Inchcock Today: Thursday 27th November 2014


Thursday 27th November 2014

Stirred into life hastily around 0500hrs – later than normal, but than I did not nod-off last night until 1230hrs gone.


Little Inchy tended to, only the slightest specks of blood.

Made cuppa and took medications.

Searched for hearing aids for a while before I found them next to the kettle?

Beats me as well that does.

04th02Arose and beautified missen, got dressed up nice and warm.

Got the stuff ready for the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop, made sure I’d got the banks letter, bus-pass and set off on me walk to Sherwood.

I called at the GP surgery en-route and requested some extra Phorpain gel and 04th02apainkillers. As I left I took a photo of the traffic with their lights on, and this was about 1015hrs, still murky.

I took another photo as I walked into Sherwood, still dark and danke.

I caught a bus into town and limped into the City Centre and called at the Bank.

04th01I have to return when the new pin no. arrives.

The Nottinghan Tourist shop had a Monopoly with a Nottingham theme in the window. I took a picture of it – I wonder if the players in this Monopoly lose their jobs, go shoplifting, mugging, ride cycles on pavements, attack elderly pedestrians on mobility scooters, root through other peoples bins, get sizzled each day, are members of Gamblers Anonymous, fiddle their benefits, 04th03ecarry guns and knives, use drugs of all sorts, burglarise their locality, smoke Lithuanian cigarettes and have to take a Big Issue Sellers card instead of Community chest card?

Had a wander around the City Centre taking photo’s of the rides at the Winter Wonderland Fayre.

The horses ride only had two people on it.

04th03fThe kids vehicle ride only had one on it.

The Ice Skating Rink was not open yet.

I took a couple of shots of food stalls, they were doing a little better trade with the Nottingham folk – it still amazes me how a family say 3 kids and hubby and wife can afford to eat at these places – I can’t. (Jealousy… was all over my jjjealousy… ♫)

04th03cI know the weather was a bit murky, but what can we expect at this time of year – but the faces of most folk showed they were not a happy bunch of Nottinghamians.

I could not resist taking a photo of the stall selling the ladies headwear and scarves again. I love these accessories for the ladies, but no one can tell me what they are called… apart from hats of course.

04th03dI hobbled up into the Victoria centre and had a limp though the market and at a ladies accessory shop I took a photo of part of the display to post on the Troll Free Zone site to tickle the lady TFZers fancy.

04th03bI continued to the end of the mall and called in a shop to buy some Picnic bars that I have recently took a fancy to – why I don’t understand because in my younger years I didn’t like em at all?

Then into Tesco and that’s where I spend far too much bearing in mind I cannot get at me money until the card comes through. (Tsk twit!)

My guilty purchases’?: Fresh Cream Horns, Cheesey seaweed, Lemon and Lime marshmallows and some Sapoka. Ah well!

04th04I walked through and passed the Trinity Square mega costly food court on my way to the bus-stop – took a photo of crowds demanding being fed at outrageous prices. There were three people I think.

Caught the bus back to Carrington and called in the Co-op to get some ice lollies.

Got in the Cream horns didn’t last five minutes before I’d demolished them.


Made a cuppa and laptop working okay now so did some graphics and facebooking.

Took medications at 1700hrs.

Treated little ‘Inchy’ – no blood, looking good.

I made some Sapoka sandwiches and instant potato with cheese to have with a drop of BBQ sauce and pickled beetroot.

Another riveting day comes to a close…

2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Thursday 27th November 2014

    • Thanks Tim.
      Cream Horns… naughty but nice. French pastry coated in castor sugar with fresh cream and strawberry sauce inside.
      Cheesey seaweed, from South Korea is roasted seaweed coated with cheese and spiced a tad. Savoury and tasty.
      Sapoka (If I’ve spelt it correctly) is cooked Polish pork loin – tasty yet sweet with it.
      I’m about to get them ready for my ingesting them now… Mmmm! Cheers Sir.

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