Inchcock Today: Tuesday 4th October 2014


Tuesday 4th October 2014

0305hrs: Feeling so very cold when I came down this morning to get the cream from the fridge to treat ‘Little Inch’ – then I remembered as soon as I couldn’t find the Dakacort cream that I didn’t need the cream from the fridge to treat ‘Little Inch’. I had the new Betamethasone corticosteroid cream to treat ‘Little Inch’ I was supposed to be using now and that was back upstairs where I was nice and warm in the bathroom.

I had to nip back to use the WC which I did, while doing so I couldn’t remember if I’d left the tap on downstairs, so nipped back down and forgot all about treating ‘Little Inch’.

Laptop started, made a cuppa.


Did a bit of blogging etc

WC. Piles bleeding.

Stubbed me toe again – I must get some steel toe-capped slippers.

Washed the ‘Little Inch’ and just as I started to put the new cream on, out spurted the blood again. Took a while for it to stop. I’m getting fed-up wi this now, six blooming weeks and it ain’t any better yet. Globergerations!

When I did me teeth the gums bled a bit as well.


Bertha, my hearts desire at the launderette

Yet when I got me INR level test results back later in the day, it was the nearest to the targeted factor ever? (Puzzled that’s wot I am – still there were no arousals in me sleep so he wasn’t so tender this morning bless him)

Got meself ready and tottered off to the launderette with me bags of washing.


Did my escaping wind cause this?

Bertha was working today… I don’t know if that is her name but it’s the one I’ve given her.

A Polish gal and just my cup of tea body wise – yet still no arousals from me lower regions?

When it came time to leave, the place was empty; mind you I did drop a few involuntary deadly silent ones while doing me washing earlier.

I poddled back to the flea-pit and got the things for the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop and limped into Sherwood with em for them.

Then I caught a bus to town.


Atmospheric Milton Street – by Inchcock

Despite the occasion bright bursts of sunshine it’s blooming cold today, forecast 2o c tonight.

As I dropped off I thought how atmospheric the view down Milton Street looked and took a photo of it on the old camera (Having forgotten to take the newer one with me like), just hope it comes out nice.


These cost a tad too much for me!

I caught a bus out to Bulwell to see if anything worth investing in at the cheapo shop.

On the way the bus stopped at a bus-stop and waited, I noticed we were opposite the bungalows I went to look at last year. After talking to someone it transpired that if I moved into one, all-in it would cost me about £120 more a week than my income. So I didn’t move into one.

Nothing in the cheapo shop, many bare shelves.

I walked to the Fultons Food shop in the vain hope of getting some microwave sausages again. Huh!

Poddled through the market to the Heron Frozen Food shop and got some microwaveable potatoe-halves with cheese to try.

Hobbled (Knees and feet beginning to ache a bit now) to the bus stop to catch one back to Carrington.


Obstacle course on Hucknall Road

As I dropped off at the top of the hill to walk down to my street – it was like a slalom run with plastic fences all the way down on the pavements. I had a bit of bother manoeuvring through them without twisting me knees as the surface there is very uneven from previous repairs.

How anyone in a disabled scooter would manage… well they wouldn’t get through. The only way passed would be to go on the road.

When I got onto my street, there were a couple of dodgy looking characters walking up and down looking a doors and windows. I wanted to take a photo of them, but the hostile glare I got from them convinced me not to take any.


Bit more blood from the Inch. But the piles had stopped leaking. I mustn’t expect too much must I?

Coreldraw throwing up new problems.

Updated this then went on the web for a bit. 


Litttle ‘Inch’ bleeding just a tad.

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