Inchcock Today: Monday 27th October 2014



Monday 27th October 2014

I woke at around 0230hrs, read a bit of me book and managed to nod off again while doing so. Unusual that!

Sprang awake again at 0315hrs and remembered it is my day for posting to the League of Mental Men site.


So I had to gerrup smartish to get em done and posted because I really must get to the Queens Medical hospital for me tests early as I can to avoid the crush and rush of last Monday when I went latish.

Laptop seemed to working okay this morning, slow but working and after a bit of kerfuffle Coreldraw let me in. So I did my weekly diary first cause that is the longest.

Got carried away with it and realised I was late go out early for the bus to town as it was drizzling.

I ran (Ran, did I say ran? Slight exaggeration there methinks) up to do me prettifying and tend to the bleeding ‘Inch’.

Made sure I’d got the stuff for the Hospice shop, bus-pass camera etc.

Limped rapidly, (that’s more the wording!) to the bus stop. Felt such a fool when I tried to get on and use me bus-pass Tsk! The driver pointed out that I was too early to use it!

Confused a mite I got off the bus somewhat red-faced.

I then realised I had in fact yesterday not put me wall clock that fell off the wall back an hour! Hey-ho.

0102Limped rapidly as I could into town and caught a bus to the Queens Medical Centre where I noticed they had hoisted a new English and NHS flag at the entrance to the premises from the Derby Road entrance. and a bloke must have been suicidal as he looked at more than the traffic?

I wonder just what the inimitable 0103arapacious predatory David Cameron would have to say about that folks.

I hobbled into the waiting area, well full it were, took a ticket and waited me turn like a good little boy should.

When I got in there was a trainee nurse who asked if she could do me. Well, the answers that came to mind had to stopped from coming out in me voice like if yer know worra mean. I said “Yes please” but she was so nervous she didn’t catch me innuendo.

0102aShe decided to take the scenic route into me vein bless her.

I left the nurses their nibbles said me farewells and went off to catch a bus back to town – not as easy as it sounds as it turned out.

When the first one arrived, i picked me bags up and the handle on one parted company with the rest of the bag. By the time I’d sorted it out the bus was long gone.

The next one which I didn’t want pulled up, and the one that came behind that one, which I did want drove straight passed it.

The third one pulled up a little far down the road, and I only just limped to it in time!

0103It dropped us off at Broad Marsh Centre, where I had hopped to get a couple of ready meals, but Heron had nowt in I fancied, but I foolishly bought some iced suckers, that by the time I got home was liquid. (Wotta clot I am).

Then I meandered on me limping way through the Centre and espied a DVD shop lurking in the mall. (Fatal for me bank account that!).

I had a look and found the new New Tricks DVD was in so decided to treat missen again – when I reached into me back pocket for the £20 note, which is what the DVD cost to pay em – I realised I’d left that £2o note in the bathroom when I changed trousers. Good job I’d got me cash card with me… or was it?

0104I was about to take a photo of some pigeons in the slab square and a female community officer came into view and she was staggering about a bit – drunk, drugged or in trouble I thought – better go and ask her if she’s alright… but another CPO arrived before I could get to her. So I left em to it like.

Plodded on a bit more towards the bus stop in the City centre and failed to resist going in the pound Shop to get a few extra bits for the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop to add to the bits in me bag.

0105As I got to the top of Kings Street the traffic was at a standstill, with a Private Hire car parked right across the pedestrian crossing. I didn’t say, the driver had a beard a scowling expression on his face and looked like a big un to me.

Being a natural born coward I walked on and caught the bus to Sherwood.

0106Dropped off and left me stuff for em.

As I was walking back to Carrington (painfully) I spotted the alcoholic mobility scooter driver belting over road at the traffic light.

By the time I’d got me camera out they had long gone on their journey to  the pub, bless em.

Jealous? Me?

Poddled back to the crumbling shack, urgent visit to the WC. Laptop started, cuppa made, medications taken, ‘Inch’ tended to and updated this non-fascinating load of… oh someone at the door.

No hearing aids in, I think they were Jehovah Witnesses. I see plenty of them lately all around town in groups waving their pamphlets.

JaneyoAh well, I’ll post this then have a quick flurry on the web, facebook check me emails and get summat to eat.

Oh I forgot, Sister Jane got in touch, she’s got to have some x-rays, I emailed her and said if it was not on Monday or Tuesday I can go with her like, keep her pecker up a bit. She’s not keen on hospitals bless her cotton socks.

TTFN all.

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