Inchcock Today: Friday 24th October 2014

05 01

A lousy night, I kept waking up for the WC and worrying about me lack of graphicalisting prospects and me dying laptop.

Laid there thinking for hours – maybe I thought, I could go to thei could call computer shop in Sherwood, they advertised used laptops for sale. I could call when i go to the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop perhaps, and see if they have a laptop for sale with Vista on it, and I could get the memory increased and RAM too – then I might be able to install my old Coreldraw9 on it? I decided to try for it. The prospect cheered me up for a bit… not for long… but for a bit.

0445hrs: I came down started the laptop and prayed, made a cuppa and got me medications taken.

05 b

Christmas lights up in Sherwood – notice the massive crowds out this morning?

Two people contacted me this morning on the Windows live thingamajig.Trev Baverstock me old mate who lives on the South coast with his rather attractive better half first. He suggested I go to PC world and get the details of laptops available with sufficient power to handle coreldraw – of course I can’t get a copy of the new Coreldraw anywhere? I said I’d would. And he offered to ask his brother if he would go with me to PC world so i don’t get conned again.

Can’t really afford either, but if I do go in that direction I think I might as well get the bigger memory one… of course I’ve changed me mind several times while typing this. Tsk!

Then a cyber-buddy from la France contacted me and asked for my phone number, he is going to ring me in the morning. I thought that was really nice of him.

05 04

Gloomy Nottingham this morning

I potted about trying to get Coreldraw to save a page, but without any luck. When I ry to save one it either freezes or turns itself off. Hard work.

I gave up and ablated missen and got the things ready fer the Hospice shop and set off on me walk into Sherwood.

As I passed the Computer shop on the other side of the road I noticed it had its shutter down – maybe it opens later me thought. I carried on to the Hospice shop, then crossed the road and walked back down to the Computer shop – still not open.

Ah well, I caught a bus into town.

05 02Taking another photo of the old BBC building they were knocking down.

Called in PC World and a half hearted youth pointed me in the direction on laptops strong enough. There were two: An Isus Intel Core i5 processor – 4GB ram at £500 and a Toshiba 8GB ram a6 £600 with the same processor. I’ll pass this on to Trevor later.

05 03Came out a bit dejected again and wandered into town, not many folk about yet. noticed they had started to put the Christmas lights up.

It was drizzling with rain and I took a picture of the Council House in the gloom for your perusal.

I remembered about the Alley Cafe 05 05and I said I’d try to get some photos of it – so I did.

The tiny entrance to the Alleyway, half-way up the Alleyway and the Cafe – it was Closed! (Huh!)

Then I had a brain-wave (Careful!) and called at three of the er… where they give you a loan and sell yer stuff 05 05bwhen can’t buy it back like… I’ve forgotten what they call them. Ah, one was called a Cash Converter. The first one opposite the Alleyway was asking £299 for their used Laptops, and they were not good spec either.

So I poddled to Exchange walk to the shop there, they were even dearer!

05 05cI walked to one on Upper Parliament Street and the same there, expensive crap me thought – so another idea I’d had gone to pot.

05 06c

No luck at the Computer shop then…

Ah thought I again, I’ll get the bus to Sherwood and try the Computer shop again. So I caught the bus to Sherwood and the Computer shop was still shuttered up?

Dejected once again I walked back to Carrington, just missing the rain as I got in the flea-pit.


Started the laptop, managed to get some graphics done before Coreldraw packed up on me again.

Updated this load of bol… by the way, did I mention that there was no blood from the ‘Inch’ again today? I’m desperately searching for some positives this week.

05 07

Looks like a spider dunnit? Ah well…

Blimey what’s that noise… hang on folks…

It is a police helicopter right above the street, I’ll take a photo of it if I can…

Hello, police cars now…

Ah well, it’ll keep the yobs away.

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