Inchcock Today: Diary A fresh of breath air!

Inchcock Today

Liaringly A Super Day

Tuesday 22nd February 2020

Well, yer see… it’s not easy… is it? Life

03:20hrs: Up for a wee, knocked over my cold cup of tea, said summat like, “Well blow me”, and got the computer on. Concentrated on getting yesterday’s blog finished off.

Which, amazingly, without any interruptions, apart from needing a few leaks, I’d got done by 05:00hrs. And decided to get the ablutions sorted out before any Carer came calling.

05;10hrs: A bit of clunking from the flat above. I made my way to get the clothes and off into the wet room.

Off, full of vim, and whistling, to do the ablutioning,
A mock-contentment was absolutely blossoming!
Shaving with only the one little cutting…
Fair enough, Cartilage Kathy was twinging…
Botherless dressing and nappy changing…
I felt as if I was only fortysomething!
Doing fine no Whoopsies or dingdonging,
Nowt that was alarming or discouraging,
Did all, mostly painless medicationalisationing!

Freshened up, for the after-shave I was foraging…
The sink suddenly made a lot of guggling?
I checked to make sure I’d not left the sink plug in,
Smug-Mode Adopted, no head or shoulder-banging,
There really was no depression or self-admonishing,
As the after-shave, on my face, I was sploshing…
Peripheral Neuropathy Pete started prancing…
The right leg Schuhplattler flailing dancing…
I ended up with a thud, bottom on the hard floor,

My reaction was whimperingly poor,
The ankle, knee and bum were sore!
Getting back up took time, for sure,
Phorpained the knee and bum some more…
It might ease the pain, but it’s not a cure…
I can imagine myself limping forever!

I limped with two sticks (Literally) back to the kitchen, kettle on, went for a wee-wee, washed the dandies, took a Codeine, made a brew of Thompsons Punjana. Had yet another wee-wee and got back on the computer.

Spent hours and hours on creating the Snippets blog.

I went out to take a photo of the end car park. But got distracted… I do that a lot, you know. Bits of whatever it was were falling on my head. They were coming from the crumbling ceiling inside the balcony! A bit worrying that was! Cracking plaster and paint, and holes appearing above the sliding doorway! I must inform ILC (Independent Living Coordinator), Oberstgrüppenfuhreress, Warden and Primo Ballerina, Warden Deana. See if she can have a decker and what she thinks about it.

It’s a little reminiscent of living in the old house in Carrington. Although that was built in 1909, these flats were modernised in 2019. They both had about the same amount of cracks in the roof. Hahaha!

Many hours were spent on blogging. It’s not easy at all since the eyes started going, and it doesn’t help with Peripheral Neuropathy, Pete and Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley giving me daily problems. Humph!

The wee-weeing frequency had died down. I got the potatoes in the slow-cooker and tended to the medical checks belatedly.

Blood Pressure was down nicely, but:

  I was wrapping the tubing around the casing to replace the sphygmomanometer, and Peripheral Neuropathy Pete gave me a little jerking session. The BP machine ended up hitting the radiator and under the desk on the floor. I got the precious picker-upperer and retrieved it. I was going to try it then, but the need for another wee-wee arrived, and thanks to Vascular Dementia Doreen, I forgot all about it. Now I hope it still works on the following readings.

A more significant concern then – the body temperature was showing as 33.7°c! Well below the minimum of 35. I tried the ear thermometer, which showed up as ‘Low’. Is it me doing it wrong, machine kaputt? I just don’t know!

Finally, I completed the ‘Local Snippets’ blog and got it sent off. Facebooked, WP comments and on the WordPress Reader.

Cleaner Esther did it again… she came in without ringing the chime, and naturally, I did not hear her until she started giving some stick for being overweight. She asked if I had any laundry, boy did I! Then he moaned about me using Meridian, who, after the last disgusting state of my returned washing, crammed into the bag, creased… I would like to stop paying for and using. It shows great disrespect, I think.

Off Esther went to the laundry room, talking all the time as she walked away from me. I’ve not the foggiest idea what she was saying.

Pressed on with the template for this blog in the morning for about an hour. Then I got the meal prepping done.

Esther returned, forever talking and telling me off. She’s such a character; bless her. You’ve got like her, despite her aggressiveness. I found I was using the wrong hoover. I was too fat and should wear the shirts that “You have spilt bleach on!” “Wear them at night only!” So, I did last night. Hehehe! There were many other rollicking, but thank heavens she spat them out while in the other room, and I couldn’t hear what she was saying.

Then, the Carer did the same as Esther and came in without alerting me with the door-chime. I was in the kitchen at the sink straining the garden peas; I think it was Carer Charlie or Kiya. But that’s only a guess. Dementia Doreen, again! She got the medicines sorted in no time.

Not one of my better efforts, for more than one reason. Here they are: I made far too much

① I made far too much. ② The J Sainsbury short-dated garden peas tasted puckingly bad, and most were left untouched. ③ The potatoes were tasteless! ④ The bacon was soggy and too fat! However, the sausages, tomatoes, Sourdough bread, banana (Oh, I remember now, Esther also told me that bananas are too fattening for me to eat – well, she cares… Haha!), and mandarins in orange juice were all good! Overall, my Taste Rating was 5/10. Humph!

The precious, kind Carer Julie called. We had a natter after sorting the prescriptions out. What an Angel ♥. She said hello to Billum and HRH, hoping the tiny leaflets were liked. Who I hope reads this. ♥

As I was sulking and taking the things into the kitchen to be washed, the sunset was beautiful!

I put the tray down and got the camera.

The top shot I took from the door as I reentered the kitchenette.

I opened the window to take this one on the left for the next two. Slightly zoomed in.

So peaceful and serene. I had to force myself to come away… although I did have some encouragement by needing yet another wee-wee. And I’d not been drinking much tea! Bootiful!

I got down in the £300, second-hand bought, c1968, nauseously beige-coloured, not-working, rusty, rickety, difficile, crumb-covered tatty recliner. And pencilled this little ditty on the notepad pages.

Mother Nature’s Sunset

Looking at these sunsets, was it in a dream?
Beauty, peace, nature so pristine!
Sweeter than just a sunbeam…
Even with eyesight, not overly keen…
I wished the view was on a touchscreen…
You’ll never see such warmth on a screen,
Views magnificent, nothing in between…
Mother Nature doeth capture my esteem,
That’s why butter is better than margarine!

I Fank You!

6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Diary A fresh of breath air!

  1. Better numbers and holding steady, full speed ahead, or maybe not. Memories of olde abodes and same olde roof above. We celebrate a birthday what falls on that curious concatenation of numberings: 2/22/2022, only that nothing of a number zero, naught to say.
    Speaking of Codeine, called my pain center and heard the message, facility closed…but not to reopen for the 3000 clients such as myself. Message went on to state that a hearing on court was scheduled for a day in March. It doth appear that the principal owner of the business was having another owner write prescriptions for the same stuff I take for the crohn’s, but for the amount of 24 tablets per day. Not a single word of advice for blokes like me.
    But back to Esther who doesn’t let many answers enter, going on about owt and nowt, mostly nowt. Very fine photomagraphicals produced there, mate.
    The nosh did appear of a magnitude too largish, or too smallish if yer feeding the entire building.
    Herbert is ever at it, innit so? Yes, it is stateth Billum from his expansive lab, I need to search my many vials of chemicals to make me own bloody pain nodules. Harumphinations and Glomifications!!!

    • STrewth, Bill… bad d over the prescriptions, mate. Can you sort anything out, Sir? I’m not happy about that, as you are no doubt yourself. Harumphinations and Gloomifications, is a perfect desription of your plight. Poor Billum, it ain’t fair!
      “The nosh did appear of a magnitude too largish, or too smallish if yer feeding the entire building…” Hahaha!
      Horrible Herbert! Huh!
      You witisisms under duress, have given me sparkling of an idea for a graphic.
      Thanks for that, your caring when in a pickle yourself, and being a cyber-buddy!

      • Lisa is continuing to contact the doctors most involved. As you know, that is a tall order indeed because doctors do not like to be contacted. Also, if you send the same message to three doctors you receive a reply from none of them, they will simply assume that the other two doctors are on it. 🙂 But if anyone can do it, it would be Lisa.
        Glad that you liked that bit of mirth that a plate fully filled would not go very far if shared with the population of Woodthorpe. I imagine them cutting peas into very small chunks. Split pea soup?
        It is an enormous amount of fun to find a fellow traveler and good buddy and good mate in this cyber soup. A capital stroke of good fortune.

        “Pickles in a jar have to stand up for one another” — from The Compleat Pickler.

        The phone is ringing off the hook as doctors are actually calling Lisa. She just got an emergency dermatological surgery hour moved from March 8 to March 1. Wowsers, what a gal!

  2. Blow me down you spent all that time without interruption. That was a majorly great looking dinner for a disappointing 5. Beautiful sunsets.

    • Fanks, Tim.
      American Carer JJulie came last night – a true breath of fresh air that gal, is to me ♥ Carer Richard had to stay with a patient, and the Meridian lady rang me to tell me the Carer would be very late, and… it would be Julie (St Pete, Tampa) again, called out – Yee-Haa! SHe did me last, so we could have a chinwag (brilliany gal). Not only that, she showed me how to get my program Icons larger on the screen. What a pleasant treasure! I’m now feeling better than I have done in weeks! And Cartilage Cathy can give me as much agony as she likes! Hehehe!
      Keep safe… one and all ou there! ♥

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