Inchcock Today: Mon 19th Jan 15

Up about 0345hrs… WC.

No recollections of me dreams again.


Had a shave and started the laptop. Did some Facebooking and posted to LOMM site.

Had a wash and brush up (they can’t touch me for it!) and assembled the laundry in two great bagfuls ready to take to the laundry.

Then got the bits ready for the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop and the nibbles for the gals at the launderette and the nurses at the QMC. Hard work all this effort to try and be liked innit? Hehe!

0101When I carried the bags of laundry down the stairs One at a time mind I didn’t like the loud creaking noises emanating from the third and second runs from the bottom of the stairs. More to worry about… Tsk!

I got them out of the door and took a photo just in case I pass-out or kick me clogs carrying them, so the police can identify them when they get nicked! Haha!

0102It was even colder than I thought earlier as I plodded on down to the launderette.

The cut-through to Mansfield Road had no yobs lurking and drinking this time – but it was iced over and dangerous. I walked along the edges so I could drop the bags and grab the railings if I did a whoopsidangleplop.

As I got onto Mansfield Road and turned right towards the launderette I thought “It’s awfully quiet here today.” Then it dawned I hadn’t got me hearing-aids in. But I had the right glasses on so not all was gloom. Hehe!

Got in the launderette and had to use two machines to accommodate the washing – two weeks worth including many of the thick long sleeve warm t-shirts that I got from Primark and they would need extra drying time.

0104Mandy gave me a smile and look that said “Oh, the old idiot is back”.

We had a little natter and she changed some notes into coins for me (Not magically).

I got the machines going £6.80 it cost, and there would be £2.60 needed for the drier afterwards.

0103I told Mandy I was off to get me hearing-aids from the hovel.

As I walked up to the cut-through the traffic was building up on Mansfield Road.

Then I had a bit of cheering up granted me.

As I entered the passage a lad on a push-bike came tearing through from the other end and did a whoopsidangleplop off his bike on the ice.

I don’t think he noticed my wide grin and contented look when I asked him if he was alright though… he was. I suggested: “You keep to the road on your bike in future that’s been gritted. If your too scared to go on the road you shouldn’t really have a bike at all should you?”

The look he gave me encouraged me to move on.

Got me hearing-aids and returned to the launderette.

Those thick t-shirts I got are really warm and comfy but it took £2.80 in the drier before they were dry enough to take out. Tsk, hey-ho.

Said farewell to Mandy and struggled back with the bags to the flea-pit.

Put the Hospice stuff and nibbles in me bag and set off on a little walk into Sherwood. As I departed I realised I had to return quickly to the porcelain…

The rumbling innards were giving up and a solid achievement was passed – now me haemorrhoids are bleeding something rotten! Treble Tsk!.

Got myself cleaned up and creamed then set-off again.

0105As I was walking up Mansfield Road I thought how much brighter the sky was today – pound to a penny some snow will descend soon.

Not much traffic now.

Got to the Hospice shop and left the bag of stuff for them and came out and caught a bus into town.

I popped into Tesco and got some bread then as I passed the Greggs shop I espied they were selling bags of Mint Doughnuts at 6 for a quid – so I got one to add to the nurses nibbles at the Queens medical Centre haematology.

0107As I was going into the site I spotted in one of the giant plant pots that the flowers Whatever they were) were forcing their way through.

Always amazes me this every year… nature eh? Here we are minus whatever degrees and these beauties battling away…

The rumbling from me innards was far less now, but the involuntary escapages of wind from the rear end continue – embarrassing at times this.

Got in and got seen to after an hour or so wait. The nurses seemed to welcome me a bit more enthusiastically this week? – Then I realised they were gathering around me to get a pick of the goodies from the carrier bag. Hehe! I told them they had a bag of Mint doughnuts cause I thought how original they were when I saw them in the shop. One of then had a look at the label, put her head to one side, smiled understandingly and pointed out that it said Mini – not Mint Doughnuts! “That’s the first laugh we’ve had all day” another one said. Tsk, I felt such a fool… again!

0106Said me cheerios and as I was walking to the main road noticed a bike locked onto the railings.

The sign at the side of it read: ‘Please do not attach your bike to the railings. ‘Well that sign didn’t have a lot of effect eh?’

I caught the bus back to the City Centre and had a walk around and tool some photos of Bling for the TFZ facebook site girls.

bling1The rings in this photograph are very old, 1960 and 1910?

Don’t know what the stones are, red rubies I suppose guessingly.

I thought the bottom one meant c7th October at first glance?

Pottered around a while then caught the bus back to Carrington. I know I keep saying this – but my pensioners free bus-pass is so appreciated! I don’t suppose David (Snot-bag) Cameron will read this would he?

Slipped a few seeds to the pigeons on me walk back to the flea-pit.

0108I was just thinking I’d seen no Nottingham Street Art to report today – and there it was. Worthy of any Contemporary Art gallery I thought.

The exquisite spacing between the works of art, and how cleverly the artist has chosen to place them on different levels and resisted using house bricks and black bags… Hehehe!

Got in and did not need the WC! Hurrah!. Mind you I had to clean up the leaking rear-end again. Tsk!

Made some microwave sausage sarnies and a cuppa.

Started laptop and updated this ‘ere diary like.

Well now it seems the innards movements are going in the other direction so to speak – solid and stubbornly not wanting to evacuate! Tsk!.

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