Inchcock Today: Sunday 18th January 2015

How I wish I could remember the dreams I’d had during the night –  reckon I must have had many because each time (And there were plenty of them) I got up or woke up I seemed to recall a different dream and swore to myself I’d remember each one to record here.

Now no memories remain. I must force myself to write them down on me notepad at the time in future – mind you…

Stirred and got up an WC’d then made a cuppa. Started laptop and did some graphicationalisationing.

Blooming cold this morning -5c… Brrr!

Vehicles outside were well frosted.

The coughing and rumbling and a-grumbling from the innards is still rampant I’m afraid – oh dear…

Med01Finished and posted yesterdays Diary then did some Facebooking and made a humerous graphic and posted it to Facebook.

I’ve got a double load (two weeks) laundry to do tomorrow and me INR (Warfarin) level tests too.

Just hope things settle sooner rather than later.

I’m occupying the bathroom today and going nowhere. No desire for food really either at the moment… well I did manage a Lion bar earlier in between painful and unpleasant responses to the calls to the porcelain from me innards. Tsk!

I tried to read me book afterwards, but no concentration at all.

Double Tsk!

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