Inchcock Today: Sunday 7th December 2014


Temp Today

Sunday 7th December 2014

I was bolt upright at 0440hrs – mind racing and with an unconscious desire to get the laptop and internet going ASAP to record something (presumably either an idea for a post on the blog or record a dream I’d had) I assume.

I started the laptop first thing, while it was loading I WC’d and made a cup of tea (Not at the same time mind!).

I returned upstairs with me medications to take and cuppa… but the mind had lost whatever it was that I had earlier intended to record into the ether.

Damned annoying that was! I spent a few moments trying to claw back the memory I’d lost without any luck. Tsk!

I realised that ‘Little Inchy’ was not feeling sore and tender as usual and thought ‘Oh dear, he’s not bleeding is he?’

Had a grope to find the little shrunken mite and checked – No, okay! Phew!

The new cheapo headphones I purchased yesterday only worked in one ear-hole and were not effective or powerful enough for me to listen to the radio or DVD with.

Hey-ho, hey-ho, its failure yet again I know,

But I’m used to suffering with this scenario,

 If there is an afterlife and I hope there’s not,

Will I have to reveal my failures of this life’s lot?

Can I tell of me fear and confusion with mankind?

I wish sometimes my life I could rewind,

But what then would I realise and find?

Would I still be thick and colour-blind?

And slowly found to be again losing my mind?

The reason for my doing this ditty, I’ve yet to find!


Graphic that Inchy’s confused brain created this morning… sad innit!

Worked on the graphics for this for a long time and drifted off into a world of my own where things were better for a while.

Then I woke up shivering and laughed at myself as I went to the WC and stubbed me toe on the way against the oil heater.

Still stubbornly refusing to get up at 0805hrs!

Had a bash at Facebook then. No guilt found!

Did a quiz thingy on how old do you sound like – it came back with the result that I Sounded like an Eighteen year old?

 Eventually I forced myself to go out into the cold windy day.


A foreboding sky welcomed me on my little walk

 Out into the world…

07Su03bAs I left the flea-pits front door I looked to the left took a photo, then to the right and took a photo up and down the street – note the lack of people?


Had there been a dirty bomb dropped and i was the only survivor thanks to me medications wot I was on?

07Su03aFunny how easily off thought permeate the mind at times innit?

I poddled down to Mansfield Road fighting to stay uprightish against the bitter wind.

There was not a bird of any description seen on all of me wanderings?

Alfred Hitchcock came to mind…

07Su03As I turned the corner at the end of the street I took the photo of the sky at it momentarily turned dark foreboding and threatening.

Still not many folk about, just the one woman on her way back from Lidl.

On the row of shops down Mansfield Road, the only ones open were the Fish and Chip/Kebab/Restaurant/Burger shop and the Doctors Orders Mini-Bar Pancho’s.

07Su05I wandered up and down the way a bit, and decided to risk going to the get some food from Pancho’s… what a fool!

Limped back to the dump and consumed (Rather bravely I thought after looking at the fodder I’d bought!) the nosh.

It were ‘orrible!

I got one of the other headphones that I got yesterday and tried to get them working on the DVD – crap! Tsk!

Fell asleep earlier than normal after taking me medications.

2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Sunday 7th December 2014

  1. When you get food from places named Pancho’s out here in the wild west, you get tasty green chile burritos, enchiladas, carne adovada, chiles rellenos, huevos rancheros, etc., but Pancho’s in the UK? Hmmm! I’ll bet is was horrible whatever it was. I wish your stubbed toe a quick heal. And keep the tea out of the WC.

    • Cheers Sir.
      come think of it, I’m not sure if it is named Pancho or Poncho now?
      I’ll have a look on me way to the hospital today, and take a photo of it if I remember to.
      I think they sell foods like what you mention too. If I can photo the menu I will and post it in me diary Tim.

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