Inchcock Today: Sunday 9th November 2014

Just how is Britain’s miniature answer to Ebola doing today?

0701Nervous, uncertain, cold and weary!

Sunday 9th November 2014

Bad night for waking up every few minutes it seemed – and fretting over something different every time.

Gave up and got up at 0250hrs.

0702Laptop took ages to start.

Made a cuppa and returned to it – Internet freezing again. Restarted twice. All three active blue lights on all the time now.

Third loading it is working… reluctantly.

0703I’m sneezing like a good un this morning.

Got loads of graphics done for the TFZers.

Coreldraw is not playing up now? Apart from the not letting me save of course. But still, in confuses me why.

Very cold this morning now.

0704Morrison’s order came, no substitutions.

I’m going to get myself beautified, sanitised and prettied-up and take the camera for a walk into Nottingham. Oh, and of course well wrapped up – me that is not the camera!

I attended the Remembrance service at St John’s, and came away slightly 0705thoughtful but depressed as usual.

Being a Sunday (See how quick I was there?), not much traffic on Mansfield Road as I set off on walk into the City Centre.

As I arrived there, still not much traffic, but plenty of Nottinghomian’s lurking alarmingly about, as well as cyclist, mobility scooters, street performers and big Issue sellers as well.

I poddled through town to the South end and went in Sainsbury’s to get some bread for the birds.

0706I went down to the Nottingham canal and as I was feeding them I realised or rather remembered that it was now banned and I risked an on the spot fine of £65!

So I threw in the rest of the bread quickly… during which one of the animals shat down me left trouser leg!

I was not feeling too good, a bit dizzy and lifeless so I made towards the City Centre to catch the bus home.

On the way I nipped into the pound shop and got another bag of bird seed – that I will have to remember to use in Derby not Nottingham.

0707Walked through town, taking a picture of buildings and nice sky.

Hobbling now, I struggled to the bus-stop. When it arrived and I got on it, I took a picky of me leg and the bird poop!

 Back at the Steptoe & Son hovel, WC, laptop started and made a cuppa.

Microwaved potatoes tonight, with some BBQ sausages methinks.

Do you know, I can’t figure out why I feel so low… Tsk!

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