2021

 00:50hrs: I woke up, reinvigorated, stimulated and filliped, ready for anything Coronvirus, hobgoblins or apparitions could throw at me!

Well, not really! I needed the Porcelain Throne and a wee-wee, Cathy Cartilage was painfully for me, getting her own back for my falling on her twice last night as the right leg gave way. And, the Worldwide ‘Hum’ all around, and noise from machinery above were niggling at me. The problems with CorelDraw and the Computer milled about teasingly, goadingly, in my head! Doing me no good at all.

I extracted my overly-stomached body from the c1968 recliner, and carefully caught my balance while holding back the getting more urgent need for the Throne and Wee-wee. As speedily as I could to keep safe from toppling, falling, or losing balance, I walked the funny walk to the wet room, without any incidents. (Which was excellent!)

The evacuation flowed freely, but it was again a gooey, sticky affair. The passing was fine, only the cleaning up afterwards bothered me. This is getting ridiculous lately. I’m performing the task quickly and painlessly enough. Then having to spend twenty-times as long, in cleaning up and get the cistern to cope! Humph! Nobody warned me about the risks I’d face when taking evacuations in my dotage. Hehehe!

I washed and got straight on the computer to get the updating done. I knew it would be a long job, with last nights Prescriptions arriving late, and the computer problems earlier. I made a start with crossed fingers, (nor literally, I can’t cross them anyway nowadays, although Colin Cramps is very good at distorting them).

I pressed on for hours. As I was close to finishing, I thought ‘Hello, I’m doing well here, no grammar problems showing from Grammarly’ (My spell checker). Then saw that the Grammarly icon was not showing on the page? Shucks! More problems!

I could not work out what was wrong. So, I went on the Grammarly site to ask for help, but could not find any. So then I checked on Google for assistance. One bit of advice looked promising – until I went back on here and right clicked the ‘Inspect Elements’, then the screen filled with what to me was gibberish. Of course, it was all technical stuff, that left me in a misunderstanding pickle!

I closed down WordPress and restarted it – No good; still, no Grammarly working.

I turned everything off, closed down, and restarted the machine again. Aha, Grammarly is back!

But it wasn’t working correctly. The pop-up showed that issues needed attention, but nothing was highlighted on the page, and, as usually would happen, it would come up on the screen, and then the leaf-tick comes up, to say all is well. When I’ve corrected it. But not now. I’m getting more wee’d off all the time!

No choice left but to carry on and not get bothered by it (impossible of course).

I got the blog posted off and then sent the email link. Then Pinterested a snap or two. On Facebooking catch-up. Next, a call to the Porcelain Throne Mark-2 arrived. Just the same as the first visit, messy! Tsk!

I tended to the belated Health Checks.

The Chinese manufactured Boot’s Sphygmomanometer, showed that the SYS was creeping back up a smidge at 163. The DIA as well, to 86, and the Pulse was nice and calm at 81 recorded.

The Chinese made Harpin Xian Di contactless thermometer, was in the green again, at 36.8°c.

I got the made in Myanmar (Burmese), zip-up jacket, that I bought nine-years ago from Primark put in to soak, ready for handwashing later, and the I wobbled-off to get the ablutioning done. Got in the wet room, and had a paramnesia driven memory-moment, and just had to go back to check if I’d left the tap running in the kitchen sink (Tsk!), all was okay.

The knees looked a lot better this morning, and some colour had returned to the skin, not a lot, I think the lighting in the wet-room gave this impression.

An excellent session today: Total dropsies of about eight. The teeth hurt obviously. BPB was bothersome in the shower. No Shaking Shaun visits tumbles or bangs either! The medicationalisationing went well!

Dressed, and off to get my made in Myanmar (Burmese), zip-up jacket, that I bought nine-years ago from Primark, hand-washed, all done, rung and hung above the kitchen sink to drip dry.

As I turned around and down to but the washing liquid back in the under the cupboard, BPB Back-Pain-Brenda) gave me a twinge like never before, almost electric-shock-like! Not very nice that!

But no time to stew over it, as I grasped the draining board to help heave my horrifically over-bellied body back upright, along came SSS (Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley) with the most inopportune timing. The cluttered with pots, pans, jars etc., draining tray, were dispatched to the floor!

The painful job of getting down and up to retrieve the contents started off RR (Reflux Roger), and RAI (Rheumatoid Arthur Itis), and I was in a picklement pain-wise! Which, was tempered by my taking a Zapain tablet. (Thanks again to the mystery donor, much appreciated) I was a smidge groggy for a while, but I soon began to feel betterer.

So much so, I slowly and carefully made up some waste bags and got them in the walker guide box. I got things ready near the door to take them to the rubbish-chute room, and another stupefaction moment, where I just have to double-check things. I felt something had been missed, not done, or left in a dangerous state?

I returned to the kitchen, but found things in a mess, yes. Still, nowt obviously of danger, nothing dangerous on the floor, all the retrieved stuff from the floor things seemed safe, no taps (faucets) left running… but I still had this nagging sensation that I’d not done something I was going to, or needed to? Grumph!

Off to the waste chute, not a soul about for me to pester and talk to. Hehehe! Got the things down the chute easily enough, RR, and RAI seemed to be easing off (The Zapains seem to be working quickly) but as I hobbled back to the flat CC (Cathy Cartilage) started giving me some bother. Yer can’t win ’em all!

Back to the flat, I put the trolley in the corner and got on the computer. Visited the WordPress Reader. Then had a look at the WP comments.

Then decided to look for some delivery slots available for next week. I got one at Sainsbury’s, for a week time, next Sunday, 06:30 > 07:00hrs. Made an order and got it confirmed, but I had to change my password? But would I last out until then for fodder?

After some thought, I made an Iceland order, got it in for Wednesday 20th, 06:00hrs > 08:30hrs. At least the bread, and milk should last out.

The fatigue came earlier and suddenly today. I had to stop. But I needed to get Josies’ nosh prepared, and decided to make my own at the same time, very early on. I delivered Josie’s dead on time again and then returned to get my own done and sorted. Got the pots washed before settling down. Gawed I was feeling drained, now.

The nosh was eaten slowly and enjoyed. Flavour-rating 6.5/10.

I couldn’t understand how my batteries were failing so early. I got up and took the tray and bits to the sink, returned and plonked down in the recliner, but the TV on, but saw none of it, until I woke up five hours later at 22:00hrs! Semi-refreshed…

What an odd day!


12 thoughts on “Infamous Inchie, Sunday 17th January 2021

  1. Computer issue are such a pain. Grammarly is helpful, but drive me crazy at times. Legs have a nice color. Decent looking meals you prepared.

    • Computers, the internet – the biggest cons of all time! They make a fortune from us, and still can’t get things to work right! Grrr!

      The wet room light tends to give a healthier looking flesh tone. I often nip in there to take a photo, Tim. Hehehe!

      Super blog of the cats, Sir. Cheered me up, thanks.

  2. “Well, I enjoyed it” sayeth the Queen. Recognized the CCC nosh, recognized Queen E. I am afeared that E will now expect you to cook a meal for her as well as for Josie. Very kind of you to provide Her Majesty with a colon-clearing din-din. “Impressive Culinary Announcement,” says Billum.
    “There are a few issues to address,” says Gremlin Grammarly. Wot?
    But does Sir Google come to the rescue with helpful advice? “Not a chance,” sayeth Gremlin-laden Google. Grendleygravelsnaps!!
    Staying tuned to find out what Sainsbury’s Substitutions serve up.
    A possibility: *No Frazzles, sending c1968 Recliner*
    Hahaha Haha!!

    • Hahah! Justly served-up jolitty (is that spelt right? Grammarly not on again), geustingly, just my barrow, Sir.
      Iceland coming tomorrow, with eight items already unavailable as I made the order, it should prove ‘Piss-Inchy-Offable’, in the morn’?
      Thanks for the entertainmentalisationing. (That should be a word in the Dictionary?)

      Keep save, and if ER wants a meal, I’ll see if the Post Office will delivery it for me.

      TTFN, krrp well, msy your intestines be kind to you, Bullum. ♥ to all.

      • It is “jollity”, by golly. Thanks for asking.
        Eight items…hmm…’tis a miss and an arf, that. I hope you do not receive eight substitutes of awful offal.
        I’m pleased that you enjoyed my silly dialogs, sir.
        Me intestines are turning into offal, it would appear. I have been approved for self-administered injections of HUMIRA®, something that we hope will address the autoimmune Crohn’s. My latest ailment is Guttate Psoriasis — fortunately, it is treatable and is now on the way to disappearing. I had, by Lisa’s count, 148 bright-red angry-looking bumps on my back. Lisa has been applying a steroidal creme to each, every day. The dermatologist referred to it as an “opportunistic” infection that can crop up with Crohn’s flare-ups. They sure did crop up. Yaaghaloo!
        ♥s to you from us too.
        Toodle ooh.

      • Awful offal, Hehehe!
        Guttate Psoriasis, is that a strep throat infection, like Streptococcus? Did you get the little star shaped spots on your back, as well?
        Poor Billumski, its nor fair! I hope things calm down soon for you, Billum.

        Nice little bit of rhyming slipped in there Sir.

        I recorded the Woodthorpe Heights parking activities in Mondays blog, of the red cars for you, Sir. One during the amazing sudden lit up sky photos!


      • Well, guttate psoriasis *does* look like offal, do it not? I’m not one to look at my own back it appears; actually, except when showering, I always have a shirt on, and you need two mirrors to view your own back. Flaring up into offalesque, volcano-sized bumps was rather a surprise. “Hello, what?” is wot I thot, I think.
        Just got a phone call, my Humira request has been approved. I do not think that the Guttate Psoriasis will approve of it though, Humira is designed to address “opportunistic infections” — callous stuff methinks.
        Back in the 1970s, a wide swath of intestinal offal was removed and a colostomy installed. Had it for 18 years, I did. But ’twas a welcome relief most certain. Could always have that “appliance” applied again.
        Rhyming is a much under-appreciated hobby. Your rhymes on IT are always welcome oases in a world of perfunctory, nearly autonomic, speech.

      • Methinks you have done well to cope, Billum.
        Offering my view on the offal-likeness, would tend to agree, with thee, Sir.
        Have it again? Oh, dear, I don’t know how you cope, Sir.
        Thanks for things and being so kind.

      • I’ve just observed that “guttate” contains the word “Tate.” Must craft a letter to the Tate and enclose a photo of the 145 offal angry red spots on me back.
        I do have a certain strand of stoicism in my character — preferring the ancient Greek philosopher Epictetus to Epicurus. Also take a bend toward minimalism and simplicity; in fact, one of my nicknames is “Leftover Man” — a bloke who makes meals from leftovers and who repurposes objects to serve different uses, whatever that means. Hehehe!
        Instead of “random acts of kindness” I rather prefer “epic acts of kindness” — but try to do so without calling attention to such iconoclastic acts. 🙂

      • What a (cleverly put) mouthful!
        Yet, I followed it all, and comprehended. Another link, methinks twixt us?
        I’ll just look up iconoclastic… ‘critical, sceptical, malcontent, rebellious, dissenting, subversive…’ I feel the urge to use this word in the IT. Thank you!

      • Thank you, Sir! We comprehend each other quite well, does we not?
        Good words are meant to be shared, please feel free to give them wings to fly in the IT realm.

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