Inchcock Today: Tuesday 6th January 2015

Kept waking up throughout the night and each time I think I remembered parts of different dreams, but foolishly did not write any notes to trigger me into remembering them later to record here. Had a feeling I really wanted to, but no.

Got up at 0315hrs. Started laptop and made a cuppa.


Finalised and posted yesterdays Diary. Then started this one up to here… felt so low again for some reason.

The angina was okay, Arthur Itis still bad, the ulcer was okay, but I had specks of blood in both ear-holes?. I cleaned the ear-pieces of them both yesterday, wondered if I did not rinse them fully?

WC then another cuppa and took me medications.

Pottered about on Facebook and did some graphics for the TFZ stite.

Got the things ready to take to the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop. Then had a scrub up and got ready to go on me walk into Sherwood. Radio Nottingham said it was gong to be -3c tonight. Tsk!

Raining this morning bit windy but not cold now.

0202Set off on me walk up the first hill and down, where  took a photo of the traffic half way down.

The ran seemed to be lessening somewhat now – but the twit in the Mercedes still turned into the side road without signalling.

I carried on down the hill and up the next to the Hospice  shop and dropped me stuff off.

Came out and stood at the bus-stop, where I had an interesting conversation with an elderly lady took place. (I think – we were both wearing hearing aids):

Me: “The rain seems to be easing off a bit!”

The Lady: “They all say it’s due to the Poll Tax yer know!”

Me: “Yes?”

0203End of conversation.

I wonder what it was she thought I’d said? I was going to ask her but thought that would get us into an even deeper verbal pickle.

Bus to town and walked down to the City Centre to catch the tram to Bulwell. They were taking down the Winter Festival buildings this morning.

0204All I was going to Bulwell for was to take photographs of the market, feed the ducks and see if  could get some of them blackcurrant ice-cream lollies.

Got into reading me book and nearly missed me stop!

Went to the river Leen bridge and there were a few mallards today, so fed the little darlings.

0205The shopping trolley was still in the river. Tsk!

I wandered over to Fultons food shop but had none of me lollies in. They did have some microwave sausages in on special price though, so  got a tray. They’ll be me nosh for tonight.

Called in other shops but no lollies.

0206B&M stores had Heinz Curry flavoured beans at 4 for a quid. The bags were getting heavy now.

They also had some kids winter footwear at £3.99 to £5.99 on sale. They looked alright too, a bargain there for the ankle-biters shplifters… I mean parents.

Into the Pound Shop and got a bag of bird-seed and a can of fabric freshener. Very good when the wind emmissions get naughty you know!

Then into the market for a look around.

0207As I made my way to the bus-station the sky turned rather threatening again straight in front of where I was, but it was clear to the left and right?.

The rain started to get heavier and I sheltered under a bus-stop until the bus arrived.

I started nodding off on the bus, so got me book out and had a read like.

0208Phlegm coming up when I coughed now.

As I walked down the street to the hovel, I noticed a flower box with, maybe they were primroses battling the elements and growing in January.

I got in and WC’d and made a cuppa, started the laptop and made loads of microwave sausage sandwiches and set about demolishing them, followed by a Lemon yoghurt, ice lolly and a mousse and another cup of tea and me medications!

The stomach rumbled, the knees were painful, Arthur Itis was in a bad mood

Did some blogging and Facebooking and tiredness overcame me so I got me head down earlier then normal… Zzzzz…

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