Inchcock Today: Monday 8th December 2014

01M01Monday 8th December 2014

Woke around 0450hrs.


Laptop on and working, did posts for the League of Mental Men and Inchcock blog sites.

Checked ‘Little Inchy’ when I scrubbed him up, no blood! I think it is moderately safe now to say after 9 weeks, he’s healing up is almost complete… or should I have said that? Oh dear…

Washed and titivated meself and assembled things for me trip to the Queens Medical Centre Haematology for INR Warfarin level tests.

Card, bus-pass, camera, specs, long-johns on, gloves, hearing-aids in etc.

01M03Set off on my hobble into town and the sky that was so threatening yesterday morning was less daunting, although obviously holding some rain I thought.

Cold wind again but not so strong.

As I approached the Hucknall Road junction, I was taking out my camera to film the sky from the same angle as yesterday when a very loud bang was hear.

I could see passengers in the buses and car drivers looking around – but I could not find what caused the noise.

It sounded very close to me… but with my hearing who knows? A clear bang if that is the word to use?

01M02Another mystery of Nottingham life? I didn’t hear owt about it on the news later.

I carried on me walk up Mansfield Road (0940hrs approx) and the traffic was queuing already on its slow way into town.

A walked through ic bus station and into Victoria Centre to get some Lion bars from the cheapo shop. Four for a pound yer know…

01M04Caught the bus out to the hospital… what a driver I’m sure his intention was to cripple as many passengers as possible… or the brakes had just been serviced?

Still, we free bus-pass merchants mustn’t complain.

As I entered the frontage, I noticed a Christmas tree had been placed in the centre spot in the middle of the road so all those ward windows would allow the patients to see it?

Big queue at the Haematology Dep’t, but I’d took me crossword book so it didn’t matter.

Next time I’ll take a pen as well!

01M03aWhen I got in and I got done I gave the nurses their nibbles to which I’d added a few chocolate liqueurs to cheer em up and thank em for Christmas.

On my way out I noticed the rain had started to fall and stayed under cover a few minutes until it lessened a tad… a good job I did.

Cause I’d left one of me bags behind in the waiting area at the haematology, so limped as quickly as I could back there to find this man and woman going through the contents. They were looking for some identification they said, and handed over me bag when I told them the contents.

01M05I can’t take myself anywhere nowadays… Tsk!

As I came out of the hospital again, I looked down at the lower level and noticed the queue of cars for the car park was not moving, and some cars had been parked on the chevrons and double yellow lines. I should imagine this would be overlooked while all the tram works were hampering things.

01M01bThe new tram bridge into the compound was being inched into place in this photo from the Nottingham Post paper.

I caught a bus to town but it was a Broad Marsh bus, not the city centre – lethal for me finances that – I had to hobble passed three DVD shops… oh dear… Ans Lorna from the Troll Free Zone had recommended a film called UP – so naturally I called in to see if they had it in stock…

01M06I came put of the shopping centre with ‘The Expendables 3’, ‘All Creatures Great and Small full series’ and ‘Grudge Match’.

Then walked to Marks and Sparks to see if they had any headphones. They didn’t.

I continued on me walk to town in the drizzle, and noticed outside the 24hour McDonald’s was a street artists looking rather glum poor devil. He’d been working making a dog and cat entwined representation in sand and the rain had ruined it. Felt so sorry for him I gave him a quid anyway.

01M07I poddled up exchange walk, not easy with the crowds motorbility scooters, Big issue sellers and people on pushbikes… and got to the top eventually without injury and took a photo of the Winter Wonderland stalls, with all the happy cheerful friendly people (Lie detected!)

The background of the old Prudential building looked grand against the skyline.

I limped up and caught a bus back to Carrington and the flea-pit.


01M08Had to sort me medication dose pots anew.

All colour coded mind… good stuff yer know. Took me flipping ages to do.

Laptop started, had me nosh while I waited for it to start…

Blow me no internet connection again… bloody BT! So much for them convincing me to go on fibre and how it will be faster more reliable… and they said no extra cost, then the prices went up after I’d been on it for 1 week! It’s the French yer know, they own it… I think?

It came on after a few resets and rebooting the latop… Huh!

Set about finishing this Diary, then did some facebooking and blog reading.

TTFN all…

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Monday 8th December 2014

  1. Nothing like chocolate liqueurs to raise one’s spirits on a raining day. I think the street artist could have used one or two of those chocolate liqueurs. Sounds like a good day despite the cold wind, crippling buses and rain.

    • Thank you Sir.
      I can still get out and about without my walking stick – till the snow and ice come anyway.
      The nurses were tickled pink with there little extra treats, and that makes me feel wonderful.
      Taketh care.

  2. Yay for the no blood! It’s about time! Next time, don’t have them chop so much off at once. 😉 I hope you didn’t take your camera in that rainy weather! Water is BAD for a digital camera. And BOO for you leaving us hanging and not telling us what the explosion was! 🙂

    • I’ll take care in future when it’s raining Rachel, thanks fer the warning.
      The loud bang is still a mystery. I listened to local radio this morning, and went on the news site… but nothing!
      Incidentally I forgot to put in the diary that when I was taking photos last week of the ducks in Bulwell, a chap watching came up to me, I thought he was going to tell feeding them not allowed, he just said: “Yer don’t see many old cameras like that nowadays… it still works though eh?” Humph!
      Take care gal. Cheers.

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