Inchie Today – Wednesday 11th January 2023

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DVT Nurse, then the Urology Nurse Fiona, who called twice; First, to take off the catheter and scan the bladder and returned to scan again. She was not so happy with this one. and to see how and if the urine was flowing. She’s coming back tomorrow to do another bladder scan, with ink inserted. And if necessary, to put the catheter back in. Oh, dearie me! Amazon delivery. Important letters arrived. Trotsky Terence was in full charge of the many messy Porcelain Throne usages. I took a tumble in the hallway. Got to stop taking the Anti whatsit capsules… but may need to start taking them tomorrow according to the ink reading results on the scanner. I’m thoroughly confused now. Although this is nothing unusual.

Burnt fingers on the oven. Then I lost the mobile phone. Found it four hours later… I prefer not to say where I found it… Oh, go in then… It was in the oven!?!? Luckily the oven was not on. The question is, why and how did I put it in there in the first place? Pass!

So, an even busier day, the photos and graphics will get put on. Many memory blanks, it’s getting late already and I’ve not started the blog graphics yet.

Two morning photos were taken between the multitude of messy, spongy, gooey visits suffered.

Potatoes are put in a slow cooker around 08:00hrs.
Got taken out around 21:00hrs.

Got the Night Catheter off.

The eighth visit to the .

The ninth visit to the .

Nurse Fiona arrived, she was a breath of fresh air, Bless Her! (Yes, I fell in love again!) She was here for well over an hour. When she’d painlessly removed the catheter from Little Inchie, she did a bladder scan.
Too much urine in the bladder. Back to water drinking. That amount of urine should have been released into the catheter. She said she’ll return later in the afternoon to have a look. Constantly reminding me to drink, drink, drink! Hehe!
So I drunk!

The Asda order arrived

Made sure I guzzled water while putting the food away!


Bit naughty with the biscuits?

Cut back on this order

Although… maybe not enough? Haha!

When Fiona returned, I’d shrank a two-litre bottle of Valley Spring water. A one-litre Sunrise water and a flavoured 2-litre Elm Water.
I showed Fiona the water bottle for the urine and the drops I’d passed, and Fiona seemed happy enough with my efforts. She asked me to try and pass again, which I did, but not a lot. Seeing the liquid changed her mood a smidgen, And she did another bladder scan there and then.
She, or someone else, will return tomorrow with a different scanner. I don’t think she was impressed with whatever it was that the scanner revealed. She repeated that if I can’t pass more water, they will have to refit the Catheter in the morning; if so, I’m to restart taking the Acute Pyelonephritis capsules.
It’s all go here!

Teatime rains

Around 19:30 hrs. Wonderful sky!

Carer Kara and Joseph called during the day. Kara will try to contact Easy-Link to get a lift to the Coppice Mental Health Hospital for me. And contact Easy Link about whether or not I owe them or they’ve taken the money out.

Well, fancy that!

Straps were left by Fiona in case the catheter has to go back on tomorrow.
at the thought of it!

Fiona left reminders for me about things. I can’t remember what they were at the moment. They were for the carers as well, I think.

Carer Richard Did the late call on me. Checked the Meds, taps, and cooker. He wrote a message in marker pen on the fridge door, as he knew I was abbot to cook my belated meal of the day, to remind me to turn off the taps and cooker.

Early morning nosh prepared.
Very nice, too, it was.
Flavour Rating 8.5/10.

Evening all No! – MORNING ALL

4 thoughts on “Inchie Today – Wednesday 11th January 2023

  1. Your vitals have been good, the bad guys still bad, and you bladder acting up. I hope you can bag that bag pretty soon. Excellent photos and the meal looks great.

    • Cheers, Tim.
      Bad news on the bag-front. Took it off, test scanned the bladder, warned it mioght have to go back on. Next day, they scanned again… bad scan results and back in the catheter went. Back on antibiotics again. Not much wee gettiing through to the night or day bag, bladder and stomach bloated, Oh heck! Hehe
      Nurses coming back next week to scan again.
      Ah, well, that’s how it is, so be it.
      Cheers, mate.

  2. “Slow children texting” — an apt road sign. We see a need for such signs in the Greater Crowell Manor Metropolitan Area. By the road, please have the Greater Britain Metro send us some for use on our roadway system. Haha!! Snickers!
    Asdf (Walmart) is headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas, one of this poorest States in the US. Your difficulties with Asda make much more sense now. All Walmarts look the same over here, I’m sure it is the same way over the pondlette. McDonalds certainly looks
    the same way here as there. Many people of all incomes (excluding Jacob Rees-Mogg and the likes, perhaps) eat there every day (both sides of the Pondlette).
    I’ve been catching up on some severe sleep deficit, it’s been

    WordPress has a big black box covering everything I am writing, like a hovering cloud. It says

    “Log in to use details from
    one of these accounts.”

    Infuriating, aargh-inducing. My pencil eraser isn’t working when I try to rub it off. Out damned blot!!

    A good Friday to you, Sir!

    • I’ll see if the Council have any spare signs, Billum. I’ll ask them if they have any “Warning: Wrongly fitted catherer being worn by Inchie!” ones at the same time. Hahaha!

      Asda (Walmart): There used to be clips of shoppers at Walmart, some with clothes on.(when I could gain acces to it) on Youtube I think.

      I’ve been catching up on some severe sleep deficit, it’s been???

      WordPress has a big black box covering everything I am writing, like a hovering cloud. It says

      “Log in to use details from
      one of these accounts.”

      Infuriating, is the word, Sir, for WordPress
      Dang pencil eraser letting you done there! Hehehe!

      Catheter taken off – antibotics stopped
      Next day bladder was scanned, Catheter put back in again and antibiotic course restarted. Arrgh!

      All I can say, is… Santar-Ha!

      Cheers, thanks and love to all!

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