Inchcock Today: Wednesday 13th 2014

Jane01carInchcock is going (Hopefully) to visit his Sister Jane and Brother-in-law Pete today. As you can see, Pete is not a fan of shavers, razors or Gillette at all. Inchcock is excited about his trip out, and looking forward to it with great enthusiasm and trepidation. The ‘Trepidation’ comes via his dream last night about wild mobility scooters on the rampage, and his excruciatingly agonising harrowing death at the hands of one of them!

1600hrs Tuesday11th  August

Yobs on street. WC. Moved upstairs, read book, watched DVD, and had nibbles.

13 8 medsWednesday 13th August:

More bad dreams. Up at 0500hrs. WC.

Started the laptop. Had breakfast (Medications) and a cuppa.

Blogged and emailed for a while.

Arthur Itis, angina and lower regions not feeling too bad at the moment. The reflux valve a bit bothersome like.

WC, glad to report all well in this activity OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthis morning – No blood, No pain.

Updated this load of true baloney.

Got ready and set out to go to Jane’s house. Very busy in city centre. Caught 2nd bus out, and had a natter with Jane and Pete.


Said I was wanting to take their photo, but I OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAlost the plot and forgot to take it. Tsk!


Caught bus back after an hour or so, and had a walk around town, then caught bus to Derby. I had a poddle about in the Eagle Centre Market. Noticed there wus a lot lot Disabled Scooter folk about – and today they were in twos!

RedArrowFolk didn’t seem too happy today, but then there were plenty of yobs around acting in an intimidating fashion.


Fed the pigeons, avoiding the skateboarders belting around – bloody school holidays!


Caught bus back to Nottingham, then bus to the hovel.


Would you believe it, straight outside the house, 6 yobs swearing threatening and kicking a football about.


I brought me laptop up to the bathroom, where I’m doing this.


Didn’t want to call the police, as last time when I did, the clot of a Constable came straight to the house and knocked on the door, while they were looking – so they knew who called em. The next day I was attacked as I went out for a walk to the chemist. I didn’t see the youths as they came from behind, but I reckon it was them.


Finishing now, nervous and frettingly.


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