Inchcock Today: Thursday 30th October 2014

How is Inchcock Today we asked him?

Nervous, fearful, apprehensive and depressed! Ah well…

Thursday 30th  October 2014

Well it was another frustrating dream filled night; I know they were horrible but cannot recall any of them.

Up at 0315hrs, the Inch proud and painful again did me ablutions and came down for the cream for little ‘Inch’, started the laptop and made a cuppa.

I think the laptop is closer to its end now – it kept freezing and I had to restart three times.

I checked the emails, just in case it went altogether.

Delivery this morning, then I’ll get ready to go and visit Sister Jane and Pete.

It’s cold again this morning.

Did some facebooking and a bit on this diary. Coreldraw9 let me create some graphics so I got as many as I could do, before it gave up the ghost.

Got things ready to take for Jane and Pete, and set off for the bus. Too cold to walk today, well at the moment it is. I might get a walk in on the way back.

Caught the bus into town and went to catch the second one to West Bridgford.

The bus before pulled off and I was the only one at the bus-stop – not for long mind, soon there were about 15 others in the queue. Well I stay queue?

When the number 7 arrived, I nearly got crushed in the rush to board it and got on 16th in line! (Tsk!) Not that it mattered too much but I felt a bit put-upon like.

Dropped off and walked to Jane and Pete’s house.

Pete was just finishing putting up their fifth CCTV camera. They are having a bit of bother with the next door neighbour.

We had a jolly good natter and Jane is to let me know what time next Thursday I can meet her to go to the hospital with her for her medicationalising treatment and x-rays.

JTh301001They started to eat their fine meal (pictured) and I decided I had outstayed my welcome, so shot off.

They had made a Halloween doll on a plant of their friend.

I called in the M&S food place to have a quick look if they had anything good on offer – not that I needed anything, JTh301003I’ve tons of food in at the moment. Too much really. (Gannet!)

The prices scared me away.

I went to the bus-stop and had an interesting conversation with a bloke in a Pork-pie hat. It went:

Him: “Did yer see the game last night?”

JTh301002Me: “What game was that?”

Him: “Don’t know, thought you might!”

Me: “No mate!”

Him: “Still it don’t cost much do it?”

You couldn’t make it up could you?

Caught bus to town, called in the Chinese shop to see if they had any plain-cheese seaweed but no.

Poddled through town and caught the bus back to Carrington and the flea-pit-supreme.


Laptop started, made a cuppa and updated this diary.

Knock on door, Police wanting to know if I saw anything suspicious on the street last night at 2230hrs.

I told them I was asleep at that time.

They left.

Nice to have a caller though.

I hope this isn’t too exciting for anyone. (Hehehe).


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