Inchcock Today: Friday 14th November 2014

Friday 14th November 2014

Arose about 0330hrs and went down to make a cuppa.

I was going to do some porridge in the microwave, but stopped it as soon as the sparks flew from the sides of the door! I found the door edging was corroded. So, no hot food until I get another. (Being frustrated and depressed comes naturally and easily to me you know – Tsk!)

The laptop was upstairs so I returned to update and post yesterday’s diary and have a poddle on Facebook.

Feeling strangely depressed a tad again this morning.

The knees are still not very good, and the Angina… well, not good also.

Got a lot of sorting to do, the launderette; well I’ll have to manage for clothes until next week. Then I’ll have the struggle of carrying two dirty great bagsful down to the launderette. – Not Done!

I’ve got to get to the G.U.M. clinic to book another appointment. Not Done!

I want to get to the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop with the bits for them. –  Not Done!

I’ve got to go to the Computer shop to sort laptop. – Not Done!

I’ve got to sort out a new microwave cooker. – Not Done!

Got to sort the rubbish and put the bins out for collection. – Done!

Oh forget it… I can’t cope with the thought of it all. (Hehe)

I washed the little ‘Inch’ no blood showing at all.  Until I pulled at him and it spurted out again. This time I could see the lesion as it filled with blood and then flowed out.

As I’ve said before, thank heavens for kitchen towels!

I went back down and put the bins put out collection, made another cuppa and took me medications.

Then I returned to the laptop. Coreldraw9 is now working in a slow fashion thankfully.

Not feeling too well today, staying put indoors.

Took me yonks to get to sleep, hours! (Tsk)

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