Inchie: Sunday 15th May 2023 (2)

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It can only get worse – and my rate of losing it seems to be increasing. After having the stroke, the Stroke Wards in the hospital were desperate for beds. They sent me to a ‘Care Home’ for a  month. The long-term patients were all suffering from different types of the same ailment; Dementia.
Alzheimer’s disease, Vascular dementia, and Alcohol-related dementia. Down syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy dementia. I felt so bad for them but was uncomfortable being there. Now, I believe it will not be too long before I rejoin them.
No doubt about it, my grip on things is, thankfully, slowly getting worse.
I’ve developed a fear of officialdom in the form of letters.
With cataracts, saccades and glaucoma, the hearing gets worse. Peripheral Neuropathy gifted loss of balance; causing falls, tumbles and walking into things… like walls and doors, missing steps, and the newest thing;  The Neurotransmitters are not getting messages to the brain! It does its best, I’m sure. But more regularly now, I cannot pick something up, and sometimes cannot let go of it! I’m hoping the Doctors at the surgery, Highbury Hospital, or some Social Worker may read this.  The trouble is, at this moment, I am aware of these issues, but on the rare occasion I see a specialist, there is nothing there. On my last visit to the Memory Nurse, I could not recall the name, or if it was a road or street, or the man’s name. She gave me an option of three given names, such was it an avenue, street or road? Mr Schmitt, Albright or Woodcock… obviously, I’d made up the questions asked, as an example.
My GP got a letter telling her my memory was the same as two months earlier. Which it wasn’t; in March, I answered them all, without prompting and help. Last time, even the ‘pick one of three’ was just a potluck.
I’m leaving taps on more often too. I’ve burnt three saucepans to death this month. Taken tumbles getting dressed, and I was only wearing protective pants and a dressing gown! Remembering all this is amazing!
I was supposed to have three brain scans, I think, a month apart – then they can read any changes – but this has to be done before they can identify the type of dementia I have and treat me with whatever to slow it down. I’ve had one. As I recall, I got lost trying to get out of the building. I can sense at this precise moment, I just had a few minutes of nothing; I call a Memory Blank, struggling now. I’ll try to get back later.
I’d be in a pickle without the Carers attending. It also helps me tremendously if we get time for a laugh and a little natter.
Sorry that I wrote this now. After reading it  I sound like a right old whiner! I do think I’m a different person when the Dracula Depressions visit me. I decided to leave it on, if only as a warning to others, of how things can change so much. Yet, still, moments of the old self come through occasionally – and that is wonderful!


The feet were s lot better looking this morning.
The legs were a little lumpy in places.

Ablutions sorted. But doing the teeth, and spitting out
the toothpaste was a bloody job. Hehe!

Undoubtedly foggy out there this morning.

Spuds in the crock-pot.

Peas in the saucepan.

Sat at the computer desk.
Photo’d the Fog through
the balcony windows.

A new Olive-Oil dropper filled, for the
twice-daily earhole oilings.

A rare mug of Glengettie tea on the
computer desk. As usual, I forgot
about it, and it went cold. Tsk!

Rahmat arrived, and medications were issued.
First visit. The usual agony of carrying buckets of water to refill the non-working W.C. bowl. (Three calls to the Throne today, not so messy, but just as painful.
Annoying , and the pain started!

I set to creating some needed templates for this blog. I seemed to be doing a little better with the typing today, nowhere near as many missed keys…although my foments of bemusedness were relentless, my rate of work achieved was doing reasonably well – as were my mind-blanks, which delayed me a little. But it didn’t matter. For Liberty-Global Virgin Media boss Mr Fries helped…

Their Average Rating went down to 1.1 since I made this graphic last year!

Did some food prepping, another trip to the .
And returned to doing the blank templates, after Liberty-Global Virgin Media, who are now dearer than any other supplier, granted me a service again.

I thawed out some of Asda’s pre-crushed finger rolls.

I had several of these, which put the mocker on blogging.


Broke my heart, with my doing so well earlier. I gave up altogether. Turned off the computer, got the nosh finished and served up

It didn’t go down too well.
But that is likely to be because of the smoke & mirrors Liberty-Global Virgin Media’s letdowns getting to me!
Taste Rating 3.5/10.

Carer arrived and listened to my chuntering about…

I got the pen and pad out, and tried to do some odeing for tomorrow’s blog… Zzz!

The later Carer woke me up, and a painkiller was given.

I tried to get back to sleep, but it was no good, so I got up and took a photo of the sky.

Back in the c1966. charity shop bought, second-hand, wincingly grotty, beige coloured, not working, crumb-covered from the nocturnal nibblings, itch-making, uncomfortable, virus breeding, easy-to-fall-out-of, recliner.

I continued frequently getting to the point of nodding off, and every time the danged let loose!

Depressed and annoyed, I got up when I saw the colouring through the curtains had gotten browner. Grabbed the camera and went into the kitchen to see if it was worth picturing… I thought it was lovely!

Waiting for the sun to drop, I hung up the dressing gowns returned from the laundry. Checked the taps and cooker were not left on.
And back to take this shot.


Not sure when I did get sleep, but it took a few hours, I think. I can recall getting up to check if I’d locked the door or not, spotting the clock that indicated 02:30hrs.

Adieu – All the bestest to You!

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