Inchcock Today: Wed/Thur 19th/20th November 2014

Wednesday 19th November 2014

Burst awake at 0140hrs.


Little ‘Inch’ leaking again. Getting wee’d off with this.

The laptop refused to load first time; Drive unstable?

Second attempt it worked… slowly, but it worked.

Got no end of graphics done.

I spent hours and hours doing nothing but internetting again.

WC and went down to make a cuppa and returned to take me medications.

Read a bit more of me Blood Red Snow book.

An idle day for an idle Inchcock.

Thursday 20th November 2014


Up at 0320hrs.


Little Inch tended to. Less bleeding this morning… up to now anyway.

Made a cuppa and the laptop was working well this morning… shouldn’t have said that should I? Laptop booted first time, Coreldraw loaded okay and this cheered me up so much, even when I dropped me cuppa spilling it over me radio it didn’t bother me (Beep beep Lie detected).


Photo 1

About 0500hrs took me medications and beautified my ageing body with carbolic soap, teggies tended to, razor utilised creams and pain gels applied in required areas of me torso.

Morrisons (Photo 1) delivery this morning later, then I’d like to go out on a blooming good walk and take some photographs for my friends on the internet.


Photo 2

Whoops, gotta go, WC beckoning again. Back soon (I hope)

Windows updates took ages to load when I turned off the laptop.

Set off on a walk about, starting with a limp into Sherwood to the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop with some bits.


Photo 3

Traffic was heavy this morning on Mansfield Road. (Photo 2)

Decided I’d take a longer walk, so went through Edwards Lane Estate. Taking a photo that showed the mist hiding the scenery in the distance from the top of the hill. (Photo 3)


Photo 4 Fungi?

Turned left and came across a tree stump that had grown the most amazing looking fungi from its chopped trunk. Beautiful to look at – wonder what it is? (Photo 4)

Plodded on and passing Nottingham’s HRM Prison, I took a snap of the entrance and car park. (Photo 5)

Turned left on Hucknall Road and down the hill passing the now being renovated pub where the murder took place last August.


Photo 5: HM Nottingham Prison

Turned right onto Haydn Road, where my mate was mugged last year and up as far as the Junior school, where I saw the odd shaped hut in the playground near the… er…  play-thingies. (Photo 6)

Then passed the signs on the railings: ‘Warning Anti-vandal paint used – Trespassers and vandals will be prosecuted’. Judging by the graffiti on them, they haven’t impressed the local trespassers or vandals in the least! (Photo 7)

Caught a bus to Arnold at the bus-stop where the 87 year-old lady was mugged in March.


Photo 6: The crooked shed

On the bus, a rather large lady with a four wheeled shopping trolley (the bus was full) got up to get off and as the bus lurched, she fell onto an elderly lady, I managed to fend of her full weight from the lady as she fell. The poor lady said she was alright but I knew she wasn’t and was shook up. Poor thing.

I alighted from the bus and got some bread lollies and foolishly forgetting I have no cooker or microwave some potatoes. (Twit!)


Photo 7: Warning signs. Tsk!

As I queued at the bus-stop to come back to Carrington, I noticed a stumbed-out nub-end and a brown spread of questionable a nature on top of some new street furniture. (Photo 8)

As the bus drove through the Broxtowe Estate I noticed that of the row of six new shops renovated last year only one is still trading. Nottingham at its finest I thought. I took a photo through the bus window. (Photo 9)


Photo 8: Eurgh!

When I dropped off of the bus and limped towards the pelican lights I was impressed with the shadows being cast by the not very warm sun behind me cast onto St John’s church. (Photo 10)


Photo 9: Retailers driven out of Estate?

I got in and after WCing I decided I was hungry so made some sandwiches and a cuppa, up to the laptop to update this hogwash and… the Laptop start-up failed to load. Got the blue screen with this message (Photo 11) three times before it actually started. The end is nigh! But at least it loaded – I wonder if the windows updates might have cocked summat up?

I’ll never know or understand.

Did some Facebook and graphic prep work.


St John’s – beautiful!

Took me medications and tended to little Inchy (flipping bleeding again!)

Well, believe or not, after I’d got little ‘Inchy’ cleansed and no longer leaking guess what?

Yes, you’ve got it – me flamin’ haemorrhoids started bleeding again.



I think they either come out in sympathy for little ‘Inchy’, or the just might be jealous of all the attention he’s receiving? Huh!

I had a little self-pity period for a bit. The Inch, piles, angina, loneliness, frustration, me hearing or lack of, me cooker packing up, me microwave doing the same, forgetting things, losing things and general depression.

Then I thought… Sod-it, make a good strong cup of tea put on me favourite DVD and wallow. Hehehe!

Sod-it again… now me DVD player won’t start… Fu… flippin’ ‘eck!

Luckily it didn’t bother me in the slightest iota, bit or fragment at all.

No, no no, not a tad.

No, I will not let it get me down at all.

Not in the slightest.

Would you like any more lies?


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