Inchcock Today: Sun 4th/Mon 5th January 2015


-3c at 0315hrs

Sunday 4th January 2015

What an odd dream, and I could remember some of it in detail this time:

I was stood in a massive luxurious gold plated bath with a sink inside it and a tool-box full of me medications and tools…

I could see myself putting the Haemorrhoid cream on my knees instead of  backside, the Painphor cream in my backside instead of me arthritic knees and calling to myself to stop… but I couldn’t hear myself warning me and then started eating the toothpaste, tube and all?

Something about my being young again and cuddled sat on the knees of a large lady…

Suddenly I was in the town centre walking across the slab-square juggling me pots of  medications and singing something while being dive bombed by Warfarin tablets dropped by mini Stuka aircraft?.

All through this particular dream I was watching rather than being and doing. if you know what I mean?

Ah-well. It was different to me usual dreams… I think?

0702medsArose 0315hrs and WC’d dropping me long distance glasses into the porcelain and cursing a bit as I retrieved and cleansed them. Tut – good start that  thought)

Then I went down to make a cuppa and took me medications.

Spent the rest of the day just doing blogging Facebook etc.

Monday 5th January 2015

0050hrs: Up and feeling so low for some reason.


The dream seemed to me like it had lasted so long. Full of frustrations from the past: I was working in a vast factory in security and was frustrated that I could not get every thing done in time… gatehouse duties, lorries in and out, checking loads, chasing around many units warehouses etc. All the buildings were made of planks of wood?

I felt depressed and frustrated for some reason this morning.

Went down to make a cuppa and boy did it feel cold downstairs! Found the heater in the front room had packed up – struggled to swap it with the one in the kitchen and that worked okay.

Brought me tea up and started the laptop – still a feeling of apprehension hung over me.


I  started doing this dairy when the stomach started churning again and the ulcer gave me bother for the first time in ages. The knees and feet still bad.

Want to get the laundry done today. (Or do I?)


Made a cuppa and took me medications and Facebooked for a while.

0101This morning I found the laptop was allowing me to watch videos, only on YouTube mind, so I watched an old Law & Order UK episode.

I then got myself spit and polished and got the laundry things ready – two biggish bags-full again, and set off to the launderette.

Mandy was on duty and we managed a natter or two as I used one of the big machines that took all load of washing in one go – mistake that!

When it had stopped spinning and I went to take the togs out to put in the drier I found they were really wet. I mentioned this to Mandy and she said “Yes, the big machine spins at a slower speed that’s why.

I wish she’s told me that when I was putting the stuff on, ’cause it took £3.40 to get them dried. So by using the big machine instead of two smaller ones I’d saved 40p, but spent an extra £1.40 and an extra twenty minutes was needed to get em dry! Tsk!

Me chin needed shaving again by the time I got back to the flea-pit. (Joking there)

0102I put the togs away and set off for a walk into town, not a comfortable one but easier than the last walk anyway.

En-route I came across yet another piece of Nottingham Street-Art.

I walked through the Victoria centre so I could take a photo of the traffic from the high walkover. On the way through I was sorry to see they had blocked off one side of the walkway because someone was in difficulties of sort sort on the floor near an entrance to the shops and being tended by several folk while waiting for a paramedic.


Nice mix of the old and new buildings?

On the walk-through I took me photo, not many folk about now Christmas and New Year have been and gone.

The muggers, pickpockets, Big Issue sellers and shoplifters must be having a break now.

I went into the Pound Shop and got some microwaveable Sausage Butties then back into Victoria centre and had a walk around the Market. Very sad, so many stalls unoccupied. The same in Derby as well.

Then I popped into the cheapo sweet shop and got some chocolate bars, then into Tesco.

Got some bread and lemon yoghurt… and do you know, I found a pack of French Cream Horns had found it’s way into me basket. Amazing that was!

0104aThe old knees and feet were stinging a bit now.

So I slowly made be way to the bus-stop. Passing ‘House of Fraser’ store window and this is what  saw and could not resist photographing.

I mean, the jeans on the right have got tears and holes in them and appear to have shrunk!

And those on the left look like they’ve not been ironed at all! And what’s the mouse looking thing near the crutch all about?

Fashion? Tsk!

0105As I exited the centre I spotted a driving-school car parked on the double-yellow lines. A Nissan Cube it were, and I thought could Mike Steeden be doing a second job here in Nottingham, cause I know he drives one yer know?

F1 driving school it were, I’ll ‘ave to look into this. Or not of course.

0106I poddled through Trinity Square and sneaked the pigeons some seed. I must stop doing this yer know – one day I’m going to get an instant £60 on-the-spot fine for it I’m sure.

I like the speeding three pigeons flying in at a belting pace from the right.

Down to the bus-stop and caught one straight away.

Some poor devil on the bus had a loud grating chesty cough that constantly burst out and annoyed some of the passengers? They were looking at her and tutting between each other.

Can you believe that? Poor woman, I gave her a smile as I got off the bus and said as loud as I could “Sorry your suffering with that horrible cough Madam, I do hope it eases for you, take care”. I hoped that might shame the moaners, but expect it had no effect at all on them.

0107Hobbled back to the dump and put me bit of food away.


Started the laptop and made a cup of good strong tea.

Then rubbed some Phorpain gel into me knees.

Set about updating this diary and AVG gave me various messages and needed a computer restart.

So I restarted it.

For me nosh I had sweet curried baked beans with sapocka loin and fresh bread, follows by two iced lollies, a yoghurt a lion bar and a pot of mousse. I can always tell when I’m getting down because my foos intake increases. Oh, and the two Fresh Cream French Horns that mysteriously appeared in me basket in Tesco – then took with me medications. Tsk!

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